Sunday, 11 November 2007

TV Tears

I just have to blog a little post about last nights X-Factor.

How AMAZING was Rhydian?

I love, love, love him. And I just have to add that whilst I enjoyed every second of last nights show, I cried my eyes out when Andy got voted out. I couldn't bear seeing his gorgeous puppy dog eyes crying. And then when he said 'I just hope I haven't let my family down.' Well that was me finished. Mr Sally just shook his head at me in despair!


Nell said...

But how could Beverley be in the bottom too when she outsang Niki! Hope were dreary and Leon still looks like Leo Sayer but without the wig. At least they toned down Rhydian's campness this week and loved Same Difference's cheese factor!

Sally Lawton said...

I know, I can't believe Beverley was in the bottom two either.
Poor Leon, that's so funny comparing him to Leo Sayer!!
I really like Same Difference, but know so many people who just hate them with a passion.
I think I love Simon more than any of them!
God, I could talk about the X-Factor all day!

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