Sunday, 13 January 2008

Paperback Pleasure...

I'm a fan of paperback books and so sometimes my fave authors bring their new books out in HB first and I wait, wait, wait (which kills me) for the paperback to come out.
I just like them all to look the same on my book shelf... don't ask!

I've just realised almost once a month a book is coming out I can't wait to read - here's my list so far...

One Night Stand by Julie Cohen (Jan 10th), it came out last week and I'm rushing to the shops next week!

Young Wives' Tales by Adele Parks (Feb 6th), I've waited so long to get this one.

Acting Up by Melissa Nathan (March 27th), the last book I'll read by Melissa who is sadly no longer with us.

31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell (April 3rd), again I've waited yonks for this one.

Honey Trap by Julie Cohen (July 10th)
Blue Remembered Heels by Nell Dixon (July 10th)
** 2 on the same day - very exciting! **

Just Say Yes by Phillipa Ashley (Aug 7th), maybe I should schedule a holiday around this date!

Over You by Lucy Diamond (Aug 08)

I So Don't Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy (Dec 9th)

What a great list of books, I honestly can't wait to get lost in them.


Nell said...

I'm so flattered and excited to be on your list! I love that Julie, Phillipa and I are all set to release books around the same time.Very cool.

Sally Lawton said...

I really can't wait to read it Nell, it sounds brilliant and I'm a huge fan of LBD.

Anonymous said...


I have just seen that my new paperback is on your fabulous list. You have some great reading ahead of you.



Sally Lawton said...

Lovely to have you stop by Adele.
Really looking forward to reading it as I've loved all of your books :-)

Phillipa said...

Hey. I'm in awe, Sally. I hope you can get a big discount on these LBDs! I haven't read any Melisssa Nathan yet but I'm going to remedy that very soon. I did read Vince & Joy by Lisa Jewell - brilliant. Haven't got 21 Dream Street yet.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Phillipa, I should work for LBD shouldn't I?! Ha! They are great books though, I love them.
You'll definitely love Melissa Nathan's books - she was one of my favourite writers x

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