Thursday, 31 January 2008

Not My Week...

OMG! When I got up this morning it was chucking it down with rain, the wind was howling and it started thundering and lightening!
If Mr Sally wasn't driving me in, I think I would have phoned in sick, because quite frankly it didn't look safe!

Anyway, I got to town an hour early, went to the bank to pay some money in, where the girl behind the counter told me all about her moring in the rain and how her feet were soaking but she couldn't take her shoes off because her feet stink. Just the kind of conversation I like to have at 9:15am!
I managed to get 20mins in the library before I was blown in to work.

I don't know what's wrong with me this week, I can't get my daily target. We have to provisionally sell three shows a day and I've got one booking all week!!!
I've been in the office the longest out of everyone and I've never had a problem selling, I have my off days, but nothing like this.
My boss said, 'Can I get you anything to help?'
'Vodka?' I replied.
Oh how we laughed!!

Seriously though, I just don't think my heart's in it any more. I keep looking at the clock, wishing I was at home writing.

Right, I'm sorry to moan. Don't feel sorry for me. My job is great, it works around my writng, I get half terms off and I get paid to have the summer hols off - I'm just having one of those weeks!

PS: I had to get in to the lift with Make-up Lady today :) She was talking to a bloke about something, I kept looking at her from the corner of my eye. Considering her face is always made up, her nails are terrible and she has a funny accent!

The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason

Well, I just have to post about this book I've just read. I'm ashamed it's taken me so long to get through. I finally found time the other day to get back in to reading it and I swear as soon as I started it again, I couldn't put it down.

It's beautifully written. The characters are fantastic, it keeps you gripped,
it makes you cry, it makes you laugh and cry again and the ending leaves you
with a lovely warm feeling inside.

A truly fantastic debut novel.

Read it, read it, read it!!!

** I don't know why this post has gone funny, I've pressed something I shouldn't! **

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Clicking Heels

Today's my 'Writing Wednesday,' and have I done any writing today? NOPE!

In my defence. I've sent my book off and I've just posted my play off and so a little break was needed. Time to re-charge my batteries.

Mr Sally also had the day off today and his friend decided to pop round. After having a coffee and a quick chat, I decided to leave them to chat boys stuff, the sun was shining and so I decided to get in my little car and pop in to town.
I had a lovely morning/afternoon walking around the shops, I was going to get my hair cut but decided to do it next week.
I saw some GORGE heels in a petrol blue colour. I've had my eye on them since Xmas and they have finally been reduced to £4!!! They only had my size left and I walked away from them, I don't know why.
I bought the boys lots of food and cakes, went home and had lunch with them - my mind kept going back to the beautiful shoes.
Mr Sally said he'd drive his friend in to Manchester and did I want to go with them for the run out?
'No,' I said putting my coat on with one eye on the clock.
4:35pm - I still had time.
'Where are you going?' Mr Sally asked.
'Sorry to dash, I have to buy some shoes.'
'You have to go and buy some shoes now?'
'It can't wait until the weekend?'
'No. I won't be able to think of anything else and I'll be kicking myself all week if I don't get them NOW!'
Jeez, why don't men understand these things.
With a quick toodle-pip I was gone.
I made it to the shop and I'm now the proud owner of petrol blue heels. I'll post a pic soon!

I've had such a lovely day, I even remembered to put the bin out!

I was supposed to be meeting my best friend/fellow writer tonight. We were going to meet up in a pub for a good catch up, armed with notepads and plans for our next project together - but he's cancelled as he's ill. I'm gutted as I was really looking forward to it. Hope he gets well soon though.
Instead of getting panicky because Jan has nearly gone and we've not done any planning/writing yet. I'm just going to get on with my projects and let our duo work happen naturally.
Hopefully he'll be free to meet up soon as we do work well together and it's fun.
But if we don't get chance to, I have enough to do with my other plays and projects.

Two things before I sign off.
- Mr Sally and I have been getting in to wine! We've never liked it really, but for some reason we're sharing a bottle almost every night. We've really started to enjoy it.

- I need to go to the gym. I haven't been since my holiday in Oct! I've put on a bit of weight too. So next week (no point starting back half-way through a week is there!) I'll be going back!

