Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Money Money Money

Whilst having a break today from writing, I decided to phone my bank... not because I was looking for someone to talk to or anything! I just wanted to see if they could offer me a better account than the one I have now. Anyway, as my new account was being arranged I asked if I could also open a savings account!
I have no idea what prompted this, but it felt very grown up of me!
I'm so rubbish at saving, but I am really determined to do so this year.

We'll see how I get one.

Whenever I'm producing a play, I always wish I had savings to help me out and whenever I make a little profit from the plays, the money gets put in to my account and frittered away, before I know it it's gone.
So any money I make from plays/writing etc will be saved. And I think I may even set up a direct debit from my wages.

Woo, how grown up do I sound! :-)


Barrie said...

Good for you, opening a savings account! So, is this a New Year's resolution?

Rebecca said...

I was amazed at how quickly I actually started to save money when I had it automatically deducted each month. You should totally do it!

Nell said...

Set up the direct debit. If I didn't have one I'd be totally sunk.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie, Rebecca and Nell. Thanks for your messages. I've just posted all the paperwork back to the bank, so I should be a super-saver within the week!! :-)
It is a very good feeling!

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