Sunday, 6 January 2008


I finally found a printed copy of chapter 4 in one of my many folders!
How odd.
I'll have to type it up now, but at least I've found it.

And I definitely, definitely need to have a sort out of all of my folders.


Barrie said...

Phew. Glad you found it!

I'm a big believer in flash drives and emailing material to myself. Still....I manage to lose things. Perhaps it's just the nature of writing?

Alyssa Goodnight said...

What a relief!

I commiserate--I desperately need some organization myself. I need to be struck by the inspiration to file!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie and Alyssa. Great idea Barrie, I'm definitely going to start emailing things to myself. I always have to learn the hard way!
Alyssa, glad I'm not the only one who needs some organisation! :-)


Rebecca said...

Glad you found it! Have you sent it off to your agent yet?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Rebecca.
No, I've not sent it yet. I've told him he'll have it by Friday. Just to give me a bit longer to revise it. Fingers crossed!

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