Monday, 28 January 2008


Finally my book was packed up and posted off to my agent this morning. Such a strange feeling waving it goodbye. The man at the post office told me to leave it by the hatch with the other parcels. 'What, just leave it?' I looked at him like he was mental.
'Yeah, just leave it.'
'OK,' I thought best to double check. 'You want me to leave my BABY - ALONE by a hatch where any Tom, Dick and Harry can just pick it up and walk off with it?'

OK, I didn't really say the last bit, I just said 'OK,' and left it gently by the hatch, hovered by the hatch, realised I was going to be late for work and left it.

I hate the fact it's taken me ages to get it posted and sent off, I'm very good at deadlines usually. Anyway, I now have OFFICE installed properly, my dad actually gave me a new version and it's very smart and funky.
Well it's off now anyway, fingers crossed my agent likes it.

I've advertised auditions for my new play project and applications are flying in. I'm meeting my best friend and co-writer Paul Swaine on Wednesday to plan it in more depth. Hopefully aiming to hold auditions in two weeks. Very exciting.

Well, I'd best get on with my play revisions, only have a couple of hours as I've got to go and pick Mr Sally up from work at 10pm.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Discovering New Authors

I've been a HUGE fan of commercial fiction for the past ten years. I feel I've tried to read as many different authors as possible. Some have become firm favourites, some haven't - but I still feel like I've tried as much as I can and I'm ALWAYS on the look-out for new authors.

This afternoon, whilst I was printing my lovely gorgeous MS - DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN I was messing about on the net and came accross an author website.

I've heard of this author before, I've looked at her books in shops and still, I've never actually read any of her books. After spending a lovely time looking around her gorgeous website, I have no idea why.

The author is Carmen Reid. Her books look fantastic and I'm mad at myself for letting her slip by.

I will definitely be buying one of her books soon.

Inky Fingers

At twelve o'clock I decided I should get stuck in to printing my book so that I can post it tomorrow.

I brought my printer downstairs from the study and plugged it in to my laptop. 'Don't worry,' I said to Mr Sally. 'I'll have it all printed by the time football starts.'

'It won't take you two hours will it?' He asked. Manchester United were playing on the TV at 2pm.

No, it didn't at all take me two hours to print, because four and a half hours later I'm still here - PRINTING! The football match has been and gone - long ago!

Fine, I'm printing it chapter by chapter so that I can give it one last check.
And yes, halfway through some paper got jammed and blah, blah, blah...

Why does it have to take so long?

I'm almost done now. I hate this part. I know I should look at all the words I've written and be proud, it should be a special moment seeing everything I've slaved over in print - and I will feel proud, just as soon as the printer finishes its job and it's back upstairs out of my way.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

And Relax...

I've FINALLY finished editing my MS in time to post to my agent on Monday.
The book has been re-written several times and I haven't read it properly for almost a year, as I was editing I actually gasped at one of the twists as I'd completely forgotten it happened! It's brilliant!
I've fallen in love with this book all over again and after reading it through, I've finally decided on the FINAL title. I know I gave it a new title the other day, but this one is so much better and so much more fitting:


It's 87,417 words in length - phew!

Friday, 25 January 2008

The Big Weekend Plan

OK, here's what I've got to do this weekend.

Print off play a and enter it in to the 24:7 Theatre Festival.
Complete play b, and revise. Send it to the Royal Exchange Theatre.
Plan the character for my writing class.

My New and Exciting Project.

I'm planning on hiring a theatre up the road from my house and a theatre in Manchester/Salford. Working with 2 separate groups of local actors, with the help of my best friend and fellow writer Paul, we're going to do an improvisational workshop and with the characters created in the workshop we'll write two separate plays around them.
I've already got the interest of one theatre, so hopefully we'll pull it off.
We've just got loads of planning to do first!

And then to top my weekend off, I'm going to drink lots of wine!

Writing Class and Auditions

Sorry I've not blogged for a couple of days. It's all been a bit manic and I'm thankful it's Friday! Here's what I've been up to:
Well I went to my writing group on Wed. I was the most nervous I've been in ages, even though I do scary things like stand-up comedy, I actually felt sick. I had the added stress of trying to find the theatre with the 'help' from SatNav, I swear that machine enjoys sending me the wrong way down one-way streets. I got beeped at by buses and horrible taxi drivers. In my defence it was RAINING, it was DARK and I was LOST!
Anyway, finally I found it and parked. I managed to be a good thirty minutes early - which made me even more nervous, I didn't want to be the first to arrive, but I was.
Thankfully a guy I vaguely knew came in to the bar. He's also a member of the group and I knew him enough to chat with, he introduced me to a few people and then a woman came in that I also knew a little bit, so I didn't feel so alone.

