Monday, 7 January 2008

Rain and Gloom

I knew I had to get up this morning for work (first day back). My alarm was set for 6am.
At 4am I woke up because of the noise outside, it was throwing it down and the wind was howling. My first thought was 'Agh - I forgot to rain-proof my Ugg Boots, what the heck shall I wear?'
My second thought was 'Agh, I don't want to go back to work.'

Anyway, I didn't get up at 6am. I decided to get the later bus, which is a 2 bus journey, but meant I had longer in bed.

I rushed around the house getting ready and left to go to the bitter (and I mean bitter) bus stop with wet hair. Stupid as I've just got over a throat infection.

Stood at the bus stop I was feeling miserable, for today I should have been starting the course (the one I turned down because I couldn't afford it).

Off I went to work, and I was late. My bus got stuck in traffic on the motorway.

My bosses were lovely and said they were fine about me having Wednesdays off. They said I deserved some luck this year with my writing. I know I moan about work, but they are so lovely and so supportive. That's the reason I don't leave!

It was nice to see my friends and catch up properly, to be honest we didn't get a lot of work done - so it was nice being back!
All day I kept thinking about the course. Only because they sent me an itinerary of the induction day before I declined my place.
Then the theatre who's playwriting course I'm hoping to start called me for a quick chat about it. I missed the call because I was working, so I'll call her back tomorrow.
On the bus on the way home, I read an article about a couple who write pantomimes and how they started writing at the theatre I mentioned and since then they haven't looked back.
Maybe it's a sign. Maybe I'm supposed to do this course after all!


Anonymous said...

Sorry your day got off to such a rough start. That really stinks. As for writing courses, books, conferences, etc., they can be helpful but I think it ultimately comes down to how much you read, how much you write, and how much attention you pay to how others read and write--especially write.

Sally Lawton said...

Hello Booklady, thanks for your lovely message.
I totally agree with what you said about courses and writing.
The only reason I wanted to do the course I had to turn down was because you were able to go to the BBC and pitch ideas.
The theatre course I'm starting will just enable me to make great contacts with a theatre who commission plays.
I'm just trying to make that leap from writing and producing my own plays, to someone paying me to do so!

Rebecca said...

Writing is always the key. I'm glad to hear work didn't suck and you can have Wednesdays for writing! Maybe I should get some work done now...hee hee

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Rebecca! Hoping you managed to get some work done too :-)

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