Sunday, 30 September 2007

Romance & Passion with Kate Harrison

Today I went to the romance and passion event with the fantastic author Kate Harrison.
Not having clue how to get to Worsley, I set off an hour and a half early and relied on good old SatNav!
I got there an hour early, so after parking up I had a little walk around. The place is beautiful.

As I walked in to the old Court House and took my seat a wind band were playing love songs, it really was gorgeous.
The room filled up pretty quickly, I was interested to see a few men in the audience, I thought they may have been dragged along by their partners, but a couple of the men asked questions after the talk!
Although I seemed to be the youngest there, it was a mixed bag of ages, which is nice.
Kate was absolutely lovely. (OK, so I meant to take photos of her - but I was too interested in what she was saying to remember to take a photo and at the end I was about to ask her for one after she signed my book, but an elderly lady started talking to her, so I left it).
Kate started by telling us of her love of reading growing up and how she never dreamt she could ever possibly be an author herself.
The next section was about her becoming an author. How a bad break-up with her boyfriend and the arrival of 'chick lit' made her realise that if other ordinary people with ordinary jobs could do it, why couldn't she.
She talked us through her feelings of the rejection process and how she never gave up, she just kept writing.
There was one valid point in this section Kate made about the rejection process we all face. She said that rejection forms two types of writers - the determined ones, who carry on writing and never give up, until one day they find their way in. Or there are the ones who go slightly bitter and twisted, who believe they'll never get there and they're just wasting their time. **I'm paraphrasing!**
Kate attended a writing weekend and entered her first novel Old School Ties in to the novel writing competition. After hearing non-stop that 'chick lit' was dead, she didn't think it stood a chance, so when she won first prize - she was naturally stunned!
Kate got herself a publisher and an agent on the very same day!
She talked about the highs and lows of writing. Doing book signings with nobody showing up, trying to meet deadlines and holding down a full time job at the same time - although now she's managed to leave her day job and can happily call herself a small business woman!
Kate read sections from Brown Owls Guide to Life and Self -Preservation Society.
She also told us how she's been allowed to create a new identity for herself (although she wouldn't tell us any more) she'll be writing under a pseudonym and writing younger books for girls in their 20's - Sex and the City style books.
She also hopes to write for children one day.
Kate said one of the best things about being a writer was the support from other writers, how surprised she is that writers are nice, a nice change from working within the bitchy world of TV.
She ended the afternoon by saying when she reads a book, she reads for entertainment. That no matter how much love stories get frowned upon, it's true that every single person in the world seeks love and people will always want a love story.
I couldn't agree more.
There seem to be so many people who are scared of reading for pleasure. I know people who are ashamed to be seen with pink 'chick lit' books. It makes me laugh.
However many people say 'chick lit' is dead, it never bothers me. There will always be women's fiction... women read - fact!
Kate signed my book after, which I felt slightly silly about asking! She was absolutely lovely - we talked about the novel-racers for a little bit and a bit about my book.
All in all it was a great event and Kate Harrison is a lovely person, and a wonderful writer. She truly deserves her success.
Looking forward to her next book!


Well my lovely dad has posted the final part to his treasure tales, and what an ending. I've just cried my eyes out for the past half an hour.

I love the fact my dad has a blog. Although I know many stories about him, it's still nice to learn other things and in such detail.
The other reason I love him having a blog is because it's sparked the writer within... I'm encouraging him to try writing something fictional now.

Anyway, pop along and read the last but very powerful and moving post.

PS: Sorry he's not commented back to those of you who have left comments. He loves reading the comments, he's going to try and comment on other people's posts soon - he's still learning!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Autumn Reads

I love this time of year so much. When the sun is out but the air is crisp - I love it.
Mr Sally is in work all day and until 4am Sunday (he has to do a get-out at the theatre).

