Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

What an utterly useless waste of a day.
Here was the original plan.

-Get up with Mr Sally.
-Follow him to the car garage in my car as his car was due in for a service.
-Take Mr Sally to work.
-Get home, do some writing.
-Pick Mr Sally up from work and take him to the garage to collect his car.
- Drive to Oldham for my playwriting group/course.

Here's what actually happened.
- Got up with Mr Sally.
- Got in my car and realised the battery had died.
-Phoned the road service people.
-Waited an hour, service man came and jump started the car.
- Followed Mr Sally to the garage.
- Get in to my car to drop Mr Sally off at work, battery dead (again).
-Car gets jump started and told to go to Halfords as my battery is in warrenty (and my Dad who lives in Wales has the reciept. My dad spends a frantic hour looking for reciept.)
- Halfords say they need the reciept before they can give me a new battery. Did a battery check and said it probably just needs a good run out. So I take Mr Sally to Manchester and drop him off at work.
- I drive home. Petrol light flashing, but too scared to stop the car to get petrol!
- Get home, phew!
- Dad phones to say he has found reciept, but he's in Wales and I'm in Manchester. Hm.
- Dad phones Halfords and they agree to swap the battery if I can get my car in.
- Get in my car to get petrol - BATTERY DEAD AGAIN!
-Mr Sally trying to work out how to get home, to get my battery to Halfords without a car as his car is being serviced.
Are you still with me? :)
- I see my neighbour Nige coming home from work. He starts work at 5:00am and is obviously tired from his shift, but he drops everything to help me.
- He tries to jump start my car, it doesn't work.
- Our other neighbour brings his jump-leads out and we get it started.
- Nige, being the lovely neighbour he is. Takes the battery out of my car and drives me to Halfords to get my new battery.
- Nige then puts the new battery on to my car and it's WORKING!

If it hadn't been for my lovely neighbour, I don't know what I would have done. I managed to pick Mr Sally up and get him to the garage to pick his car up.
I was too late to go to my course tonight, I'm gutted and annoyed. My head's thumping, I've just had a nice bubble bath and a beer though and I'm ready for bed!

Today was honestly a complete waste of a day, but maybe not really - because it's completely confirmed that there are some lovely people in this world, and I'm thankful one of them happens to be my neighbour. I'll have to buy him some beers as a thank you.

Other news: My hair has been cut. I have a chin-length bob and I actually really like it. I'll pop some photos up soon!


Rebecca said...

Indeed. I often forgot that we are all basically good humans trying to live our lives and that people will help you when you need it.

Post the hair!

Sally Lawton said...

:) I'll post a photo this weekend!

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