Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

Well, I love reflecting at the end of the year and looking forwards at the beginning of another and this year is no exception.
I won't be sad to see the back of 2008, in fact I'm delighted to wave goodbye to it!
Personally it's been a bit of a roller coaster year for me, but professionally I achieved quite a bit.

Well as you probably remember, Mr Sally and I split up in April, which was HORRIBLE. I moved out, which was HORRIBLE. But I was determined to get on with my life, which was HORRIBLE! Anyway, to cut a long story short, Mr Sally and I got back together in July. He was desperate to win me back and he did, after AGES of screaming matches, tears etc.
If anything our relationship is stronger because of it. Starting a fresh made us able to talk about everything in the open, and work through things that usually got shoved under the carpet and forgotten about. We're very happy and very much looking forward to our future together.

I've really learnt who my true friends are this year and I have some very beautiful friends, I'm very lucky and hope they realise how much I value their friendship.

My family are the best. When Mr Sally and I split up they gave me lots of love and support and without hesitation gave me money for a deposit on a flat, (I've since found out that this was the dining room money that they had saved to decorate.) Then when Mr Sally and I got back together they were thrilled and accepted him back like the son he'd always been. They even bought him a Wii for Crimbo, bless them.
My brother Gav finally packed his things and moved to Manchester. A very brave thing to do, when all he knew was me and Mr Sally. We're now renting an apartment together and he's doing really well, I know it's taken him a while to settle, but I'm very proud of him and it's great to have him so close by.
Weddings and Births:
What a year this year. Lots of friends got themselves engaged or preggers!
Leah and Mandeep. My beautiful best friend and her gorge hubby to be. He proposed to her at work, leaving little notes on her desk and then he was stood in another office with flowers waiting to whisk her off for champers. Their engagement was beautiful and I can't wait to watch them get married in June.
Paul and Chris. My best mate Paul and his gorge hunk Chris. They got enGAYged in the summer - Paul proposed to Chris on holiday, in the sea with the most beautiful speech about best mates, soul mates and being a husband. I missed their engagement do as I got my dates mixed up, had a play on and a knackered car, I'm so chuffed for them though and can't wait for their special day, which I won't miss for the world.
Claire and Zohar. Claire is my pen-pal! We've been writing to each other since we were 11 and she's from Paris, but now lives in Israel with her partner Zohar. They have been together for 10 years, he's taken his time proposing because she kept going on about it! But he finally proposed on her birthday on a romantic picnic. I'm so happy for them both.
Catherine, Mark and baby Isabelle. Catherine is my cousin. She gave birth to baby Isabelle in the summer. Unfortunately, at 19 she's still quite young and currently arguing with her mum and sister's, so as of yet we haven't met baby Isabelle. I've seen some photo's though and she's beautiful.
Dane, Laura and baby Noah. Dane is my cousin (on the other side of the family). He and his beautiful fiancee Laura (Oooh, they should be on the weddings list too as Dane proposed earlier this year) gave birth to baby Noah in November. I haven't met him yet as I've been busy with Panto and in Wales for Crimbo, but as soon as I get back then a visit and cuddle is well and truly on the cards.
I wrote three plays, produced two and had one produced through a youth theatre.
DOUBLE CLICK started off the year as an experiment with a group of actors, but it's a play I'm truly proud of and hope to tour it around the festivals next year.
BATTERED EGOS probably the hardest to write as I had so much going on personally and I had a bit of a block every time I tried to write it. I finally panicked and wrote it in a day, the actors pulled together and the end result was fab and we received 5* reviews!
CAMP 360 a play I wrote for a youth theatre and it was one of the most rewarding things I've done and I'm definitely going to write more for kids next year.
BOOKS I've just started my new book, my agent is waiting to read it and I hope he likes it when it's ready.

PANTO I performed in a Panto this year. It was truly an experience and although it was a laugh and at times not, it was a great Panto, I was proud of the show and we worked really hard to put it on. I'm not sure if I'd ever be in a Panto again, although I'd like to one day have a go at writing one.
PRODUCING Whenever I produce my own plays, it's a difficult task as there is so much to think about as well as the fact I'm usually always in my shows too. I'm quite laid back though and sometimes worry if the actors would rather someone who wasn't so chilled out about things. However, when my play DOUBLE CLICK went in to utter chaos when one of the cast pulled out on the dress rehearsal (stupid girl), I'm really proud at how I coped. It's the one thing I'm taking with me proudly through to next year. When you have a cast looking at you for answers, with terrified faces and one huge problem to solve then it's not an easy task. I'm proud that I stayed calm, I did not let the actors feel one ounce of the fear and frustration I felt, I kept those things to myself, I didn't sleep and I worried myself in to the night. Cancelling a show wasn't an option, so we just had to get on with it. The way I see it is that when you're in charge of a group of actors, a show, anything, then it isn't wise to let them feel any of your concerns, yes it's fine to ask for help and advice, but it's not fair to offload any of your worries or stress on to them.
I'm proud to say that because my chilled manner stayed the same, it enabled us to focus on what we needed to do, and it made everyone not only willing but capable of pulling together as a TEAM and work things through together. We did nothing but laugh that day and when we all stepped on to stage the next night on opening night, we knew that no matter what, we'd do it because we were still working very much as a team. And I'm very proud of that play, it taught me a lot and I'll love that cast forever!
I have lots of plans for 2009 and I'll bring everything I learnt from 2008 and make sure that 2009 is one to be proud of.