I've had a nice afternoon. I had a bit of a drive around the hills and then stopped off at the shops. I took some books to a charity shop. I've decided to get rid of some books that have been on my TBR pile for over 6 years. I need to make some space because my book buying does get out of hand and I think if I haven't read them in 6 years, I'm not likely to read them at all! I hate parting with books, but it had to be done.
I'm busy compiling my holiday read list - which is far more important than my holiday outfit list!
I took 6 books on holiday last year, Mr Sally went a bit mad because my case was slightly over the allowed weight - but what's a girl to do!
I ended up reading 5 of them and I would have read the last one only we made some friends on our last week and hung out in the pool with them quite a lot and when I did pick up book number 6 to read, the pages actually fell out! So I don't think it was meant to be!

One thing I LOVED last holiday was the room where you picked up the beach towels from that was full of books. As it was my first sunny holiday, I didn't realise these were books people had read and then handed in for others to take away and read.
'Free books?' I practically screamed at Mr Sally.
He convinced me that I'd brought enough to read and didn't need any more.
Still... FREE BOOKS!
I think the point is to give them back, but...

I'm off to Kate Harrison's afternoon of Romance tomorrow. I'm soooo looking forward to it. If anyone is looking for a good book, then Kate's best-seller, 'Brown Owls Guide to Life' is BRILLIANT. I'm only half way through, and I love it. I'm trying to finish it by tomorrow.

Anyone else reading anything good at the moment?


My brother Gav is 2 years older than me and has always been the quiet, shy one. I was the one performing in shows growing up and Gav had no interest of being in the spotlight. He'd happily sit in the audience and support me, but had no interest of doing anything theatrical himself.

He asked for a guitar for his birthday and everyone assumed it would just be something he'd play with a few times and then it would be left to collect dust, but...

I watched him teach himself from scratch how to play and over the past 10 years it's been the one constant in his life.
He's swapped guitars and bands loads, he's been close to signing deals and he's never given up.

The first time I saw him play on stage I was so shocked and so proud at the same time - for once he was in the spotlight and I was in the audience and he shined.
He's a fantastic musician (I'm not just saying that because I'm his sister!)

He's recently reformed with his old band Fudged and tonight is their first gig.
So I just want to say GOOD LUCK GAV!!!! Have a great gig.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Weekend Excitement!

Yey, it's officially the weekend!!

This morning I had to go to the Doctors for a booster jab for my hols. I'm such a baby, I had to take Mr Sally with me. It didn't hurt, but my arm is really sore now!
My Doctor is so lovely, I could have talked to him all morning about holidays and things - I can totally understand why some people make up problems just to visit their Doctor.
** please note I am not one of these people, just appreciate having a nice Doc!**

Work was OK, I treated myself to a chippy lunch! (well I thought I deserved it after my morning!)

Mr Sally and I picked up our tickets at the travel agents and had a wonder around the shops for holiday things... well him flip-flops - me, books!

Logging off in a min to enjoy a quiet night, Mr Sally is off work for once! I'm going to read my book.
Tomorrow I'm going to get stuck in to my WIP!

My dad has uploaded part eight to his tales. The story will continue on Sat and the final part will be posted on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

70's Treasure

For anyone following my dad's treasure tales, he's just put the next part up... even if you've no time to read the latest bit - you have to log on to check out the funky photo of my dad in the 70's!!!


The Plan That Was...

Tonight's big plan was to come home, eat, read blogs and surf net for an hour then have a nice hot bath and then curl up with my book, but...

I discovered a download site and have been listening to samples and purchasing songs for my MP3 Player!
I've never downloaded a song in my life (Mr Sally always transferred them from my CDs for me!) And now I'm like a woman possessed!

Now if only I could find my MP3 Player so I can transfer them from my computer...

**Mr Sally if you're reading this, it'll be in one of my handbags somewhere, just not sure which one!**

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a busy few days...

Monday: After work I met up with my lovely friend Paul. We went out for a beer and a catch up then I went to his flat where his partner had made us Spag Bol. I met their new puppy Millie, she's the sweetest thing in the world!
Paul and I then planned our next writing projects - and it's very exciting. We're going to take our sketch characters and invent a village for them all. We're going to write and film 2 min episodes and make them in to a PodCast.
Now although all this is my idea, I have no idea how to make PodCasts, lots of planning to do! I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday: I met my friend Claire after work. We went to a cafe-bar and spent a couple of hours catching up, talking mostly about men and then planned my writing for the Police Museum she runs. I'm going to be writing some stories for their Halloween night, should be fun!