The group was great. There's around ten of us. All mixed ages and everyone seemed really nice.
We discussed different types of theatre writing and what 'naturalistic theatre' meant. It was great to listen to other peoples views.
We also did an exercise on getting words flowing, which was good fun.
We're doing a group piece and have homework for the next session - we've got to create a character from a photo our tutor showed, we're allowed to create any character we want from the image and I've already got mine bursting in my head, so I'll get stuck in to creating her this weekend.
The session was a great introduction on what's to come and it was definitely the right decision for me to go.
As well as inspiring us to be creative, the tutor will also read our work and offer feedback and it's just a great way to network with other writers.
I was invited to have a drink in the bar after, but decided to go home as I felt so ill. I spent the whole session sneezing and blowing my nose (lovely). I'll definitely stay for drinks next time though.

Yesterday, my friend Rachel sent me a text begging me to help her out that evening. She's just set up a theatre school and in the past year I've watched it go from strength to strength.
She's done so well. I've had the privilege of teaching for a full Saturday for her and the kids are lovely. I also worked Front of House for her on the kids Christmas shows and last night she was holding auditions as she's now setting up an agency for the kids.
Basically it was my job to get the kids ready and then take them in one by one to the audition room. It was so lovely to chat to the kids as they waited to go in to audition.
Some were very nervous, some were quite excited, but it meant everything to every single one of them. I tried my best to make them laugh before they went in and did my best to make them feel a bit confident. Rachel is so lovely though, so they all came out smiling. She just has the tough job of selecting 30 of them for the agency.
One little boy looked really serious and he barely spoke to me whilst he was waiting to go in, just casually kicking the wall. Finally he just turned to me and said 'I just want to be an actor.'
'Good for you,' I said.
'It's the only thing that makes sense in the world to me.'
I knew exactly how he felt as I pretty much felt the same when I was his age.

She's asked me to do a creative writing workshop with them in the Summer and I really can't wait. I've done quite a bit of teaching and I can honestly say the atmosphere at Rachel's theatre school is so inspiring, I'm so pleased all her hard work is paying off.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tonight's Plan

Quick blog...

Home from work, full of a cold, doing more editing, bangers and mash for tea, glass of wine and the next episode of Mistresses - perfect!

PS: I start my writing group course tomorrow - I'm so EXCITED and a bit nervous.

Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday x

Monday, 21 January 2008


I hated the title DAZED & CONFUSED for my book I'm currently editing for my agent.
So I've compiled a list of possible title ideas, discussed them with my trusted friend Jo. Well, when I say discussed them - I handed her the list and told her to pick her top three.
I've gone with the one she placed third on the list, as I liked it more than the others.

So drum roll please...

My new novel (which has been re-written a million times) is now called:


Yes, I like it *

* this title is subject to change if Miss Lawton wakes up tomorrow morning with another completely eureka idea - or if her agent tells her it's crap!*

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Productive Day

I've been so productive today. I got up early and prepared a hot-pot in the slow cooker for this evening.

All I've been doing since 11:00am is editing and I've been having so much fun.

I'm still editing my book for my agent. I've had some computer probs, where I un-installed something and couldn't read my saved work. My agent thankfully understood and I'm getting it to him by the end of next week.
I'm thinking of changing the title of DAZED & CONFUSED, I've gone off it - so I'll see if I can come up with something much better.

Best get back to it. Twenty-one chapters down, Sixteen to go!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

One of those days...

My play JUMBLE is coming along and I should be able to meet the deadline.
My other play NINE2FIVE is done - I just need to re-read with fresh eyes and polish it.

Other news, nothing much to tell. I've been in a horrible mood today. I've had an argument with a family member. They did something I don't agree with - I couldn't keep my mouth shut and had to tell them that I didn't like what they did. It's now turned in to a horrible argument and I want nothing to do with this person ever again.
Except, even though this person actually isn't a close family member - she is still family, I love my family and so when I've calmed down I'll probably try and bury the hatchet. Even though I'll never condone her actions and never agree with her opinion on the said subject.
Sometimes it's not worth getting involved.