I wish you all a very happy 2009. May the new year see all your dreams come true and thank you for reading my blog.
Lots of love, Sally x

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What's his is err - MINE!!

Mr Sally today decided to pop in to JJB as there was a HUGE sale on and he needed a pair of new trainers.
Now, from since I can remember I never have ever bought expensive ones, as basically I can never afford any. My last two pairs were a converse style pair from Ethels for £4 and a pair from Primark for around £5.

Anyway, Mr Sally found his dream pair and then I spotted a pair of really cute Adidas ones for £20.
'Get them if you want them,' he said.
'Nah, can't really afford to be buying trainers. I'll get some in the new year.'
'Sally, if you want them just tell me and I'll get them for you.'

So naturally I got the guy to find me a pair in my size, he did. But Mr Sally's dream pair weren't in his size, so I ended up with a pair and he didn't. And to add insult to injury, when we got to the till the guy said that they were actually £29 and not £20. Eeek.

They're like these, but the stripes are green! Oooh, I love them.

And, Mr Sally is so nice - he just logged on to ASOS to see if they had his trainers on there (they didn't), but I had a look for skirts and found a cute one.
'You not getting it?' He asked.
'No, I need to watch my money for a bit.'
'I'll get it for you if you want?'

This time I said no. I think he's spent enough on me thus far...

I love you Mr Sally x


I am itching to write, itching I tell yer!!

I've planned the outlines of my new novel and I need to get stuck in to it, whilst taking on some advice from my agent.
Oooh, here we go - I bloomin' love a new writing project.

Other news, for Crimbo my lovely, lovely mum and dad amongst other amazing gifts got me a gazillion Little Black Dress books, loads of them. I've just finished reading 'Plan B' by Emily Barr and was just about to start reading one of my new books, when...
I happened to pick up my copy of 'By The Time You Read This' by Lola Jaye and I just looked at the prologue and, well I'm hooked!
It's so true that an opening of a book is so important, and Lola has obviously cracked it.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Time for Business...

I'm a busy little bee. Currently planning a way to turn my production company in to more of a business in 2009. I'm hoping once I launch it properly soon, things will take off. I'm really excited. I just let Mr Sally watch FOOTBALL on my brand new netbook and around a million and three viruses have now downloaded themselves on to it... grrr. My dad is currently sat with his head in his hands trying to get them off.

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Today Mr Sally and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary (we're not counting the little gaps where I left with bin bags in hand!!)

It's been a roller coaster 5 years and this last year started off pretty grim for us, but we're together and better than ever. If anything it's made us realise how much we mean to each other.

So happy 5 years Mr Sally. Thank you for my DKNY perfume and I'm very much looking forward to the Italian meal we're having tonight.

I love you very much xx

Right, gushing post over!!
Oooh, I bought a gorgeous, cute dress in the sales for a fiver today. I'm just debating whether to wear it tonight...

Friday, 26 December 2008


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Now Panto and the day itself are over, I'm relaxing. I'm so tired, but excited to start making plans for the new year.
I've learnt loads from last year, met and worked with people I think I'll always work with, and some I'd never work with again!
So here I am, on Boxing day, thinking about the things I need to start planning for next year... workshops, new play, book and my TV script. I can't wait to get stuck in.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Spoilt Rotten...

that's me. I've been a very, very lucky lady and received so many beautiful gifts. Including a brand new digital camera off my brother Gav. (Remember my old one got stolen and the lettings agency have failed to care - anyway, that's another story!) But Gav got me a gorgeous camera and I love it.
Amongst perfume, books, Cd's etc off my beautiful parents, I opened a mini laptop, so that I can carry it anywhere. I LOVE IT!! I can do loads of writing on the go now!!
Mr Sally got me a beautiful coat he saw me admiring a few weeks ago, perfume and a gorge new pair of UGG boots.

It's been a fab family day. My uncle is spending it with us this year, which is lovely.
We just went for a walk on the beach, well all except for Gav and my mum. She was cooking and he was playing with his new guitar Mr Sally and I bought him.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!

Hope you have a lovely time.
Lots of Love and Christmas magic xx

Monday, 22 December 2008


Today, so many of my beautiful friends supported me in my Panto role by coming along.

Firstly, my girlie friends from the office came and brought kids as well to boo and cheer for the matinee. I was especially thrilled to see my friend Jo had made it, despite a terrible hangover! It was brilliant to see them all there in the middle, smirking when I started my song!! Thanks though ladies, I really appreciate the support.

This evening was a fab show. The theatre was really full and my best friend Leah and her fiance Mani came along to support. It was brilliant to see them both. And we got our first standing ovation at the end, it was lovely.

Tomorrow is the last day of Panto. It's been one heck of a journey and although I'll be bloomin glad of a rest, I'll be sad to wave goodbye to Myrtle and the Christmas Crew!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Panto in Pictures

Here are some photos of my Panto. Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates.
I'm in the middle, playing Myrtle the Mermaid.

Yes, that's me lay on the floor in the netting. A washed up Mermaid!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Why I Love Old People #1

I did a matinee yesterday and we had a group of lovely old ladies from a local nursing home in to watch the show. They loved the show from the beginning and joined in and laughed lots, then...

