Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Pre-Crimbo Gift

Well last night Mr Sally presented me with my pre-Christmas gift.
Some of you may or may not know that my favourite band Take That are touring and are in Manchester until Sunday. The tour sold out and I couldn't get a ticket, but Mr Sally used every contact he could in the theatre and managed to get me and my best friend Leah a ticket for Sunday nights concert!! I'm sooo excited!
Leah has known since last week as Mr Sally asked her if she'd like a free ticket off him (he paid for hers too!)
I phoned her last night and she's just as excited as me.

The tickets are very close to the stage. Also he's got me a signed programme.
"Have I got back-stage passes?"
"Don't push it!"

Stuff Christmas shopping, I've got an outfit to plan! That is of course a joke. I still have loads of shopping to do and of course I can pick myself up a little something whilst I'm browsing for others!

One million brownie points for Mr Sally.

Other news: My mum declared she'd had the best birthday she's ever had. We treated her all morning and when she came home from work we'd decorated the dining room with balloons and a cake and flowers and candles. She was so touched, then we treated her to a curry. A good night was had by all :-)


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Lucky you, and kudos to Mr. Sally! I hope you have a grand time!

Nell said...

Oh, that is so fab. Mucho points for Mr Sally.

Barrie said...

What an exciting life you lead! Mr. Sally, we salute you!

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