Friday, 18 January 2008


I'm well and truly frazzled.
For various reasons Mr Sally has been off work since before Xmas, he's due back on Monday.
I've been back in work for the past two weeks and because we live in the middle of bloomin nowhere, I have to get a really early bus to work.
So I've been getting up around 6:30am, leaving Mr Sally in bed (which makes me narky), and running to the bus stop to get my bus at 7:30.
I get in to Manchester for 8:15am - I don't start work until 10:00am!!

So, I've been going to McDonalds for a coffee - that is until a man started talking to me on Tuesday - I thought he was just making small talk until I realised he was actually chatting me up and then gave me his number.
As this doesn't actually happen to me that often, I took his number (I just didn't know how to get out of the situation I'd just got myself in - I thought we were just having a polite chit-chat)! So I finally said 'Have you got the time?'
He said, 'Yeah, it's eight forty-five.'
'Is it?' I said a bit too loudly. 'Gosh, I'm going to have to go. Lovely talking to you.'
He stood up, told me to call him. He leaned in, like he was going to kiss my cheek - so I did the only thing I could think to do -
I shook his hand!
And ran out!

Honestly, I don't know how that happened. One minute we were talking about the horrible rain, the next I was keying in his number in to my mobile (I thought he was giving me the number of a club he ran) I'm so stupid.

So feeling like I'd been unfaithful, I woke Mr Sally from his pit immediately to tell him about my little situation and that I had deleted the number straight away. He just laughed and told me his mother had told him to watch out for women like me... the cheek of it!

So, I've had to change my McDonalds branch, I just couldn't bear bumping in to him again and I've been going to the library for an hour before work - which has been great.

I'm just tired though. It's dark when I leave the house and it's dark when I come home. It's constantly raining (my poor Ugg boots)!

I've got two plays to finish by the end of next week.
So no lie in for me tomorrow - I'll be up with the lark and tip-tapping away at my keyboard.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Stop Scaring Me Jamie

Did anyone see that Jamie Oliver food show on TV last night?
I think the shock tactic worked, here's what I've eaten today:
1 banana
2 clementines
1 apple
1 plum
a jacket spud with beans
a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice -

and I'm absolutely STARVING!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Did anyone watch the new BBC drama Mistresses last night?
It was the second episode, I totally forgot about it last week and my friends were raving about it in work yesterday. So much so that one of them sent me a text to remind me at 8:59pm last night! But I'd already put a reminder on the TV and Mr Sally plugged in his DS Lite so that I could watch it in peace.
I didn't know what to expect. It's been labelled as the UK version of Sex and the City.
It was absolutely brilliant. Very well written and brilliantly acted. I swear my eyes were glued to the screen for the whole hour and I was absolutely gutted when the episode finished, I would have watched it all night if I could.
The premise of the story is about 4 women who are best friends and in some strange way all end up being some sort of a mistress. There are 4 completely different stories going on and each one just hooks you in.

I can't wait for the next episode now! :-)

Monday, 14 January 2008

Make-Up Lady

I have a slight obsession in work and it's with a woman (not in any kind of funny way), I've even given her a pet name.
She's called Make-Up Lady.

Basically, any time you pop to the loo during the working day, you'll find her by the mirrors putting on make-up.
She's always in there and is the topic of a lot of our conversations in the office.

What's her job? Why does she wear so much make-up? Does she have a man or is she trying to get the attention of one in the office? Is she just really insecure?

She dresses really smartly and seems to be some kind of a boss because my friend heard her tell someone off in the toilets a few weeks ago and the girl burst in to tears.

I just find her fascinating and a bit scary. Honestly by the end of the day she's orange, bless her.

Anyway, this morning Mr Sally and I were in town really early so we went to Starbucks for a coffee and he grabbed us two seats.... which ended up being right next to the make-up lady.
This is the conversation after she'd finished her coffee, applied some make-up and got up to leave.

ME: 'You see that lady over there?'
MR SALLY: 'Where?'
ME: 'The one leaving in the white coat, looks a bit like the Snow Queen from Narnia'
MR SALLY: 'Oh yeah.'
ME: 'Well, I'm obsessed with her.'
MR SALLY: 'You're what?'
ME: 'Obsessed. She's always in the toilets putting on make-up, honestly any time you go in and she just fascinates me.'
MR SALLY: 'Ok-ay.'
ME: 'It's not an un-healthy obsession - just a people watching obsession.'
MR SALLY: 'She's a bit orange isn't she?'
ME: 'You should see her at 4pm.'

