Friday, 15 February 2008

The Cast!

I thought I'd introduce you to my lovely new cast!
Sorry if the pictures are all over the place, blogger is getting on my nerves!

Toby aka Jeff the sex-addict!

Vicky aka Anne the straight laced girl with a BIG secret.

Ali aka George the local TV news reporter!

Paul aka Douglas the train trolley man!

Rian aka Carly the 'girl.' --------->

Abigail aka Bernice -Wannabe WAG!

Mark aka Ralph - Runs the self-help group,but needs help himself!


Barrie said...

This is SO exciting! I wish I could come and see the play.

Thank you for the WAG explanation, Sally.

frank said...

They LOOK good anyway... if you can keep the momentum going then things will be great!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie, I'm really excited too! I'll be sure to keep you fully posted and maybe try and put clips of the play up nearer the time!

Hi Frank, fingers crossed!

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