Halfway through one of the actors said to me backstage that an old lady was really putting her and another actor off.
I went on stage and halfway through my song, an old lady in a wheelchair looked at me and said, 'Hurry up, I want to go home. It's getting dark.'
I carried on with my song and throughout the last few scenes she kept saying, 'Come on, get on with it. Please hurry up.'

As frustrating as it was at the time, it made me smile afterwards!

I've Started, so...

I'll finish sometime!!

Well I made a start on the shopping and OMG it was HELL!!

I still haven't bought a Christmas present yet, today's priority was my mum as it's her Birthday on Friday. I think she'll like her Birthday gifts and I'm pleased with the purchases.
I hate the fact she has a Birthday before Christmas as I feel she tries to sweep her day to one side as Christmas is looming, so I always try and make her day special. It must be rubbish for anyone to have a birthday so close to Christmas.

I went to Sainsbury's to do some food shopping as I was starting to feel like Old Mother Hubbard! So the fridge is full-ish. Still managed to spend £80???!

Cleaned the flat and even cleaned Gav's bathroom (eek!) Anyway, although I hate not doing a show, it's been nice to have a day to catch up on bits and bobs.
More shopping tomorrow and drinks with the girls, can't wait.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last Minute Santa!

I have not even started Christmas shopping yet!!

I do not want to talk about it!

Eight Down

I have performed 8 shows this week. I'm covered in bruises... and I mean covered. The shows have been lots of fun... apart from the matinee to around 10 college students, who talked through the whole thing, shoved their fingers up at Jolly Roger and totally disrespected the fact they were sharing the theatre with some lovely ladies from an old people's home. Never in my life have I ever not enjoyed being on stage, but in that matinee I just wanted to get off stage and leave!

The Panto is going well, although getting bums on seats has been a bit difficult. We've cancelled a few shows because of low ticket sales and it's so heartbreaking after all the hard work we've put in and the show is FANTASTIC. I think the end of next week is rather busy, so at least we'll end on a high!

Last night on stage, these are just some of the things that happened to me:
My shoe fell off.
My handbag got caught in the fishing net.
My shell necklase got caught in the net and then snapped and the beads rolled all over the stage! Eeek!

Oh well, it was still great fun.

One more week left. Hope you can come on down xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Icing on the Cake!

Well, it happened... The Panto kicked off yesterday and let me tell you it's been a frantic, tiring, and emotional week.

The set wasn't ready in time, costumes were still being made... it was pure chaos. I was at the theatre until midnight every single night last week and on Sunday I was there until 2am... so I'm a very tired lady.
We opened on a matinee yesterday and we were all pretty much running on adrenaline. Then we had an evening show to get through, but we did it and the feedback has been fantastic.

Lots of people have commented on how much they have enjoyed watching a traditional Panto with lots of comedy and lots of audience interaction for the kids.

The tickets are £5 and £4 for concs. This doesn't mean the show is going to be amateur, far from it. We're selling them at £5 because the venue is still trying to establish itself and doesn't have a load of celebrity wages to pay!!
The director is a FAB slap-stick/comedy director and he's worked us hard to make sure we're offering a high standard Panto. And I can honestly say, it's been tough, it's been long hours, it's been very stressful and at times a bit tiring but hand on heart, I stepped on that stage yesterday and felt truly proud to be a part of a fantastic show. And to hear old ladies laughing and children screaming at the baddies was truly the icing on the cake.

If you're in the north west and looking for a Panto, please come along.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Still Here... Just!

What a week!

It's gone on and on and on!

I've been finishing work, heading straight to rehearsals and not finishing until around midnight every night. I'm so tired and fighting off a cold that I can feel trying to sneak up on me.

We open the Panto on Monday and things are very, very stressful at the moment. So much still to do and I'm there again at 3pm until whenever today/night!

It'll be worth it though.

Mr Sally is in the middle of his own chaos with his Panto, his opens in about an hours time, eek!

Ah, Panto - such a stressful yet magical part of Christmas.

PS: I've still not started my Christmas shopping.
BUT as I finished my day job yesterday to be a paid actor for Christmas, I may just be able to squeeze some shopping trips in before and after shows. (Hopefully!)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Leah and Mani

My beautiful best friend (we've been friends since we were 2 years old), Leah today celebrated her engagement to Mandeep (Mani).
Marrying in to a Muslim family, Leah will have two weddings... one traditional and one Indian.
If the Indian wedding is anything like the engagement ceremony I witnessed today, it will be such a beautiful, colourful, happy affair and I can't wait!

The happy couple.

This is Leah and I as kids, joined at the hip. (Leah is on the left, I'm on the right).

This is us today. We couldn't look at each other in this photo as we couldn't stop the tears. She looked so beautiful and radiant and it was far too emotional for us both to say anything. (I have no idea how I'm going to get through two weddings!)
I think I managed to mumble that I loved her and was so happy for her and... no, I've gone again!

Leah Whitehead, I wish you and Mani all the happiness in the world. For nobody deserves it as much as you.
Love you x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I have been dragged around the stage by my ankles, laughed lots, forgot lines, remembered lines, laughed lots (did I already mention that?) and all because it's almost PANTO TIME!!