Anyway, I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring - so maybe she's just really insecure, or maybe she likes to look glamorous.

Or maybe I should keep my bloody nose out!

** Please note, I'm not a loon - I just love people who are a bit different, I love wondering what their lives are like outside of work, maybe it's the writer in me! ***

** Please also note that I decided to share this story with you today as absolutely zilch happened of any interest, except my coffee with Mr Sally before work! **

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Paperback Pleasure...

I'm a fan of paperback books and so sometimes my fave authors bring their new books out in HB first and I wait, wait, wait (which kills me) for the paperback to come out.
I just like them all to look the same on my book shelf... don't ask!

I've just realised almost once a month a book is coming out I can't wait to read - here's my list so far...

One Night Stand by Julie Cohen (Jan 10th), it came out last week and I'm rushing to the shops next week!

Young Wives' Tales by Adele Parks (Feb 6th), I've waited so long to get this one.

Acting Up by Melissa Nathan (March 27th), the last book I'll read by Melissa who is sadly no longer with us.

31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell (April 3rd), again I've waited yonks for this one.

Honey Trap by Julie Cohen (July 10th)
Blue Remembered Heels by Nell Dixon (July 10th)
** 2 on the same day - very exciting! **

Just Say Yes by Phillipa Ashley (Aug 7th), maybe I should schedule a holiday around this date!

Over You by Lucy Diamond (Aug 08)

I So Don't Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy (Dec 9th)

What a great list of books, I honestly can't wait to get lost in them.

My Fave Boys

Mr Sally and I were in need of a good giggle last night and so we decided to watch Shaun of the Dead.
Now, if someone said to me 'Watch this great film, it's about Zombies.'
I probably would have said 'Err, no you're all right thanks.'

But knowing it was written by and starring two of my favourite people Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I decided to give it a go.

Wow, what a great film. It's a really strange story, but so funny and incredibly well written.

I don't think it's as good as Hot Fuzz though!

Hot Fuzz is definitely one of my favourite films of all time.
I'm definitely a fan of anything these boys do. Watching them always inspires me to do some writing.

I just love them!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Cherry Cheeks

I feel like I've been back at work much longer than a week. I even got the most target in work this week, which means I will be given a bottle of wine on Monday. I think I'll give it to my friend though as she always wants to win it and I'm not really much of a wine drinker - having said that I tried some cherry wine last night which was supposed to be for Crimbo, it actually turned my cheeks a lovely shade of cherry red!

Such a fantastic idea, one I really wish I'd thought of. I haven't laughed as much for ages and I'm completely hooked.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


As I like blogging so much - I decided to set up a fictional blog (why not)!

Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun with Lexi and the gang for a couple of weeks.
If you fancy a read, feel free to stop by at Independent Moi.

Money Money Money

Whilst having a break today from writing, I decided to phone my bank... not because I was looking for someone to talk to or anything! I just wanted to see if they could offer me a better account than the one I have now. Anyway, as my new account was being arranged I asked if I could also open a savings account!
I have no idea what prompted this, but it felt very grown up of me!
I'm so rubbish at saving, but I am really determined to do so this year.

We'll see how I get one.

Whenever I'm producing a play, I always wish I had savings to help me out and whenever I make a little profit from the plays, the money gets put in to my account and frittered away, before I know it it's gone.
So any money I make from plays/writing etc will be saved. And I think I may even set up a direct debit from my wages.

Woo, how grown up do I sound! :-)

In And Out Of Love

I've been hard at work all day and loved every single minute of it.
I'm still feeling a bit poorly, but not as bad as yesterday.

Whilst re-working DAZED & CONFUSED I've been filled with doubts.

- The title doesn't feel right (and it's been changed three times already)!
- Is it the most rubbish book I've ever read?

Pushing those doubts to one side, I do love this book. It's the first book I ever wrote and has been re-written several times. The book has been a huge learning curve for me and I do love it. It's just niggles I have about certain things, but I'll sleep on it and see how I feel about them tomorrow.

Today I remembered how much I love the hero of the book Fred. He's such a wonderful character. One of my absolute favourites. He's based on Clark Kent!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Germs and Excitement!

Well what do you know, I managed to get myself out of bed and get the 7:30am bus to work! It was still dark as I walked (stomped) up my hill to the bus stop and I cursed Mr Sally all the way up there knowing he was still in bed.
I got to have a good hour in the library before work, which was definitely worth getting up so early for.

