Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Let Crimbo Begin!

I'm blogging from my dads little study in Wales. We've finally arrived. My mum's just cooked a great meal. Since I last saw my parents I have put on a little bit of weight - mainly because it's been too cold to drag myself to the gym and I like my food. My mum looked at me for a bit and said 'Sally are you pregnant?'
I've put it down to the dress/top I was wearing and my new round belly - which is full of food and chocolate, and definitely not babies!
Haha! We all laughed about it. Especially as Mr Sally went very pale and said 'Who's baby is it?'
Yes ha-ha everyone!
I have now changed my top to a more flattering number!
Ah, it's great to be home. It really is actually.

It's my mum's 55th birthday tomorrow and we plan to spoil her rotten. I'm busy planning a little party for her too.
I'll keep you posted.

Excuse me - I have a few sit-ups to do.
Only joking, I've got a whole bar of chocolate to get through!


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