Wednesday, 14 November 2007


My little car failed its MOT today. It just needs new headlights - even so it's going to cost around £350 in total... RUBBISH! I think I'm just having one of those weeks.

Mr Sally has just treated me to a Chinese - oh well, swings and roundabouts!!

Hope you're all having a better week than me!


Barrie said...

What does MOT stand for? Here (in southern California), we say "getting your car smogged" or "I passed the smog test." Just curious....

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Yum, Chinese. I'm buried under pre-Thanksgiving turkey over here!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie,
Erm - I'm not sure what MOT actually stands for, hm. I just know it's a test every year once your car is three years old and it always ends up costing a lot of money!! :-)

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