Sunday, 30 December 2007

How May I Help You?

I can't believe how much bad luck I have with mobile phones. Since Mr Sally kindly got me a contract phone last Christmas we've had nothing but problems.
Just before Christmas I upgraded to a gorgeous Blackberry Pearl, where I get unlimited Internet access and emails come through to the phone as texts would. Except we couldn't get it to work.

To cut a long and very boring story short, the phone company forgot to activate the email facility, then when they did I couldn't set it up and nobody in the company could help me.
I'll get to the point - I've spent the entire day on the phone and online trying to sort it out. Well, Mr Sally has been on the phone to them and he actually ended up saying he was going to cancel the contract unless they sorted it in five minutes - and guess what? It was sorted in less than that!

I think it's finally working now! Phew.

I'm still trying to get better so that I can have a drink or three tomorrow, but I don't think it's going to happen. My throat is killing me.

Friday, 28 December 2007


The house is full of sick people.

My mum is just getting over an ear infection.
I feel worse than I've ever felt in my life. (I do like to be dramatic)!
My dad has spent the whole day in bed, he was up all night being sick.

'Do you want me to perch on the edge of the bed and read Bella magazine to you?' I asked.
He politely declined and went back to sleep.
He must be sick as I've had the chocolates all to myself today!

It's mine and Mr Sally's 4 year anniversary today. As if he hasn't already treated me enough, this morning he handed me a gift bag.
'I've not got you anything.' I said in complete panic.
Inside the bag was Ricky Gervais' Fame DVD, a love songs CD and a hug mug with 'Worlds Greatest Misus' on it.
Anyway, I ventured out of the house in to town and managed to get him a gorgeous card and Hot Fuzz on DVD. I was hoping to get him something else to go with it, but I started to get all hot and shaky, it was so busy.
I'll treat him when I'm better.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Boy Done Good

Ah, Mr Sally arrived home with a few bags of shopping for me. Bless him.
He got me a pack of 6 ipod socks, which we've split three each! He also got me two gorgeous jumpers from Dorothy Perkins, and they're lovely and the best bit - he got me two brand spanking new books, two books I've been planning on purchasing very soon.
The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason
The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison

The whole family seemed to have got themselves some bargains in their 4 hour shopping trip. I had a lovely afternoon to myself, I ate lots of chocolate, watched a couple of DVDs and had some quiet time - this is after I decided to hoover the entire house and then came over all hot and funny.

Hopefully I'll get a little browse around the sales tomorrow. I want to get Mr Sally Hot Fuzz on DVD!

Oh, some nice blog news. I've been a huge fan of the blog 'single mother on the verge' for ages and Penguin have now picked it up and are turning it in to a book. It's great news. It's a very well written blog and I really look forward to the book.

Sick Person's Guide to Shopping

I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday, but still really ill. I'm so ill that I'm home alone at my parents house whilst my mum, dad, brother and Mr Sally have gone in to town to have a look around the sales. I must be ill if I'm missing out on shopping. My mum wanted to stay home and look after me, but I made her go as I know she was looking forward to it.

I've invented the sick persons guide to shopping - I've basically given Mr Sally a little list of things to look out for whilst he's out and about - a sock for my ipod or any books he thinks I might like.
He's phoned me a few times -

'... have you read P.S I Love You?'
'Yes, I've got it.'
'Shopaholic and Baby?'
'Yep, got it.'
'Agh, right I'll call back later.'

Half an hour later.

'... are you a size 12 now?'
'Yes, why?'
'Just wondering, bye.'

I may end up with nothing, but it's still fun!
I'm busy trying to stop myself logging on to Amazon - oh I bet they're having a fab sale - there's no harm in looking, is there?

My eye just started watering, so I just grabbed the nearest tissue, which happens to be one that has olbas oil in it - ouch!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry Christmas!


