Sunday, 18 November 2007

To Do List

Mr Sally had to work late at the theatre last night, so I didn't sleep well. I hate being home alone at night time and we realised this morning that I went to bed with the patio door unlocked. Mr Sally left it unlocked before he went to work and because I never used that door yesterday I didn't realise it was unlocked.
Anyway, as he woke me up at 3:00am when he came home, I'm very tired today - but I've got a lot to do.
Here's the list of things I have planned today:

- Send 10 pages of script, writing CV and cover letter to the writing course I'm applying for.
- Get to at least 10,000 words with ALTER-EGO. I'm way behind with NaNoWriMo
- Sort out the paperwork I have scattered all over the study.
- Set aside some time to read my latest Catherine Alliott book.
- Start making a Christmas list for everyone, I need to get organised.
- Read yesterdays newspapers.

** Have a bubble bath! **


Sara Hantz said...

Yikes... that's a long to do list.... and as for thinking about Christmas.....

Phillipa said...

Sally - I've just been reading all the projects you have on the go and are planning. Whew. Good luck with your writing course which sounds brilliant. It's something I'd like to do one day (only screen writing - I can't act!)

Barrie said...

Reading your list exhausted me. I'm going to sit down now with a cup of tea. :)

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Sorry to have exhausted you all with my list! I exhausted myself and the bubble bath was very much needed!!

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