Thursday, 28 February 2008


Ooo, rehearsals went so well yesterday. It's great hearing and seeing the script come to life. I'm slightly stuck on the twist, I just need to work one thing out and as soon as I do I know the rest of it will come tumbling out!

Erm, I was having a conversation in work today about smelly people sitting next to you on buses. I told my friend that sometimes I put my bag on the other seat so that I don't have to sit next to a stranger - OK, I know it's a bad thing to do and I do move it if it gets busier, but if just a few people get on and there's lots of space, then I put my bag down. 'That's terrible,' my friend said.
'I just can't bear being trapped in by a smelly person.'
So on the bus tonight I decided to listen to my friend and put my bag on my knee.
What do you think happened?
Imagine the most smelliest person in the entire world - times the smell by a million and that's what I was sat next to. I say sat, I was squashed up against the window, trying to smell the fresh air through a tiny window.
I had my ipod switched on and couldn't hear anything coming from his mouth, I was busy trying to breathe.
After a good twenty minutes, which actually felt like twenty years, a seat became free. I switched my ipod off, got him to get up and I sat on the free seat, opening the nearest window.
Just before I switched my ipod back on, I heard him burping, he burped... lots... loudly.
God, I was sat next to a smelly BURPING man! UGH!

Once I got home I scrubbed myself with antibacterial soap and got changed.

Yes I now believe in Karma!


Lucy Diamond said...

Oh gross! There you go, you were right first time. Bag on seat from now on, I reckon!
There are a couple of real stinkers at the gym I go to - disgusting wafts of BO, ugggh, it's enough to make me fall off the exercise bike sometimes. Mind you, yesterday a bloke was there with the most overpowering aftershave which was almost as bad. Sigh. Maybe we should invest in a gas-mask each?!
Glad the rehearsal went well!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

That does sound awful. Sounds like having your bag on the seat is a necessary precaution!

If you're interested, I tagged you for the 'six thing meme'.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Lucy! Gas mask sounds like a great idea, and I'm definitely keeping my bag on the other seat from now on. My friend told me this horrif story about a smelly scally with lice jumping about, sat next to her on the bus the other month - honestly with the bus and the gym, it's just not safe to go out any more!!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Alyssa.
Thanks for tagging me - I have had a go and it was good fun!

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