It's been such chaos, but worth it.
I managed to get all of my last minute shopping and I went to see Take That on Sunday with my lovely friend Leah. I hadn't seen her for ages, so it was nice to catch up then act like 13 year old's screaming at Take That (I'll post photos soon).
The concert was brilliant and we had absolutely fantastic seats.
Mr Sally picked us up after and drove Leah home, then we had another hour journey back to my parents, so I was very tired.
Leah then stopped by on the way to her mum's on Xmas Eve (which is a tradition).

Xmas morning we were all up at 7:30 am. Even though I'm the youngest at 27, we still get very excited!
I got some lovely things:
Mr Sally got me an ipod (I got him the exact same one, except he engraved his and it holds more!)
He got me some Ugg boots and perfume and the best gift of all. Mr Sally and my mum and dad all joined together and got me a brand new laptop - and it's pink! I actually burst in to tears because I wasn't expecting it. It's beautiful and makes my old one look, well - old!

My brother got me a makeover day and photo package and a gorge bag for my laptop and a pink mouse and mouse mat!
My mum and dad also got me some perfume, DVDs, books etc.

So I've been completely spoilt.
But the rest of the house-hold got just as spoilt and it was lovely seeing everyone's excited faces when they opened their gifts. Especially my brother Gav, he was nearly sick when he opened his Xbox!
It makes all the stress of saving, planning and shopping so worthwhile.

Mr Sally and I were due back at the theatre today, but for various reasons are now not back until Jan, so we're still at my parents having a lovely time.

I'm full of a cold and feel really ill, but refuse to let it spoil festivities.
Hope everyone else has had a great time too.

Lots and Lots of Love xx

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Last Minute Chaos

Everyone in my family, including Mr Sally have declared that they have completely finished their Christmas shopping - everyone except me.
I forgot how rubbish the shops are here compared to Manchester and so my dad has suggested I travel to LLandudno, which is approx an hour away as there are more shops. Everyone thinks I'm mental for wanting to go shopping today as it will be soooo busy - but it's either today or Christmas Eve and I don't fancy shopping on Xmas Eve.
I've only got a few bits left to get, lets hope I find them!

Why don't I ever learn!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Pre-Crimbo Gift

Well last night Mr Sally presented me with my pre-Christmas gift.
Some of you may or may not know that my favourite band Take That are touring and are in Manchester until Sunday. The tour sold out and I couldn't get a ticket, but Mr Sally used every contact he could in the theatre and managed to get me and my best friend Leah a ticket for Sunday nights concert!! I'm sooo excited!
Leah has known since last week as Mr Sally asked her if she'd like a free ticket off him (he paid for hers too!)
I phoned her last night and she's just as excited as me.

The tickets are very close to the stage. Also he's got me a signed programme.
"Have I got back-stage passes?"
"Don't push it!"

Stuff Christmas shopping, I've got an outfit to plan! That is of course a joke. I still have loads of shopping to do and of course I can pick myself up a little something whilst I'm browsing for others!

One million brownie points for Mr Sally.

Other news: My mum declared she'd had the best birthday she's ever had. We treated her all morning and when she came home from work we'd decorated the dining room with balloons and a cake and flowers and candles. She was so touched, then we treated her to a curry. A good night was had by all :-)

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mum!!
She loved her gifts this morning and my dad (who seems to be getting more romantic as the years go on) got her a beautiful card and some lovely gifts too. It's party time tonight and I'm looking forward to it.

Just waiting for my brother Gav to finish work so we can go shopping, still got loads of gifts to buy!

I applied to the theatre I mentioned regarding their course and they wrote back straight away saying that there are a couple of places left, which they're going to hold until they've received my application, which I have now emailed over. Fingers crossed!

I'm planning on doing lots of writing today, I seem to have stupidly left my notepad at home - oh dear, I shall just have to pop out and buy a new one!! (I love buying notepads!)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Let Crimbo Begin!

