Thursday, 27 December 2007

Boy Done Good

Ah, Mr Sally arrived home with a few bags of shopping for me. Bless him.
He got me a pack of 6 ipod socks, which we've split three each! He also got me two gorgeous jumpers from Dorothy Perkins, and they're lovely and the best bit - he got me two brand spanking new books, two books I've been planning on purchasing very soon.
The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason
The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison

The whole family seemed to have got themselves some bargains in their 4 hour shopping trip. I had a lovely afternoon to myself, I ate lots of chocolate, watched a couple of DVDs and had some quiet time - this is after I decided to hoover the entire house and then came over all hot and funny.

Hopefully I'll get a little browse around the sales tomorrow. I want to get Mr Sally Hot Fuzz on DVD!

Oh, some nice blog news. I've been a huge fan of the blog 'single mother on the verge' for ages and Penguin have now picked it up and are turning it in to a book. It's great news. It's a very well written blog and I really look forward to the book.


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