Sunday, 16 December 2007


Wowee - I have officially broken up from work until Boxing day! Woo-hoo!
It's been a very long week. I worked in the day at my day job and then straight to the theatre for my evening job - a whole week of 12 hour days, but it's over!
Friday night and Saturday night I was working at the local high school - doing FOH for my friends theatre school show. It was very chaotic, lots of little kiddies munching on E-numbers and running chaos, but I think the show went well and I actually enjoyed myself.
Quite a tragic story, but two lovely little girls, 12 year old twins (both members of my friends theatre school) lost their mum last week. They found her and tried desperately to save her life. My friend was busy Friday night trying to tweak the show as it was the funeral that day and didn't expect them to turn up, and in they walked. It was quite a moment. They said they wanted to do the show for their mother. I don't think there was a dry eye around. Doesn't it totally put silly things in to perspective?
Bless them. My friend did a collection on each show and raised hundreds for them, so I hope they manage to have some sort of a good Christmas.

Other news, erm - well I absolutely can't get funding for my course and there's no way I can manage to pay £2000.00 for the fees. Mr Sally and I have had a good chat. The mortgage has gone up and next year the theatre's looking very quiet so not much chance to work extra shifts for extra cash. I could take out a loan etc, but I just don't want to get in to any debt for it. So I've decided to give up my place on the course. As much as it kills me and as much as I really wanted to do it.
I'm never one to be negative, so looking on the bright side I've decided to take one day off work a week (I would have had to for the course anyway) and I've applied to do a similar course at a really great theatre. They wanted me to join in the Summer and because I had a holiday booked in the middle of the course, I decided to wait. So hopefully I can join in the new year. This course costs £50 per term, which is much more like it. It's every other Wed evening and I'll use the day time to have a writing day at home.
So that's the new plan and I'm feeling very positive :-)

As far as writing goes I haven't had time to breathe this past week and have been itching to get stuck in to something. We're off to my parents on Tue until Boxing Day, so I'm sure I'll get some quiet time to write in the evenings.

Tonight Mr Sally and I are off out to meet some friends at a pub for drinks etc. Should be nice. I've got presents wrapped, cards written, outfit planned. Just need to set aside an hour to pamper and get ready.

Hope everyone is having festive fun!

:I know I've been tagged a couple of times and I'll definitely have them done tomorrow sometime!


Nell said...

I'm so sorry you can't do your course. It's so expensive to do courses asa 'mature' student if you are just over the financial threshold.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Nell, it's rubbish - but I guess some things aren't meant to be. The course at the theatre I mentioned are holding one of the final places until I get my application over to them, so maybe this was meant to be instead! :-)

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