Get your tickets quick, they're selling quicker than Cooks Christmas puddings!

Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates
Salford Arts Theatre
December 8th-22nd

Tickets £5 Concs £4
More info:

I'm playing a washed up, northern mermaid. She's brilliant fun. In fact all the characters are brilliant and the show is going to be super-duper!!

So come along and join in the Christmas magic.

New Blogs

Check out this fab new blog, from a fellow writer friend of mine, Rik O'Neill.
He's just getting started on the whole blog thing, but I think his blog is already pretty fab.

Stop by and say hi if you get the chance.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

What on Earth...

I've just got back from a lovely relaxing weekend. I've had a fab, yet tiring day of rehearsals. I've just finished a well deserved beer and I'm just about to go to bed as a long day is ahead of me tomorrow, when...

LOUD THUMPING MUSIC has just started playing from the flat below. It's 11:34pm - that's got to be the most disrespectful thing. Honestly, do people only think of themselves these days or am I just getting old and boring, but -


I don't want to go and complain, because these days, it's not safe to really knock on and say TURN THAT SH**T OFF!

Now, where's my neighbourhood watch leaflet?

Friday, 21 November 2008

See You Soon!

I'm off to the seaside for the weekend, I'll try and blog when I can!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Wanting it all

Do or should us writers just want to write for one particular genre or is it OK to want to write for anything possible?
For me, I love writing and I want to make my words in to so much.

I want to write more theatre plays, I want to write more for kids, I want to write a film and I want to write for TV and not forgetting seeing my book in print.
Am I absolutely crazy wanting to do everything, and what makes me so sure I can do all of these things?
The only thing I have is my love for words and my love for entertaining. I'm working solidly on my writing, every spare second I get. I'm nowhere near where I want to be in my career, but I am progressing forward... baby steps, sometimes leaps - but always forwards.
That reminds me, must go - got a synopsis I need to complete and the first ten pages of my TV comedy to rewrite and send off...
Ah, life is never dull.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Welcome to the world

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Dane and his lovely lady Laura on the birth of baby Noah Lawton. He arrived today and I can't wait to meet him.

Time for an upgrade...

Mr Sally has just ordered my new BlackBerry. It's time for an upgrade and although I liked the Pearl, I'm itching for something new! I wanted the Bold, but we have to pay for it and I can get the Curve for free and so I've gone with that!
It should be arriving tomorrow and I'm so excited.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lines... Lines...

Those are the words that have been drummed in to us all week at rehearsals and yesterday I finally put my script down and had a go at my scene without it... and I managed to get through it.
It's been a long week of rehearsals, it's been fun but very, very tiring at the same time. I'm trying to take care of myself as I don't want to be ill over Christmas, so I'm trying to eat the right things.

Speaking of eating the right things, I've just spent almost a weeks wage in Salisbury's! Good job Gav was paying this time!! There's something lovely about looking at a full fridge though.

I'm itching, itching to do some writing. I've had it on hold whilst I've been ill, then youth theatre play, then a week of work and rehearsals, but I'm going to get stuck in tonight and I can't bloomin wait... just a shame the day job looms tomorrow.
And don't even mention Christmas... I haven't even thought about it... eeek!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Look at these production shots of CAMP 360 and yes, it was as fab as it looks!! I'm still so proud.

What's my name? What day is it?

Oh my God, guys - is it Friday yet?

From Sunday, this has been my week.

Work until 4pm. Then rush home, grab bag, rush to the theatre for 5:30pm and rehearse until 10ish.

I'm so tired.

But, I have to say that rehearsals for the Christmas show have been so much fun so far. All we've done is laugh and I mean belly laugh. We have loads to do and I'm still relying on my script and hope to be off book by Saturday, hopefully!
We have Sunday off, and I actually can't wait. I need to catch up on my writing projects... I need a lie in and oh, yes my car died last week - but Mr Sally is letting me drive his posh car, which is BRILLIANT, I LOVE IT! Every cloud and all that...

Anyway, I'm rambling and should go to bed.

Night night x

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Camp 360

It's the last night of my new play CAMP 360 tonight. I've been in the audience, front row every night and I'll be there again tonight.
It's the first play I've written that I've handed over to someone else to produce and apart from sitting in on one rehearsal, I've had nothing to do with the process and it's been very strange.
Roni and Scott at the Salford Arts Theatre have worked wonders with the kids from their youth theatre and I have to say as I sat there on opening night I was quite nervous, but there was no need as the play was BRILLIANT, even if I do say so myself!

I've deliberately not looked at the script since I handed it over in August, so on opening night I was sat there thinking of what bit came next, then couldn't really remember... so it was nice to sit and let the play unfold and enjoy with the rest of the audience.

There is one really powerful scene in the play, where one of the boys comes out as gay and he's so angry and upset because he doesn't want to be. I wrote it so that he'd flicker through a whole heap of different emotions in the space of a few minutes. I was a bit worried at how a young actor would cope with it, but Oh My God, he was AMAZING. I had goose pimples watching the scene unfold and I almost shed a tear! I clapped so hard at the end of the scene and so did the rest of the audience, he was fab as was the other lad playing along side him.

