Thursday, 8 November 2007

Plotting and Arguing

Last night I met up with my lovely friend Paul and we had a bit of a brainstorm/writing session.
The last play we wrote together 'Centre Stage... to the left a little' was very well received and it's been over a year since we've written anything else together as we've both been busy with other projects.
I like to write on my own and although I have tried to write bits with other 'writer' friends before, it's never been enjoyable - but somehow Paul and I just click. I suppose it has a lot to do with a good 10 year friendship, we have the same sense of humour and we can be completely honest with each other. We've decided to cast people we've worked with before as I hate actors with ego's and believe me, we've worked with a fair few!
I'll keep you posted about the play, we're still in the planning stages at the moment.

ALTER-EGO is coming along, well actually I just read the bits I wrote the other night and it's utter rubbish, so I'll be making some changes to it tonight!

Other news, I managed to have an argument in the middle of Primark over £2! I'm ashamed!
For those that don't know, Primark is a brilliant clothes shop which sells everything sooo cheap.
Basically a beautiful top was on a reduced rail for £2, so I took it to the till. The man on the till said it was coming up at £4 and so I showed him the big bright red £2 on the ticket (by the way I would have happily paid more than £4 for this top if it hadn't been on the reduced rail.)
So the man on the till made someone go and check the rest of the tops... she strolled SLOWLY to find the tops, came back after ten million hours and said that yes they have been marked at £2, but the manager said if the till says £4, then she had to charge £4.
I said 'No if the ticket says £2 you have to sell it me at £2.'
She looked at me, then at the man at the till and they both looked at me like I had some sort of a mental problem!
Then another manger turned up and I went through the story all over again with a big 'I'm an angry customer' frown on my face... blah, blah, blah. She also looked at me like I had a mental problem.
I left the top, then walked to work thinking that yes, maybe I do have some sort of a mental problem... what sane woman would argue and make her voice go all high pitched over two pounds?



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