Saturday, 12 January 2008

Cherry Cheeks

I feel like I've been back at work much longer than a week. I even got the most target in work this week, which means I will be given a bottle of wine on Monday. I think I'll give it to my friend though as she always wants to win it and I'm not really much of a wine drinker - having said that I tried some cherry wine last night which was supposed to be for Crimbo, it actually turned my cheeks a lovely shade of cherry red!

Such a fantastic idea, one I really wish I'd thought of. I haven't laughed as much for ages and I'm completely hooked.


Barrie said...

What does it mean "to get the most target in work"?

And even though I don't know exactly how you got an award of wine, congratulations!

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, sorry Barrie - it's probably my bad phrasing.
Basically my job is marketing and sales and we have a weekly target and for some reason I managed to get above my target this week.
It's just a phrase we say 'Who got the most target?'
Whoever get's the most bookings gets a bottle of wine! :-)

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