Saturday, 22 December 2007

Last Minute Chaos

Everyone in my family, including Mr Sally have declared that they have completely finished their Christmas shopping - everyone except me.
I forgot how rubbish the shops are here compared to Manchester and so my dad has suggested I travel to LLandudno, which is approx an hour away as there are more shops. Everyone thinks I'm mental for wanting to go shopping today as it will be soooo busy - but it's either today or Christmas Eve and I don't fancy shopping on Xmas Eve.
I've only got a few bits left to get, lets hope I find them!

Why don't I ever learn!


Barrie said...

I think you just need some positive reinforcement. A decent incentive. Next year, if you finish all your shopping by, say, Dec. 15, you should buy yourself an extra gift! Your choice.

Sally Lawton said...

Oh that sounds like a brilliant idea - thanks! :-)

Nell said...

Merry Christmas, Sally.

Sally Lawton said...

Merry Christmas Nell x

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