Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Paul Abbott Q&A

Oh wow, last nights Q&A with the fantastic writer Paul Abbott was brilliant - actually it was more than brilliant, it was inspiring and I didn't want it to end.

Paul answered questions on writing for the screen, told us the importance of re-writes - he did 37 re-writes of the latest series of Shameless, he only stopped because the production company said no more!
Paul complained about writers being encouraged to write for Doctors, Holby or Casualty. Saying a writers voice is limited and the BBC should be encouraging writers to use their voice and not moulding them to write for soaps etc. (He said all this whilst sat next to a very important BBC person, which was quite funny!)

I can't say I learnt anything from Paul Abbott - but I was brilliantly inspired and came away believing anything is possible, you just need to put the work in.


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