Friday, 25 January 2008

Writing Class and Auditions

Sorry I've not blogged for a couple of days. It's all been a bit manic and I'm thankful it's Friday! Here's what I've been up to:
Well I went to my writing group on Wed. I was the most nervous I've been in ages, even though I do scary things like stand-up comedy, I actually felt sick. I had the added stress of trying to find the theatre with the 'help' from SatNav, I swear that machine enjoys sending me the wrong way down one-way streets. I got beeped at by buses and horrible taxi drivers. In my defence it was RAINING, it was DARK and I was LOST!
Anyway, finally I found it and parked. I managed to be a good thirty minutes early - which made me even more nervous, I didn't want to be the first to arrive, but I was.
Thankfully a guy I vaguely knew came in to the bar. He's also a member of the group and I knew him enough to chat with, he introduced me to a few people and then a woman came in that I also knew a little bit, so I didn't feel so alone.

The group was great. There's around ten of us. All mixed ages and everyone seemed really nice.
We discussed different types of theatre writing and what 'naturalistic theatre' meant. It was great to listen to other peoples views.
We also did an exercise on getting words flowing, which was good fun.
We're doing a group piece and have homework for the next session - we've got to create a character from a photo our tutor showed, we're allowed to create any character we want from the image and I've already got mine bursting in my head, so I'll get stuck in to creating her this weekend.
The session was a great introduction on what's to come and it was definitely the right decision for me to go.
As well as inspiring us to be creative, the tutor will also read our work and offer feedback and it's just a great way to network with other writers.
I was invited to have a drink in the bar after, but decided to go home as I felt so ill. I spent the whole session sneezing and blowing my nose (lovely). I'll definitely stay for drinks next time though.

Yesterday, my friend Rachel sent me a text begging me to help her out that evening. She's just set up a theatre school and in the past year I've watched it go from strength to strength.
She's done so well. I've had the privilege of teaching for a full Saturday for her and the kids are lovely. I also worked Front of House for her on the kids Christmas shows and last night she was holding auditions as she's now setting up an agency for the kids.
Basically it was my job to get the kids ready and then take them in one by one to the audition room. It was so lovely to chat to the kids as they waited to go in to audition.
Some were very nervous, some were quite excited, but it meant everything to every single one of them. I tried my best to make them laugh before they went in and did my best to make them feel a bit confident. Rachel is so lovely though, so they all came out smiling. She just has the tough job of selecting 30 of them for the agency.
One little boy looked really serious and he barely spoke to me whilst he was waiting to go in, just casually kicking the wall. Finally he just turned to me and said 'I just want to be an actor.'
'Good for you,' I said.
'It's the only thing that makes sense in the world to me.'
I knew exactly how he felt as I pretty much felt the same when I was his age.

She's asked me to do a creative writing workshop with them in the Summer and I really can't wait. I've done quite a bit of teaching and I can honestly say the atmosphere at Rachel's theatre school is so inspiring, I'm so pleased all her hard work is paying off.


Barrie said...

Yay! Your writing class went well. And Rachel's theatre sounds very inspirational.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie. Thanks for your nice message. All in all an inspiring couple of days! x

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