Sunday, 25 November 2007

Never Again...

will I attempt any Christmas shopping on a Saturday afternoon!

Mr Sally and I decided to go in to town yesterday, he wanted to spend the birthday money he'd been given off my mum and dad and we thought it would be a good chance to browse the shops and start thinking of gifts for Crimbo.

Bad idea.

It was horrible. You couldn't move for people - in particular scally-wags! And some (well most) people are just so bloomin rude.
After an hour I wanted to go home, but Mr Sally couldn't decide what to buy himself which resulted in us bickering as we fought our way around the shops, thus ruining the romantic and fun afternoon planned!
We eventually made friends in Urban Outfitters and after all he he treated me to two writing magazines, Writers Forum and Writing Magazine. Writers Forum has a brilliant interview with Phillipa Ashley by the way.
Mr Sally ended up with a pair of jeans and a nice top and thankfully we got home before it started to pour down with rain.
Ah yes, the Christmas chaos has well and truly started!


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Sorry your day wasn't better--but two writing magazines can perk a girl right up, can't it?

Love the new picture you've posted! ;)

Nell said...


Sara Hantz said...

Yikes, xmas shopping on a Saturday...... OMG!!!

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