Anyway, in conclusion - writing this play has definitely been a very rewarding process. I don't think there are enough good plays for teenagers, plays where they get to play characters they can relate to and although it was my first go at writing for a group of teenagers, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, new ideas are swirling around my head as I type this!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The List

It seems I have slept through so much this week.
Things that have happened whilst I have been ill in bed.

- Two of my friends became fathers. One baby boy and one baby girl.
-Gavin FINALLY got himself a very well paid, full time job.
-Obama is now the President of the USA.
- Fireworks lit up the sky on bonfire night.

Quite a lot in four days! I'm feeling much better, although I still have a cough.

Nothing is keeping me in tonight though. It's the opening night of my play CAMP 360. Blueberry Youth Theatre will be performing it tonight at the Salford Arts Theatre. I'm really quite nervous about watching it. This is the first time I've sat in the audience and watched one of my plays as I'm usually in them! It'll do me good though and I'm sure the kids will pull it off. So good luck to them and I'll report back tomorrow!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Dizzy... My Head Is Spinning!

Oh my goodness, I'm so poorly. Sick, sick, sick.
I've got some kind of a horrible bug, I've got a horrible cough and I feel dizzy and sick.
Part of me feels a bit exhausted and I think I've been doing far too much lately and not stopping for a day of rest.

Last night 7-10pm, we had our very first Christmas show rehearsal. I felt so ill yesterday that I didn't move from under my duvet all day. Mr Sally begged me not to go to the rehearsal as I looked so pale, but I had to. There's no way I could miss the first rehearsal, plus I'm working with a new director and wanted to make a good first impression... except, after last night I have no idea what his impression is of me.
I stayed very quiet throughout whilst other scenes were taking place. I hoped I wasn't sat looking miserable, when actually I was sat trying to ignore the sick feeling I had coming and going in waves.

The rehearsal ran over and I got colder and colder. Then half way through my scene the room started spinning, I tried to ignore it, but it's not really something you can ignore, then I went really hot as if I was about to be sick.
'I'm sorry, I've gone really dizzy and I think I'm going to be sick.' I said and ran to the toilet, where I sat down, shaking. It was such a horrible feeling.
I wasn't sick, thankfully, but desperately wanted to go home and get in to bed. By the time I did get home I was in floods of tears because I felt so ill.

I feel terrible of the impression I must have left from my first rehearsal, I hope the director doesn't think I was just being 'difficult,' and I'm sure once we get on with rehearsals, he'll realise that I am very professional and hard working, I was just really, really sick!

I've been off work today, stayed in bed, switched my mobile off and read a book! Mr Sally finished work early and arrived home with magazines, lucozade, chocolates not to mention the flowers and pile of magazines he got me yesterday! I'm feeling better for the rest and even had a bubble bath in the afternoon (that felt very naughty - who has a bubble bath in the afternoon!)

I definitely need to start taking care of myself, I don't take vitamins, which is something I think I need to start doing. In four weeks I'll be doing two Christmas shows a day for two weeks and there will be no room for sickness!
Hope everyone else is feeling well.

Thursday, 30 October 2008


Woweeee! I'm having the BEST week. I'm busy teaching drama to the kids at the Salford Arts Theatre this week. It's half term and they can take part in loads of activities, such as stage combat, street dance, singing, drama etc. Anyway, the kids are so enthusiastic, not a bit tired, they're working so well together and have created a FAB piece of drama to show to the parents on Saturday.

I'm off teaching again in a mo, so it's just a quick blog!

Just also wanted to mention that I did my TV writing and pitching course yesterday and I LOVED every second of it. I learnt so much and the time just flew by. In the afternoon, we had to pitch our TV programme to an ex BBC2 commissioner. I was VERY nervous, but he was a lovely encouraging man and I'm busy working on the script with my feedback and will hand it in asap.

Monday, 27 October 2008

What a Weekend!

I've had such a FANTASTIC weekend at my mum and dad's.
Here are some photos which sum up my weekend!

Crazy Cat is now a freelance back specialist!

Went to the beach to collect shells for the Christmas show, whilst my dad and uncle searched for shells, Mr Sally and I posed for photos!

My uncle, Mr Sally and Dad after a wonderful time collecting shells... as you can see, my dad is very proud of his shell collection!

After hunting for shells on the windy beach, I thought it was only fair to take the thirsty men for a well deserved pint or two!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Birthday Time!

It was Mr Sally's birthday on Thursday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. Last year for his Birthday we were in Cuba, eating lobster and sipping champagne... this year we were in Hulme, eating a buffet spread (made by yours truly), sipping coffee as he had to go to work for one hour in the evening to get the show out.
I think he had a nice birthday though and liked his gifts off me, phew! We're off to Wales tonight to stay with my parents, can't wait to see them.

Next week, I'm off work - but will be teaching some drama workshops at Salford Arts Theatre all through the week. I'm really looking forward to it.
I'm also doing that TV writing and pitching workshop on Weds, which I really can't wait for. I've completed all my work for my comedy I'M JEFF and I'm really looking forward to working on it and hopefully making it better.

So a creative week lies ahead and I can't bloomin' wait.

Just finished reading 'The Sisterhood' by Emily Barr. It was BRILLIANT, seriously brilliant and I really loved it. The little twists kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put it down.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Just to prove that I did actually dress up as a pumpkin and made a complete prat of myself on the streets of Manchester on a busy Saturday afternoon, here is the photo!
Please excuse the hair - I tied it back as I thought I'd be in a costume where my head and more importantly my face would be hidden, but no!



