Friday, 8 February 2008

Friday Feeling...

Despite being screamed at by a horrible, horrible man on the telephone in work today - I still managed to get my target. I also managed to get quite a nice bit of bonus pay this month.
Every Friday my boss buys us treats, we have wine and snacks. I stuffed my face with heart shaped cup cakes whilst telling my friends about my new healthy eating plan, which isn't going to plan at all.
But that's it, as of this weekend I'm cutting out all the rubbish and I'm going to the gym every day next week.

It's half term next week, which means we get a week off work. I always look forward to the half term weeks so that I can concentrate on writing things, but at the moment Mr Sally and I are watching our money and I've agreed to work next week. I'm taking Wed and Thu off though, otherwise I'd really resent not being off!

Other news - we've done a Euro Millions syndicate in work. I now have 12 chances of winning the 90million prize fund!!
We've spent the whole day planning what we'd do with the money... if I don't blog for a while, you know why!!

I've just started reading Adele Parks' new book - and so far so bloomin good!


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that you are enjoying my new book! Big thanks to you for all your support.

have fun


Sally Lawton said...

Hi Adele,

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I'm four chapters in and I'm hooked!


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