Sunday, 27 January 2008

Discovering New Authors

I've been a HUGE fan of commercial fiction for the past ten years. I feel I've tried to read as many different authors as possible. Some have become firm favourites, some haven't - but I still feel like I've tried as much as I can and I'm ALWAYS on the look-out for new authors.

This afternoon, whilst I was printing my lovely gorgeous MS - DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN I was messing about on the net and came accross an author website.

I've heard of this author before, I've looked at her books in shops and still, I've never actually read any of her books. After spending a lovely time looking around her gorgeous website, I have no idea why.

The author is Carmen Reid. Her books look fantastic and I'm mad at myself for letting her slip by.

I will definitely be buying one of her books soon.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Her website is adorable! What a fun discovery! Let us know how you like the book.

Sally Lawton said...

Glad you liked it too. I'll definitely keep you posted once I've read one of her books! :)

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