Do you like my logo for TSL Productions? I can't afford to pay someone to make one, so had a bit of a mess around myself.
Right, back to the writing!

The Odd Couple

I met a fantastic couple last week. OK, being cornered by them in a pub for about an hour and listening to the rubbish they both spouted. (He was a right plonker and she was a little strange), anyway, on reflection - they are perfect characters for a play and I swear I'm going to pop them in my next one.
I never usually do that, put real people in to my writing - obviously I take elements of people and personalities that have passed by throughout the years - but I've never just put real people in, but they're too good not to use.
I'll keep you posted.

I just want to wish my lovely friend Paul Newbery GOOD LUCK for Wednesday. He's giving a talk at the BBC at a networking night, so it will be bursting full of important people and the fact he's been asked to give a talk about his acting etc is such a compliment to him and all his hard work.
He did want me to go and support him, but I left it too late to get my ticket and now it's sold out. I'm absolutely gutted to be missing his talk, but just want him to know that I'm incredibly proud of him and I'll be thinking of him all Wednesday night.

I'm just finishing my opening pages for I'M JEFF my new comedy that I've got to hand in by Wednesday and I'm also still taking time with my synopsis and thanks to Nell I feel more confident about it. (Thanks to Barrie too for her lovely offer of help), really appreciate your support.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pumkin and the Drunk!

Oh guys, I'm so ill today - hungover and feel horrible. Now I remember why I don't like getting drunk!
I had a brilliant night last night. Went for a meal with my friend Roni and we had a couple of drinks, then went to the pub to catch up with her partner Scott, who had just finished his final performance in a play... a very good play, might I add. It was called Science Fiction Ruins My Life, written by Laurie Rae. A very funny play about a guy working in a comic shop who's very unhappy about his life, not at all made any easier by the crazy characters that enter his shop.
Anyway, I had a few more drinks and I'm feeling it today!

Other news: I dressed up as a pumpkin in the middle of Manchester yesterday and pleased to announce that I didn't get happy-slapped!
But I'll never, never do it again! There was a moment when I had the pumpkin costume on and I just stood there and thought, 'Sally - you're 28 years of age. What the heck are you doing?!'

I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off work to WRITE and I can't wait!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Does anyone have any useful tips or advice on writing a good synopsis for a novel?
Either on the comment page or email me. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you x


Yes, I have a brand spanking new idea for my comedy series. I'm not going to say too much at the moment, because I'm still busy planning it. But I'll tell you the title. It's called 'I'm Jeff.'

Oooh, I love it already!

Monday, 13 October 2008

I'm thinking...

Just read through the scenes I wrote for my comedy drama (the one I introduced Paul to) and I do really like it, but no, I have decided to write something new and fresh.
Yes, that's definitely the way forward... but what?

I feel I have so many ideas on the go at the moment, but I guess that's the fun bit of being a writer, making things up and getting to know new characters and bringing them to life.

So, I'm switching off to ponder and ponder then hopefully tomorrow I'll have the start of something new and exciting. Hopefully!

It's Only Words...

I've been off from the day job today and it's been so nice, so nice that I'm currently counting my pennies to see if it's at all possible to have the week off. It's not like I've been lay on my sofa scoffing wagon-wheels or anything, I've been very, very productive.
I've been searching for funding for my plays. I've also sent off my new synopsis to an agent who isn't really my agent any more, but still keen for me to wow him with something new, which I'm trying to do, but don't want to say too much, as nothing may come of it. I hope he likes it though, because I really, really do.
I've just pressed send on the email with my synopsis attached to it and felt very sick... but there we go, it's gone - too late!

I'm also going to take part in a writing for TV workshop in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited about it. Before the workshop I have to email a 10 page script of my TV idea and bits of other things. Hmm, I'm not sure what to do. I have a great idea for a TV comedy. One I devised back in the day when Paul and I wrote as a team all the time, only he was on holiday and I was bored, so I started the idea, but then he came back and we devised bits of it together, so although it was my initial idea, it's still kind of a joint project. And really, I should push myself and think up something completely and utterly new...

Yes, this is exactly why I should have a week off work - I need time to... think!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Theatrical Things

I've had such a lovely day today.
I walked in the boiling hot sun (not even joking, it was so hot) to the Salford Arts Theatre, which took me 45mins and was a lovely walk with my ipod switched on.

I helped out with the drama class which was great fun and the kids worked so hard, then I stayed to watch the older group rehearse my play CAMP 360. It was the first time I'd seen any of it since I handed the script over and I have to say it was great. Roni and Scott at the theatre have worked magic with the class. They've staged it very creatively, cast the right people to the right parts and have really worked hard to bring it to life. I'm really impressed with the standard of acting and if this is just the early stages of rehearsals, then I can't wait to see the end result in a few weeks.

Speaking of the fantastic Salford Arts Theatre - there are lots and lots of things going on at the moment, so check out their website for more info.
And if you live in the Salford area and fancy doing something fun and free on the half term week, then get in touch with the theatre, where they have a week filled full of drama, singing, dancing, stage combat and street art. All for FREE and a performance at the lovely theatre at the end of the week, BARGAIN!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Internet Factor

Yey! I can watch The X-Factor off my laptop! Woo-hoo!

