Friday, 15 February 2008

My Valentines

I had such a busy day yesterday, apart from a cup of tea in the morning, I didn't have another sip of anything until 6pm!
I woke up to gorgeous roses from Mr Sally.

They came in their own vase, and are so cute
I dropped Mr Sally off at work and spent my entire day food shopping. I did a huge shop in Tesco and then when I got home I realised I'd forgotten half the things I went in for, so I drove to ASDA as I couldn't bear going back to Tesco!
Whilst trying to clean the house, put the washing out, prepare our evening meal - I managed to bake this cake for Mr Sally!

I then quickly showered and changed, ran out of the house armed with Mr Sally's SatNAV - my neighbour caught me and I'm too polite to say, 'Please stop talking I'm going to be VERY LATE!' So we chatted for a bit, then I think he could see the panic in my eyes and said bye.
I jumped in the car, realised I didn't have to holder for the SatNAV so had to balance it in the ashtray drawer.
SatNAV took me a strange way to Salford and then told me I had reached my destination and I was absolutely nowhere near my destination.
I quickly located where I was and without the help of SatNAV I found it!
I was at the Salford Arts Theatre to meet the people that run it.
They were so lovely and showed me around the whole theatre, FOH, Backstage etc.
We then chatted about price of tickets, details needed on the posters and stuff.
I'm getting really excited about the whole project now!
Then I went to pick Mr Sally up from work and then I cooked us a lovely meal and we had a lovely evening!


frank said...

Mr. sally is a lucky guy, just based on that cake!

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, thanks Frank :)

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