Monday, 14 January 2008

Make-Up Lady

I have a slight obsession in work and it's with a woman (not in any kind of funny way), I've even given her a pet name.
She's called Make-Up Lady.

Basically, any time you pop to the loo during the working day, you'll find her by the mirrors putting on make-up.
She's always in there and is the topic of a lot of our conversations in the office.

What's her job? Why does she wear so much make-up? Does she have a man or is she trying to get the attention of one in the office? Is she just really insecure?

She dresses really smartly and seems to be some kind of a boss because my friend heard her tell someone off in the toilets a few weeks ago and the girl burst in to tears.

I just find her fascinating and a bit scary. Honestly by the end of the day she's orange, bless her.

Anyway, this morning Mr Sally and I were in town really early so we went to Starbucks for a coffee and he grabbed us two seats.... which ended up being right next to the make-up lady.
This is the conversation after she'd finished her coffee, applied some make-up and got up to leave.

ME: 'You see that lady over there?'
MR SALLY: 'Where?'
ME: 'The one leaving in the white coat, looks a bit like the Snow Queen from Narnia'
MR SALLY: 'Oh yeah.'
ME: 'Well, I'm obsessed with her.'
MR SALLY: 'You're what?'
ME: 'Obsessed. She's always in the toilets putting on make-up, honestly any time you go in and she just fascinates me.'
MR SALLY: 'Ok-ay.'
ME: 'It's not an un-healthy obsession - just a people watching obsession.'
MR SALLY: 'She's a bit orange isn't she?'
ME: 'You should see her at 4pm.'

Anyway, I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring - so maybe she's just really insecure, or maybe she likes to look glamorous.

Or maybe I should keep my bloody nose out!

** Please note, I'm not a loon - I just love people who are a bit different, I love wondering what their lives are like outside of work, maybe it's the writer in me! ***

** Please also note that I decided to share this story with you today as absolutely zilch happened of any interest, except my coffee with Mr Sally before work! **


Barrie said...

People watching is far too much fun!

Any chance you could strike up a conversation with Make-Up Lady? And report back to us? Ha!

Alyson Noel said...

I love this post--hilarious! And as an avid people watcher, I totally get your obsession!

booklady said...

I LOVE to watch people. And I'm not afraid to admit that I'm obsessed by some of them. I think you're right, too--it's a writer thing. We are curious. We observe. Otherwise, how could we write anything with grounding in reality?

Phillipa said...

I loved your post too Sally - and can I add my name to list of people who like watching people and giving them 'names'? Fancy telling someone off in the toilets and making them cry (sounds like a former boss of mine...)

Sally Lawton said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone, thanks ladies!

Hi Barrie,
I'd love to start up a conversation but she just looks you up and down if you wash your hands next to her at the sink! She's quite scary - but I'll try. My boss tried to talk to her a few weeks ago and said it was hard work! I will report back!

Alyson, booklady and Phillipa
Glad you share my obsession... I'll be sure to share more make-up lady stories as soon as they happen!! :-)

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