Just on an advert and I really love Alexandra so far!


Well, it's done. I have a fringe. Cut by my friend for the first time. Eek. He convinced me to layer it, even though I like a subtle cut and after combing all of my hair in front of my face and declaring, 'That's much better!' Oh yes, ha-ha! He gave me a nice head massage/wash thing. We gossiped - gossiped - gossiped. I watched him through the mirror dancing to music on the stereo with scissors in his hand. I watched a LOT of my hair fall on to the floor, even though he promised I hadn't lost the length. And the verdict?

It's OK. I like the fringe. He's gone a bit scissor happy with the layers and although it's a lovely cut, it'll just take me time to get used to it. It feels a lot shorter than it is, and that's because of the layers.
I like the fringe though, it makes my eyes look bigger - so I'm keeping it.

Other news - I can't watch the X-Factor tonight. Grrr. I was going to buy a new digi-box thing and just as I was about to get one, Mr Sally called and said two people at his work have ones they don't need anymore and they'll bring them in tomorrow, if I can just hang on a day.
Even I'm not stupid enough to put X-Factor before a few pounds and I know it'll be repeated a million times before next week, it's just... well I love that part of my Saturday night.

Time for me to snuggle down and do a spot of reading.

Friday, 10 October 2008


What a day - I'm so pleased it's Friday. It's been a loooonnnnng week.
Just watching Gav cook my tea, which is both very amusing and very sweet at the same time.

I'm getting stuck in to my new book and have lots of other things I need to get done too, can't wait for a very creative weekend.

Treated myself to a new skirt today, bargain at £5 and it's so cute - can't wait to wear it.

Next week is a very busy one with workshops, plays, theatre and it ends next weekend where I'll be dressed as a Pumpkin (don't ask!) And what a shame someone stole my camera, so there won't be any photographic evidence!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Oh, I see...

It seems, that we are the only ones without TV. Everyone else is sat in their cosy apartments, channel hopping... it seems during the TV meltdown event, our freeview box broke in the process!

Things I was going to do this evening:

- Join an urban dance hip-hop dance class.
(On reflection, I gave up dancing 8 years ago and think this type of class is not the way to ease back in to it gently).

-Have a HUGE bubble bath, with loads of bubbles.
(Might still happen).

- Look at funding applications for my 2009 tour.
(Oooh, it's been a LONG day and my brain can't cope with things like that tonight).

Well I'm actually having a Sally night. Mr Sally has just gone home and Gav is hanging out with a neighbour.
I'm logging off and writing, writing, writing...


Fringe Factor

The TV is still not working, something has happened to the whole block of flats and after three days, it seems it's a rather tough job to fix. It's been quite nice, back to talking, reading and chilling out. I won't be this nice about it if it's not fixed in time for X-Factor on Saturday though!

I've got heaps and heaps of workshops and creative things coming up, my diary is full, so I can't wait and Mr Sally is scraping pennies together to try and take me on a sunshine break in November, well I think I deserve one after this year ;-) We'll have to see though, because I'm really busy from now until Christmas and I can't afford to take too much time off work, but a little week somewhere sunny would be lovely.

I've just booked a hair appointment for Saturday and friend who works at the salon is going to cut it. Eeek! All we do when I go there is gossip, so fingers crossed he concentrates on my hair. I've asked him to give me a fringe and layers.
My friends roll their eyes when I tell them I'm getting a fringe - because whenever I get one, I usually grow it out straight away. I only ever really liked the first fringe I got done about 5 years ago. But that could be due to the fact the guy that cut it was beautiful, gave me loads of wine and told me the fringe would make me look beautiful. I realised he was the manager, but the fringe was great. Since then nobody has managed to cut it the same, the last time I had a fringe the guy made me run my fingers through my hair and yelled at me to, 'Touch it, feel it.' I got very scared!
Anyway, I've been going to the same salon for years now and my friend works there so I get discount, I've just never had him cut my hair before. So fingers crossed! I'll post a photo (damn, just realised I can't because my camera has been stolen, damn, I'll try and take one off my phone!)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Part Time Dream

I have nothing of interest to say about my week. Nothing. Which it pretty sad. The only highlight was another fun Tuesday night with Roni and Scott at the Salford Arts Theatre.

Apart from that, I'm back at my old day job, back to feeling frustrated about life and back to planning things so that I can give up the day job!

Things in the pipeline for 2009 are a mini tour with my play, a festival tour and a schools tour. So maybe, maybe 2009 will be my year to start living the full dream and not the part time one!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Anyone for charades?

Well, it's just one thing after another in this apartment... got home tonight and the TV is broken! Well the freeview box is broken or something about a male and female lead or something that made me switch off quicker than the TV signal!

Anyway, Mr Sally is looking at me for answers on how we will cope without the TV. Crikey, this might mean that I've got to actually switch off my computer and have a conversation!

By the way, Mr Sally is being Mr Wonderful since we've been back together. I naturally give him a hard time, but he's not giving up. He's taking me on dates (things we never did) and I asked him last night if he'd like to go to salsa classes with me.
'No way,' he said.
'Oh sorry,' I shrugged. 'Just thought this time you wanted to do more things as a couple.'
'On one condition.' He said with a big sigh.
'Help me practice before we go so that I don't look like a complete idiot!'