I still feel really poorly. I think I've got that horrible bug going around. I've just spent most of the evening on the loo with my head against the radiator, I now have a wonderful line across my forehead from the radiator, such a good look!
Mr Sally has now jumped on my band-wagon and it seems he's got whatever it is we've got too.

Anyway, moving on with some fun news. I spoke to the lady in charge of the theatre course I'm going to be doing. It sounds great. We just meet as a small group every other Wednesday 7-9pm. It will be lovely to meet lots of writers with different experiences, nice to have a support group of people. Also she explained that they offer lots of feedback with plays and also offer the theatre as a space. This is worth everything to me. For the past 3 years I've been writing my own plays, hiring small venues and using my own money to produce the whole project. To have support from a well respected theatre is brilliant. And just to get feedback on my writing is great. So I'm very much looking forward to starting it, I start on the 23rd.

Tomorrow is my writing day, where sickness will not stop me. I shall be up early and will only go on-line on my lunch break and maybe in the evening once I've had enough!

Can't wait :-)

Monday, 7 January 2008

Rain and Gloom

I knew I had to get up this morning for work (first day back). My alarm was set for 6am.
At 4am I woke up because of the noise outside, it was throwing it down and the wind was howling. My first thought was 'Agh - I forgot to rain-proof my Ugg Boots, what the heck shall I wear?'
My second thought was 'Agh, I don't want to go back to work.'

Anyway, I didn't get up at 6am. I decided to get the later bus, which is a 2 bus journey, but meant I had longer in bed.

I rushed around the house getting ready and left to go to the bitter (and I mean bitter) bus stop with wet hair. Stupid as I've just got over a throat infection.

Stood at the bus stop I was feeling miserable, for today I should have been starting the course (the one I turned down because I couldn't afford it).

Off I went to work, and I was late. My bus got stuck in traffic on the motorway.

My bosses were lovely and said they were fine about me having Wednesdays off. They said I deserved some luck this year with my writing. I know I moan about work, but they are so lovely and so supportive. That's the reason I don't leave!

It was nice to see my friends and catch up properly, to be honest we didn't get a lot of work done - so it was nice being back!
All day I kept thinking about the course. Only because they sent me an itinerary of the induction day before I declined my place.
Then the theatre who's playwriting course I'm hoping to start called me for a quick chat about it. I missed the call because I was working, so I'll call her back tomorrow.
On the bus on the way home, I read an article about a couple who write pantomimes and how they started writing at the theatre I mentioned and since then they haven't looked back.
Maybe it's a sign. Maybe I'm supposed to do this course after all!

Sunday, 6 January 2008


I finally found a printed copy of chapter 4 in one of my many folders!
How odd.
I'll have to type it up now, but at least I've found it.

And I definitely, definitely need to have a sort out of all of my folders.


Agh, I've spent most of the afternoon tweaking DAZED & CONFUSED and I've lost a chapter. How the heck can this happen? I can't find chapter 4 anywhere.

Now, my brain is ringing a bell - I seem to remember that for some reason I printed one chapter from Dazed & Confused and I seem to remember it being in a folder somewhere.

Why did I print one chapter? Is it for some reason chapter 4?
And what folder did I put it in? I must have a gazillion folders!

Just when I'm in the swing of things with my work, I have to stop and ramsack the whole bloomin house.

I must put a more organised system in place - or buy a filing cabinet.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Clip On Book Light

When I was really poorly last week, I decided to go to town with my family for some fresh air and everyone spoilt me.

Mr Sally bought me a couple of CDs, my mum bought be a gorgeous jacket and my dad bought me this....

It's a clip on book light! It's brilliant. My dad shares the same love of books as me, so he was just as excited about it as I was.
Apart from it coming in really handy the best part is the light closes down and when you're ready to use it you press a button and the light slowly unfolds - honestly it's so much fun and err oh yes, it's very useful!
I love it :-)

Spare Time

We've had a busy morning and taken our tree and decorations down. Everything is now packed away in the attick. I still can't believe Christmas is all over, it's just flown by.

Mr Sally is watching rubbish on the TV, which I'm encouraging as it leaves me alone to read blogs and do some work of my own!

I downloaded a video podcast by Sophie Kinsella last night - my ipods opened up a whole new world! It was quite good. Just her talking about her latest book. I thought it was going to be more of an interview, but never mind. It kept me amused for a while.

