Saturday, 10 November 2007


Something quite serious is happening to me.

I think my hand is turning in to the CLAW hand.

OK, the un-dramatic version is that I've been getting pains in my right hand for a while now. It just aches whenever I write. I've just realised that it's because when I'm on the Net I sit with my right hand over my mouse until I type anything.

Excuse me whilst I go and make my little hand a mini sling!

Talking of resting, remember I hurt my ribs? Well, they are feeling much better although they still hurt a little bit. However, I'm still milking it, which is why I'm sat on the couch with my laptop whilst Mr Sally is doing a whole weeks worth of ironing! And a very good job he's doing of it too - I must encourage him to iron more often.

**Closing eyes shut and praying he never reads this post! **


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