Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Three Hour Day

As I mentioned in a previous post, I fell down some steps on holiday and really hurt my ribs. It's been over a week now and although feeling better, it still hurts.
I tried to carry the bags of shopping in to the kitchen yesterday and it hurt like mad. So I made the wise decision to see the Doctor.

The waiting room this morning was horrible, people coughing without covering their mouths and a slobby woman was sat with her slobby child on a four-seater sofa and took up almost all of it, when a woman walked in with a bag and tubes connected to her mouth - helping her breathe, she went to sit next to the slobby family - who just glared at her until she moved and sat on a wooden chair. 'What a wonderful community we live in.' I mumbled to Mr Sally. Honestly, now I realise why the receptionists are so rude when you phone them, I would be too if I spent my whole day with these people!
Anyway, I'm ranting!

So the news is that I have cartilage damage, nothing broken! I need to rest it and the Doc said it would take ages to get better (great!)

I phoned my boss and said I'd be able to get in to work for 1pm (we live a bit out of town and I was ages at the Doctors) I said I'd come in for the last three hours if she thought it was worth it, she said it was! So I've been in work for three hours today and it really wasn't worth it!!

I informed Mr Sally that I needed lots of rest which meant I wouldn't be able to do the ironing, the cleaning and definitely no hoovering...
'Nothing new there then,' he added with a cheeky smile.

So rude!

I will milk this for all it's worth!!!!!

Happy Halloween - hope you're all having a fun night xx


Phillipa said...

Hope your ribs are better soon Sally.

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, thanks so much. I'm just resting it as much as possible x

Barrie said...

Yikes. Take care of yourself. Not cleaning is definitely a good idea, but I think more pampering is called for! Like lots of time in bed with the lap top (esp. a new Mac), cups of tea, chocolate, an ipod! Send Mr. Sally my way. I'll be happy to give him pampering-sally ideas. Which will all help with the month of manic writing too! :) Seriously, though, take it easy. :)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Barrie, that's so sweet. Yes, I agree lots of pampering would be great. Mr Sally is doing OK, he's cooked lots and bought me some chocolate.
Oh, but you're right a Mac would be lovely!
I'll be sure to send him your way if he starts slacking!
Thanks for your nice wishes x

Elizabeth Baines said...

I'm so sorry you hurt yourself, Sally! Get better soon.

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