Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry Christmas!


It's been such chaos, but worth it.
I managed to get all of my last minute shopping and I went to see Take That on Sunday with my lovely friend Leah. I hadn't seen her for ages, so it was nice to catch up then act like 13 year old's screaming at Take That (I'll post photos soon).
The concert was brilliant and we had absolutely fantastic seats.
Mr Sally picked us up after and drove Leah home, then we had another hour journey back to my parents, so I was very tired.
Leah then stopped by on the way to her mum's on Xmas Eve (which is a tradition).

Xmas morning we were all up at 7:30 am. Even though I'm the youngest at 27, we still get very excited!
I got some lovely things:
Mr Sally got me an ipod (I got him the exact same one, except he engraved his and it holds more!)
He got me some Ugg boots and perfume and the best gift of all. Mr Sally and my mum and dad all joined together and got me a brand new laptop - and it's pink! I actually burst in to tears because I wasn't expecting it. It's beautiful and makes my old one look, well - old!

My brother got me a makeover day and photo package and a gorge bag for my laptop and a pink mouse and mouse mat!
My mum and dad also got me some perfume, DVDs, books etc.

So I've been completely spoilt.
But the rest of the house-hold got just as spoilt and it was lovely seeing everyone's excited faces when they opened their gifts. Especially my brother Gav, he was nearly sick when he opened his Xbox!
It makes all the stress of saving, planning and shopping so worthwhile.

Mr Sally and I were due back at the theatre today, but for various reasons are now not back until Jan, so we're still at my parents having a lovely time.

I'm full of a cold and feel really ill, but refuse to let it spoil festivities.
Hope everyone else has had a great time too.

Lots and Lots of Love xx


Barrie said...

Wow!! You got your PINK laptop!! Glad to hear you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. Now--get over that cold!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

A pink laptop! Wow! How lovely! Glad you were so spoilt and had a wonderful Christmas. :)

Phillipa said...

You lucky thing, going to see Take That! And the laptop sounds so cool. P x

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks so much Barrie, Alyssa and Phillipa. I have been very spoilt - hope you've all had a lovely Christmas too :-)

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