Thursday, 27 December 2007

Sick Person's Guide to Shopping

I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday, but still really ill. I'm so ill that I'm home alone at my parents house whilst my mum, dad, brother and Mr Sally have gone in to town to have a look around the sales. I must be ill if I'm missing out on shopping. My mum wanted to stay home and look after me, but I made her go as I know she was looking forward to it.

I've invented the sick persons guide to shopping - I've basically given Mr Sally a little list of things to look out for whilst he's out and about - a sock for my ipod or any books he thinks I might like.
He's phoned me a few times -

'... have you read P.S I Love You?'
'Yes, I've got it.'
'Shopaholic and Baby?'
'Yep, got it.'
'Agh, right I'll call back later.'

Half an hour later.

'... are you a size 12 now?'
'Yes, why?'
'Just wondering, bye.'

I may end up with nothing, but it's still fun!
I'm busy trying to stop myself logging on to Amazon - oh I bet they're having a fab sale - there's no harm in looking, is there?

My eye just started watering, so I just grabbed the nearest tissue, which happens to be one that has olbas oil in it - ouch!


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