Saturday, 6 October 2007

Anyone Got a Paper Bag?

I just found this on 'heat news' website...

Kerry Katona, famous for her failed marriage, drug taking claims etc has a novel coming out this month.

You can't blame people for grabbing opportunities and publishers know it will sell - but still, it makes me want to stick pins in my eyes!
Here's what the 'heat news' website had to say about it:
"Somehow, when she's not been getting married, getting burgled and getting pregnant, Kerry Katona has found time to write a book, Yes, an actual novel. Like what Charles Dickens and Jackie Collins do. Tough Love is described as "gritty and real" and centres around a busty blonde called Leanne Crompton (no relation to our classy Style Ed Eleanore...) who has a complicated northern family. So, er, not at all autobiographical then? The book comes out on October 25th and she already has two more lined up. Blimey, she pops out books faster than she pops out babies - and that's saying something. Still, we're kind of impressed, as we didn't realise she could even spell her own surname, let alone write 300 pages of grisly fiction."


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