Sunday, 4 November 2007

Catherine Alliott

Catherine Alliott, by far is my favourite writer. Her characters are well rounded, her writing is extremely engaging and I just love her!

I finished reading A CROWDED MARRIAGE last night and I loved it.

Here's the synopsis:

This is the gorgeous new novel from bestselling novelist, Catherine Alliott. There are already three people in Imogen Cameron's marriage - herself, her husband, Alex, and their son, Rufus - and that's just the way she likes it. But then the Camerons are forced to accept an offer from Eleanor Latimer of a rent-free cottage on her estate. Ordinarily, such an offer is not to be sniffed at but as Eleanor happens to be Alex's beautiful, rich and frankly flirtatious ex, Imogen is very sniffy indeed. And with good reason. Once installed in Shepherd's Cottage, Imogen's life is suddenly full to bursting with surly locals, psychotic chickens, mountains of manure, visits from the infuriatingly bossy vet, and of course Eleanor; who seems to be permanently at Alex's side. As far as Imogen's concerned, two's a marriage, three's a family and this! Well, this is just silly, someone's going to have to go. The question is who?

The plot in this book twists and turns and definitely keeps you guessing right until the end. I actually tried to read a bit more whilst the adverts for the X-Factor were on and the plot just turned and I screamed 'No Way!' and then I could barely watch the X-Factor because there was no way I was going to put it down!

Catherine Alliott also writes with great humour. I do often laugh at books on the bus, but they are always usually inward laughs, with this book though, I did laugh out loud several times! She's extremely good with one-liners!

I'd highly recommend this book or indeed any of Alliott's books.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I love a laugh-out-loud book. And for me, they're very hard to find.

I'm starting to wonder if it'd be cheaper for me to just fly over to England, stock up on books, and fly home with my stash than pay for shipping!

Amanda Ashby said...

I love Catherine Alliot as well - I still remember reading her first book and having to put it down because I was in public and laughing so loud!!!

Sally Lawton said...

Alyssa, if it's cheaper I can buy books for you and send them over?
I have a friend in Vancouver who borrows books off me. It costs hardly anything to mail them out and I don't mind. So if there is ever anything you fancy trying, I'll happily send it over for you.

Amanda, I know that feeling well!


Elise Chidley said...

I love Catherine Alliott too! I hope her readers will enjoy my own debut novel, The Wrong Sort of Wife,currently available in the UK, coming out in the US in October as Your Roots Are Showing.

Anonymous said...

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