Honestly, what with facebook, myspace, blogs and ipods is there any wonder I can never get any work done!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Tweak and Send

Mr Sally and I are now home. We left my mum and dad's this afternoon. I cried buckets, I hate having to say bye.
Despite being ill, we've had a brilliant Christmas and New Year.

I got stuck in to ALTER-EGO last night and it's definitely heading in the right direction and I'm happy so far.

I got a nice email off my agent today, he wants to read DAZED & CONFUSED. I'm going to tweak it slightly over the weekend and send it to him next week.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

All Over

Mr Sally is ill. He has a sniffle and in true man form he thinks he's going to die.

I've been out shopping today with the family and I bought a little table that sits on your knee with a beanbag underneath, just for my laptop, it's very cute.
I'm feeling a bit sad because the decorations have been taken down and Mr Sally and I go back home tomorrow. I've had a fantastic Christmas and New Year with my family, just sad it's all over.

I bumped in to an old friend today in a supermarket. We used to go to college together ten years ago and we lost touch, so it was really great to see her again and swap numbers.

I'm planning a full evening of writing, it's great to be back in the swing of things again.

I also told my day job that I'd have to go back to working four days a week as I needed Wednesdays off (my writing day). Eeek.
It is the kind of job that works around the staff, that's the reason I took it, but lately they have been getting frustrated with staff hardly ever in as they have other things to do. But I did used to only work 4 days as I used to teach on a Thu... I'm just trying to justify it to myself!

It's the right thing to do though, my writing is going to come first this year.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Stuck In

Feeling very positive. I've spent the whole evening planning ALTER-EGO chapter for chapter, working the plot and twists. Of course I'm sure it will change as I get stuck in to it properly.

I've also emailed my kind-of agent and told him about my first commercial fiction novel which has been re-written several times and is now called DAZED AND CONFUSED. I've offered to email it over to see what he thinks.
My agent liked it in the Summer, but we decided to work on my teenage novel first. Hopefully he'll want to read it and hopefully he'll like it.

Anyway, I'm full of plans for ALTER-EGO tomorrow. I'm going to get stuck in to it.

Hope everyone else is having a fun time writing.

XBox Crazed People

As I've mentioned we got my brother an XBox for Christmas.
He's just run in to the house (he lives in a converted shed/apartment at the bottom of my parents garden), anyway he's just run in and said 'Some American woman on-line has just told me to F*** off, it's brilliant.' With that he ran back out!

I think he likes his gift!

Still at my parents. Having a lovely time, although I've been too ill to enjoy it properly. I had to go to their docs on New Years Eve and the Dr gave me antibiotics for my throat infection, but I'm feeling much, much better today.


Happy New Year to you all.
May 2008 be filled with great things for everyone.

2007 was a funny year for me. Ups and downs and I think I'm quite happy to see the back of it. Although some good stuff happened.

- I went solo with my stand-up and did some scary but brilliant gigs at the Comedy Store and Frog and Bucket. I did some rather horrible gigs at the Pleasure Bar - which was irony in itself as the experience was definitely not a pleasure.

- My first solo play 'Bang-Bang!' was chosen to be in Manchester's 24:7 Theatre Festival. The experience was very stressful but fun and I got my first bad review, it was possibly the worst review I've ever read about anything. I did laugh at it in the end and I'm not at all bothered about it being called a 'damp squib' and 'revolting.' Nope I'm so completely over it and do not know the review word for word...

- After three years of trying, I finally got a literary agent. OK, so she failed to sell my book and she's now left the company and I'm not really sure what's happening on the agent front, but I did get one and I kind of still have one....

- I gave up teaching. After working every Thursday for 2 years teaching kids and adults drama and musical theatre, I gave it up. I miss the kids terribly, but I actually don't miss the teaching.

My resolutions this year are:

- Wednesdays are going to be my 'writing' days, where I will work very hard on my writing and not think of them as days off to watch Jeremy Kyle or Car Booty Challenge...

- I will make the most of my gym membership, as I am after all lining Mr Duncan Bannatyne's pocket with £40 of my hard earned cash every flippin' month.

- I will get my latest play together and enter this years 24:7 Theatre Festival.

- I will have ALTER-EGO finished and sent off to my sort-of agent asap.

-I will be better with my money and start saving.

- I will stop nagging Mr Sally. (Maybe)!

Well, that should keep me just about ticking over.
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