Saturday, 26 January 2008

And Relax...

I've FINALLY finished editing my MS in time to post to my agent on Monday.
The book has been re-written several times and I haven't read it properly for almost a year, as I was editing I actually gasped at one of the twists as I'd completely forgotten it happened! It's brilliant!
I've fallen in love with this book all over again and after reading it through, I've finally decided on the FINAL title. I know I gave it a new title the other day, but this one is so much better and so much more fitting:


It's 87,417 words in length - phew!


Barrie said...

I think that must be a very, very good sign--that you're enjoying the book after a good amount of time away! May your agent love it!

Sally Lawton said...

I'm hoping it's a good sign! Thanks Barrie, fingers crossed! x

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