I'm blogging from my dads little study in Wales. We've finally arrived. My mum's just cooked a great meal. Since I last saw my parents I have put on a little bit of weight - mainly because it's been too cold to drag myself to the gym and I like my food. My mum looked at me for a bit and said 'Sally are you pregnant?'
I've put it down to the dress/top I was wearing and my new round belly - which is full of food and chocolate, and definitely not babies!
Haha! We all laughed about it. Especially as Mr Sally went very pale and said 'Who's baby is it?'
Yes ha-ha everyone!
I have now changed my top to a more flattering number!
Ah, it's great to be home. It really is actually.

It's my mum's 55th birthday tomorrow and we plan to spoil her rotten. I'm busy planning a little party for her too.
I'll keep you posted.

Excuse me - I have a few sit-ups to do.
Only joking, I've got a whole bar of chocolate to get through!

Monday, 17 December 2007


I woke up this morning and thought 'Oh no, work.' Then I realised I'm on holiday! What a lovely feeling.

Last night I had such a fun time at the pub with Mr Sally's friends. A lovely bunch and the time flew. I honestly don't think I've laughed as much in ages.

Today has been a bit manic, shopping and two whole hours of ironing. Still at least it's done. Tomorrow we have a bit more shopping to do, some gifts to drop off at the theatre then a drive down to Wales!

Mr Sally is being very secretive about my presents. He's been ordering things and getting them delivered to my mum and dads. He's told me that I have to have one of my presents before Christmas.
'What if I don't want it before Christmas?' I asked.
'Sally, please shut up!'
I have been a bit naughty and keep asking questions, to the point where he's almost told me by accident.
He's now announced that he refuses to answer any Christmas present related queries and I'll just have to wait until the big day.
Spoil sport!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I just noticed this in the news and thought I'd share it with you all.

Woman's nine charges of bigamy
The honeymoon is over for a 26-year-old woman in the US who is accused of marrying at least 10 times without a divorce.
Eunice Lopez was charged with bigamy after US immigration authorities in Miami discovered she had married 10 men between 2002 and 2006 without divorcing any of them.
Prosecutors say she charged her husbands an unspecified amount to help them secure immigration status.
A records search found seven additional marriages under the bride's name and birth date, said The Miami Herald newspaper.
"I can tell you that none of the individuals she married had any type of residency," said Terry Chavez, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney.
Lopez arrived in South Florida from Cuba in 2002 and was a legal US resident.

What? She managed to marry 10 men in 4 years?!
I've been with Mr Sally for exactly 4 years without even a hint of a proposal - not that I want one of course! ;-)



Wowee - I have officially broken up from work until Boxing day! Woo-hoo!
It's been a very long week. I worked in the day at my day job and then straight to the theatre for my evening job - a whole week of 12 hour days, but it's over!
Friday night and Saturday night I was working at the local high school - doing FOH for my friends theatre school show. It was very chaotic, lots of little kiddies munching on E-numbers and running chaos, but I think the show went well and I actually enjoyed myself.
Quite a tragic story, but two lovely little girls, 12 year old twins (both members of my friends theatre school) lost their mum last week. They found her and tried desperately to save her life. My friend was busy Friday night trying to tweak the show as it was the funeral that day and didn't expect them to turn up, and in they walked. It was quite a moment. They said they wanted to do the show for their mother. I don't think there was a dry eye around. Doesn't it totally put silly things in to perspective?
Bless them. My friend did a collection on each show and raised hundreds for them, so I hope they manage to have some sort of a good Christmas.

Other news, erm - well I absolutely can't get funding for my course and there's no way I can manage to pay £2000.00 for the fees. Mr Sally and I have had a good chat. The mortgage has gone up and next year the theatre's looking very quiet so not much chance to work extra shifts for extra cash. I could take out a loan etc, but I just don't want to get in to any debt for it. So I've decided to give up my place on the course. As much as it kills me and as much as I really wanted to do it.
I'm never one to be negative, so looking on the bright side I've decided to take one day off work a week (I would have had to for the course anyway) and I've applied to do a similar course at a really great theatre. They wanted me to join in the Summer and because I had a holiday booked in the middle of the course, I decided to wait. So hopefully I can join in the new year. This course costs £50 per term, which is much more like it. It's every other Wed evening and I'll use the day time to have a writing day at home.
So that's the new plan and I'm feeling very positive :-)

As far as writing goes I haven't had time to breathe this past week and have been itching to get stuck in to something. We're off to my parents on Tue until Boxing Day, so I'm sure I'll get some quiet time to write in the evenings.

