Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Clicking Heels

Today's my 'Writing Wednesday,' and have I done any writing today? NOPE!

In my defence. I've sent my book off and I've just posted my play off and so a little break was needed. Time to re-charge my batteries.

Mr Sally also had the day off today and his friend decided to pop round. After having a coffee and a quick chat, I decided to leave them to chat boys stuff, the sun was shining and so I decided to get in my little car and pop in to town.
I had a lovely morning/afternoon walking around the shops, I was going to get my hair cut but decided to do it next week.
I saw some GORGE heels in a petrol blue colour. I've had my eye on them since Xmas and they have finally been reduced to £4!!! They only had my size left and I walked away from them, I don't know why.
I bought the boys lots of food and cakes, went home and had lunch with them - my mind kept going back to the beautiful shoes.
Mr Sally said he'd drive his friend in to Manchester and did I want to go with them for the run out?
'No,' I said putting my coat on with one eye on the clock.
4:35pm - I still had time.
'Where are you going?' Mr Sally asked.
'Sorry to dash, I have to buy some shoes.'
'You have to go and buy some shoes now?'
'It can't wait until the weekend?'
'No. I won't be able to think of anything else and I'll be kicking myself all week if I don't get them NOW!'
Jeez, why don't men understand these things.
With a quick toodle-pip I was gone.
I made it to the shop and I'm now the proud owner of petrol blue heels. I'll post a pic soon!

I've had such a lovely day, I even remembered to put the bin out!

I was supposed to be meeting my best friend/fellow writer tonight. We were going to meet up in a pub for a good catch up, armed with notepads and plans for our next project together - but he's cancelled as he's ill. I'm gutted as I was really looking forward to it. Hope he gets well soon though.
Instead of getting panicky because Jan has nearly gone and we've not done any planning/writing yet. I'm just going to get on with my projects and let our duo work happen naturally.
Hopefully he'll be free to meet up soon as we do work well together and it's fun.
But if we don't get chance to, I have enough to do with my other plays and projects.

Two things before I sign off.
- Mr Sally and I have been getting in to wine! We've never liked it really, but for some reason we're sharing a bottle almost every night. We've really started to enjoy it.

- I need to go to the gym. I haven't been since my holiday in Oct! I've put on a bit of weight too. So next week (no point starting back half-way through a week is there!) I'll be going back!


Rebecca said...

You have to post a pic because I have no idea what color petrol blue is!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Rebecca,
I've posted a pic!

I call it petrol blue, because someone else called it that - I'm probably wrong!!!!

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