Sounds like a deal to me!

Sunday, 5 October 2008


I've parted ways with my literary agent this week. It's fine and I'm thankful to have some really great feedback and encouragement, not just from him, but from a couple of other industry types this week.

It's been suggested that I write something a bit darker, with a bit of edge, keeping my comedy too. I've spent days pondering, re-reading the feedback, doodling, thinking, staring out of windows in to the rain, pondering some more - not to mention at least five bubble baths where more pondering took place and then...
an idea hit me, when I wasn't even thinking of anything, whilst I was waiting to meet a friend and I grabbed my notepad and scribbled down the prologue. I really like it and it's really different to anything I've written before. I'm not going to rush it because this one feels really special and I want to get it right. Keep you posted.

There are some horrible people in this world. Gav and I had new beds delivered the other week when we were both out and now my digital camera is missing. They also took the case my ipod came in, thankfully the ipod was in my bag and it's just the charger that's gone. I'm so, so angry and upset though. I loved the camera so much. My dad gave it to me, only a few months ago as he knew I was desperate for one and couldn't really afford one, so he gave me his as he upgraded to a new one. I loved it, took it everywhere and I'm just sad it's gone.
I had to go to the Police station to report it stolen, they don't expect that I'll get it back, and I don't suppose I will.
My laptop was in the hallway though as we had no idea they were coming round, so thank God they didn't take that.
I noticed that books on my book shelf had been moved. I noticed it straight away when I came back that night, I put it down to them bumping the shelf when they brought the beds in, but now I'm not sure. I just feel a bit sick and horrible about the whole thing.

Oh well, just another one of life's lessons.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

TSL Productions

My production company TSL Productions has just launched a brand spanking new website.

Take a peek - it's full of photos, gossip and news of up and coming projects...

What are you doing today?


I'll probably be online all day because...


I was supposed to be up ready this morning for the delivery and Gav is in Wales and Mr Sally was in work at 7:00am, so I had to be up.
Except I fell back asleep. The intercom woke me up at 8:30am and it was the delivery man.

I buzzed him in to the main gates and ran down to the front door, he wasn't there. No, he was still stuck at the main gate.
So I had to run to him, in my pj's and bare feet.
It didn't help that he was utterly gorgeous and actually laughing at the sight of me! I could barely sign his pad thing because of a) the shame and b) I couldn't actually see!

Oh well, I'm online and can now connect with the rest of the world...

And breathe!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Cute Signature

Someone in work sent me an email and at the bottom - they signed off with this:

Reading: 'The Big Sea' by Langston Hughes

Slightly confused as to why she wrote the title of the book she was currently reading at the end of each email, I had to ask her why and she said that she's been doing some work with the local libraries and they're all doing it.
Does anyone else do it? I think it's such a great idea.

Kind Regards,

Reading: 'Honey Trap' by Julie Cohen

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Salford Arts Theatre

As well as working on the Christmas market this Christmas!? I've also been asked to perform in the Christmas show at the fab Salford Arts Theatre.

Christmas Cat and The Pudding Pirates is a fantastic family show and I'm really looking forward to start rehearsals.
We had a brilliant readthrough the other night and I think it's going to be a fab show.

So, those of you in the North West, looking for some Christmas magic - get booking your tickets now, as they're going fast. for more info!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Manchester's Christmas Market

I've been asked to work here over the Christmas period.

It will probably be freezing, but I bet it will be loads of fun!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The cutest idea EVER!

The Manchester Literature festival is almost upon us.
Click this link below, for the cutest idea, involving a map of Manchester and lots of writers.
Oooh, I may even pen a story for it myself!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Oh No...

Last full week of my lovely day job. I don't know if they can keep me on full time, but they may be able to keep me on part time - which I can live with.

Just realised my website hasn't been updated in ages, so that's the first thing to do once I get online at home!

Oooh, I'm really enjoying planning my musical. Lots of people thought 'Battered Egos' should have been a musical and have since begged me to turn it in to one, but I want to start a fresh new project.

My new musical now has a title, characters and juicy plot and I'll reveal all soon!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Watching Time Bars

I am on a very slow computer at the library. OK, I know I've been saying this for ages - but hopefully Gav and I will be connected to the Internet by next week. Our phone is up and running, so hopefully the Broadband will be next week - and I can't wait.

With one thing and another I've not had the Internet at home for about 4 months! I don't know how I managed without it when I was doing my play in July, it's so frustrating. One of those things you don't realise you rely on until you don't have it.

The writing of my musical is coming along. I'm at the planning stages and I love it so far! Keep you all posted!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Having a Go!

Just on a quick break at work to say that I've just thought of my next project!

You see my day job is uploading theatre/museum info to an arts based website and all morning I've been reading up on the latest shows to tour the North West - so here goes...

I'm going to write a musical!

Yes, I'm going to give it a bloomin' good go anyway!

Thursday, 11 September 2008



Obviously these were the photos they used to promote it. We now have a Sally and Gavin stamp on the place.
What you can't see from these photos is that the lounge/kitchen is huge and we have 2 sofas and we have a Juliet balcony and...
God, I'm boring myself now, basically - we love the place and just wanted to share it with you all!

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