Sunday, 3 February 2008

Catching my breath!

I just found myself on the 'Weight Watchers' website!

Lately I've been feeling bloated and run down a lot. I don't feel healthy at all. I have been eating lots of fruit, but have no idea what's right and wrong with the food I eat.
For example for my lunch in work, I used to get a jaket spud with beans and some grated cheese on top. I thought that was healthy. But apparently cheese and beans shouldn't be mixed!?

I have no idea about calories and stuff, I've never dieted in my life. I think you should eat in moderation and eat the things you like - however, I really need to get healthier.

I'm not on a diet and never will be, I just want to eat the right things and also I need to start exercising.

So I've written down the foods Weight Watchers tell you to eat, and I'm back at the gym tomorrow.

Of course I promised Mr Sally we'd have a chippy tea tonight, but that's OK because the Weight Watchers site says you should have a portion of fish and at least one potatoe/carb meal...

This isn't going to work is it??!

No, it is. It has to. There's no way I'm going to let myself get to the summer and not be nice and healthy!

** Here's an example of how un-fit I've become**

The other day I was about to get in to the lift to my office (it's up six flights of stairs). When a rather attractive man stepped in, and not being one for 'lift conversations' I decided to walk briskly up the stairs.
I just got to the top of the stairs when the attractive man stepped out of the lift, and I was that out of breath I almost collapsed on the floor in a heap.


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