Tonight Mr Sally and I are off out to meet some friends at a pub for drinks etc. Should be nice. I've got presents wrapped, cards written, outfit planned. Just need to set aside an hour to pamper and get ready.

Hope everyone is having festive fun!

:I know I've been tagged a couple of times and I'll definitely have them done tomorrow sometime!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

It's Behind You!!

Just a quick one to keep you posted.

Since Saturday I have been caught up with Panto. I'm working FOH on Cinderella and working every shift going!
Mr Sally and I will finish work on Fri and will be heading down to Wales to spend time with my family, then we're back to work on Boxing Day for more of the same!

I'll blog more over the weekend once I've finally broken up from work.

Panto is full of glitter, screaming kids but mostly full of Christams spirit, so it's not too bad!

The tree is now up and I'm busy with Crimbo shopping... so it's all go!

Christmas glitter to you all!!

Thursday, 6 December 2007


I had a very productive hour in the library this morning. ALTER-EGO is coming along well (I failed the NANOWRIMO thing) but it did give me a good kick up the booty to start the book, so it served a purpose.

I'm still planning the ending I've been struggling with it a bit, just trying to figure out the twist and it's been bugging me for ages. But strangely I sat down in the library, took my notepad out and it hit me... woo-hoo - yes a great twist, perfect! It's going to work!

Anyway, I'm getting stuck in to it this evening with new found excitement!

Writers Room

Every Saturday the Guardian print a photo of a writers office and I love looking at the photos. It's just interesting seeing where other writers work.
I for one sit at the dining table, which looks out on to the garden and is right next to the kitchen. We do have a study, but it's too small and full of Mr Sally's things, anyway I prefer to be looking out on to the garden as I write.

Thought you'd be interested to see in to two famous writers rooms:

This room belongs to Sue Townsend.

This room belongs to Jacqueline Wilson.

Where do you write?


It's absolutely peeing it down this morning. I'm an hour early for work and so I've taken refuge in the library!
I'm going to get on with some writing before the reality of the day job looms!!

(And I've still not done any Christmas shopping)!


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I'm Back!

Well put the flags out, I'm back!
The boring laptop story is that the adaptor broke and a new one had to be ordered and it's taken over a week to get a new one.
I've been breathing in to paper bags the whole time, I swear I got the shakes at one point! :-)

What else have I been doing with my spare time?
- Writing with a pen and paper!
-Watching lots of TV (there's hardly anything good on lately and so I've been sucked in to reality heaven/hell)!
-Ironing and cleaning (boring)!
-Bubble baths (why not)!
-Christmas planning
-Reading (lots)!
-Watching my brother in his fab new band (I even missed the X-Factor to go to the gig)!

It's been quite nice actually, but it's great to be back on-line too.

I attempted Christmas shopping after work, where it seems as usual I've left it too late and the item I was all excited about buying Mr Sally today is sold out in all shops! AGH! I will track one down if it's the last thing I do!
Also the car boot blew in the wind and rain tonight and just smacked me on the head. I have a bump on my forehead! Lovely, maybe I'll scatter some festive glitter around it and make it in to a nice Christmas feature!

Speaking of Panto, Mr Sally has been woring long hours this week with the fit-up of Panto. It opens on Saturday and I'll be working on it the entire day!
Hope everyone's getting all festive too.

Monday, 3 December 2007


Sorry for lack of posts. My laptop has died, so this is just a quick blog from the library!

I should be back on-line Tues/Wed.

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