Friday, 25 January 2008

The Big Weekend Plan

OK, here's what I've got to do this weekend.

Print off play a and enter it in to the 24:7 Theatre Festival.
Complete play b, and revise. Send it to the Royal Exchange Theatre.
Plan the character for my writing class.

My New and Exciting Project.

I'm planning on hiring a theatre up the road from my house and a theatre in Manchester/Salford. Working with 2 separate groups of local actors, with the help of my best friend and fellow writer Paul, we're going to do an improvisational workshop and with the characters created in the workshop we'll write two separate plays around them.
I've already got the interest of one theatre, so hopefully we'll pull it off.
We've just got loads of planning to do first!

And then to top my weekend off, I'm going to drink lots of wine!


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