Monday, 28 January 2008


Finally my book was packed up and posted off to my agent this morning. Such a strange feeling waving it goodbye. The man at the post office told me to leave it by the hatch with the other parcels. 'What, just leave it?' I looked at him like he was mental.
'Yeah, just leave it.'
'OK,' I thought best to double check. 'You want me to leave my BABY - ALONE by a hatch where any Tom, Dick and Harry can just pick it up and walk off with it?'

OK, I didn't really say the last bit, I just said 'OK,' and left it gently by the hatch, hovered by the hatch, realised I was going to be late for work and left it.

I hate the fact it's taken me ages to get it posted and sent off, I'm very good at deadlines usually. Anyway, I now have OFFICE installed properly, my dad actually gave me a new version and it's very smart and funky.
Well it's off now anyway, fingers crossed my agent likes it.

I've advertised auditions for my new play project and applications are flying in. I'm meeting my best friend and co-writer Paul Swaine on Wednesday to plan it in more depth. Hopefully aiming to hold auditions in two weeks. Very exciting.

Well, I'd best get on with my play revisions, only have a couple of hours as I've got to go and pick Mr Sally up from work at 10pm.


Nell said...

Fingers crossed for you on the submission!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Nell. I'll keep you posted :-)

Jon M said...

Posting things off always brings out the worst in me. When I sent some sample chapters off recently, the lady in the post office said, "Is it a large envelope?" Cue: elaborate pantomime of measuring A4 letter... before finding another post office.

Sara Hantz said...

My fingers are crossed too. I'm sure your agent will LOVE it!

Lucy Diamond said...

Good luck! Ooh, it's nerve-wracking sending off your baby, I know. Hope your agent phones soon to say that they love it!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Jon, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.
The whole measuring envelope thing really confuses me. I remember a time where you could shove a first class stamp on anything and there was no problem **sigh**

Hi Sara and Lucy, thanks so much for your good luck wishes. I'll keep you posted :)

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