Monday, 29 October 2007

Different Kind of Note

On the plane to Cuba I watched Dreamgirls - it's such a fantastic film, I'd recommend it to anyone.
Anyway, after a horrible day of being rained on, back to the day job, getting the bus home in the dark - blah, blah, blah - I was ready for a quick blog and maybe a bath (I fell down some steps on holiday and I've hurt my ribs, so although feeling much better, I was still looking forward to a good soak) and sitting with my book -
I just downloaded one song I love from the film Dreamgirls - it's called 'Listen' and is sung by Beyonce and now I feel totally inspired to write.
Music always inspires me. When I listen to songs, I create possible scenes in my head, sometimes for my books or sometimes for TV - like a mini film, I've always done it.
Does anyone else do this with music? Or am I just completely barking mad?


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Welcome back! How awful to get hurt on vacation--hope you're feeling better soon.

I loved Dreamgirls too, but didn't realize it had been a musical and was actually startled when the started singing the conversations.

As to dreaming up little scenes, I don't really do that--I just get a character in my head and imagine things ambiguously, if that makes sense.

liz fenwick said...

Music doesn't do it for me but I know it works for lots of people...chocolate, no seriously, I have a few thoughts in my head and then just sit down and write - musica can pull me away from that world and into another :-)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Alyssa - I'm feeling slightly better, just resting it as much as I can.

Hi Liz, I'm a strange one aren't I?!:-) There's no way I can listen to music once I'm sat down writing though... but it definitely helps inspire me at times!
Chocolate definitely sounds good too!!


Amanda Ashby said...

I love movie soundtracks so I always pick songs that I think will sound cool in a scene!! I do also listen to a playlist while I'm writing, but when I'm really in the middle of something that fades into the background. My main song for Halo was How To Be Dead by Snowpatrol and for Zombie it was all about Elvis!!

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Glad I'm not the only one Amanda!


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