Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Remember when you were little and that feeling you got when you had to go back to school after the weekend? That's how I felt this morning! The alarm came on and I thought no, no, no.
I tried to make a deal with Mr Sally, if he paid me £20 a day I'd stay at home and keep him company on his week off and make him lots of food and coffee, he said no!
Then I saw a little spot had appeared on my forehead and I tried to pass it off as chicken pox, but Mr Sally reminded me I got chicken pox when I was little. Damn.
So I got ready and stomped off to the bus stop!
I can't change my job, because it's the best job to have if you need time off for writing things or if I'm busy with a play. Plus we get the whole summer off paid!
It's just that I've been there over three years now and I'm feeling a little stir-crazy.

On a high note, the highlight for me was arranging the office Secret Santa and everyone seems in the Christmas spirit!
I managed to pick my good friend Jo, and I swear it wasn't a fix!! :-)
OK, maybe a teeny fix!


Amanda Ashby said...

Yay on your course - it sounds wicked but boo on your work situation!! I've never been a fan of work myself so I feel your pain. Btw, what do you do (hehehe - typical nosey writer question!!!!)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Amanda.
Oh, I forgot to say what I do! I work for a theatre marketing company, we basically promote children's theatre around schools. So I basically spend my entire day on the phone!


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