Thursday, 6 December 2007


I had a very productive hour in the library this morning. ALTER-EGO is coming along well (I failed the NANOWRIMO thing) but it did give me a good kick up the booty to start the book, so it served a purpose.

I'm still planning the ending I've been struggling with it a bit, just trying to figure out the twist and it's been bugging me for ages. But strangely I sat down in the library, took my notepad out and it hit me... woo-hoo - yes a great twist, perfect! It's going to work!

Anyway, I'm getting stuck in to it this evening with new found excitement!


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Glad you worked out the perfect ending! I love a good twist!

I tagged you if you're interested...

liz fenwick said...

Excellant news - I love it when it pulls together :-)

Barrie said...

Sally, good for you, figuring out the twisty ending! Don't you just love it?!

Phillipa said...

Sorry I'm late with my 'well done' on the progress.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Alyssa, Liz, Barrie and Phillipa! :-)


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