Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Happy New Year to you all.
May 2008 be filled with great things for everyone.

2007 was a funny year for me. Ups and downs and I think I'm quite happy to see the back of it. Although some good stuff happened.

- I went solo with my stand-up and did some scary but brilliant gigs at the Comedy Store and Frog and Bucket. I did some rather horrible gigs at the Pleasure Bar - which was irony in itself as the experience was definitely not a pleasure.

- My first solo play 'Bang-Bang!' was chosen to be in Manchester's 24:7 Theatre Festival. The experience was very stressful but fun and I got my first bad review, it was possibly the worst review I've ever read about anything. I did laugh at it in the end and I'm not at all bothered about it being called a 'damp squib' and 'revolting.' Nope I'm so completely over it and do not know the review word for word...

- After three years of trying, I finally got a literary agent. OK, so she failed to sell my book and she's now left the company and I'm not really sure what's happening on the agent front, but I did get one and I kind of still have one....

- I gave up teaching. After working every Thursday for 2 years teaching kids and adults drama and musical theatre, I gave it up. I miss the kids terribly, but I actually don't miss the teaching.

My resolutions this year are:

- Wednesdays are going to be my 'writing' days, where I will work very hard on my writing and not think of them as days off to watch Jeremy Kyle or Car Booty Challenge...

- I will make the most of my gym membership, as I am after all lining Mr Duncan Bannatyne's pocket with £40 of my hard earned cash every flippin' month.

- I will get my latest play together and enter this years 24:7 Theatre Festival.

- I will have ALTER-EGO finished and sent off to my sort-of agent asap.

-I will be better with my money and start saving.

- I will stop nagging Mr Sally. (Maybe)!

Well, that should keep me just about ticking over.
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