Today: Well, after work Mr Sally and I went to the gym. Just as we were leaving I said, 'What shall we have for tea?"
Which is when he announced he was working the show at the theatre - this information I did know, he told me his time-table last night, so I have absolutely no idea why I thought he'd be driving us home!
So with wet hair, I walked to the bus stop in the FREEZING cold, waited 20mins for a bus and then once at my stop walked 10mins home, and it was COLD!

But, there's no better feeling than coming in from the cold and putting on your pyjamas and sitting in the warmth with a hot cup of tea!

Here's one thing I've discovered tonight... I absolutely can not sit through an episode of DIY SOS without crying my eyes out!!

My lovely dad has gone through a writing frenzy and uploaded Parts 4, 5 and 6 to his tales on his blog.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week and keeping warm!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Lawton Tales...

My lovely dad has now put part three of his story on to his blog!

I have told him he needs to comment on people's posts and reply to comments, which he's going to attempt soon (he's very new to blogs and even emails).

From my point of view his writing is lovely. Growing up he's always been a brilliant story teller, he can hold people's attention when he's telling stories and some of his childhood stories are really, really funny.
There's one particular story about him swapping rugby classes to cookery when he was in school, which can still make Mr Sally roll on the floor with tears down his eyes at the line 'what's in the basket Lawton?'

Anyway, my dad joined the blogging world a week ago, and since his first post - I saw a little light switch on in his eyes.
He emailed me to say 'this writing malarkey is addictive.'

It sure is Dad!
Just like his daughter, I think my dad has the writing 'bug!'


Word Count

I've just written the first chapter of Daddy's Little Girl, and although enjoyable - I found it tough.
The book is the second in the series and so as well as having to start from where the second ended, each book is narrated by a different girl each time.

Snogs, Blogs & Best Mates is a series about four best friends living in Cumbria and they run a 'Best Mates' Club!

The first book Geek to Unique was narrated by Lucy - who's pretty and popular and it was quite easy, but Daddy's Little Girl is narrated by Jessica - she's quite serious and very academic. Two totally different girls.

Although I know the girls extremely well by now, I just found it strange switching voices! I'll get used to it and although the first chapter is rough at the moment, I'm still happy with it.
I managed to write 735 words this afternoon - so far, so good!

Kate Harrison

The fantastic author Kate Harrison is doing a reading in a library near me next weekend. I'll be popping along because I think she's great. I've just started reading 'The Brown Owl's Guide to Life.' So far... sooo good!

Right, well I'm popping the kettle on for a brew and then I'm going to start the opening chapter of 'Daddy's Little Girl.'

I'm so excited to start it! I'll let you know how I get on later.

Happy fun Sunday everyone!


Saturday, 22 September 2007

Website (Part 2)

After the probs with my last website attempt, I have now spent the entire day building a new one!
Please check it out and let me know what you think... I especially love the photo book!!

I'm tired now, just popping to the chippy for a chip barm (well why not? It is Saturday and I haven't eaten yet!)



After rushing to renew my passport - Mr Sally and I finally booked our holiday to Cuba yesterday!
We leave for two weeks on Oct 11th and I'm soooo excited!!

We're going to a little island off Cuba, where there are only 2 hotels and the beach is supposed to be the most beautiful!

I'm now busy trying to get everything sorted - like planning the books to take. If anyone knows of a good holiday read, please let me know.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Word Count

Well as my first book of the Snogs, Blogs & Best Mates series is in the hands of my agent - it's time to start on book number two!

I've been doing lots and lots of planning and I'm due to start it this weekend (so excited!!)
The second book in the series is called 'Daddy's Little Girl' and I've just added a word count stat at the side of my blog... it's on a big fat zero at the moment, but after this weekend - who knows!!


My boss in work was being nice yesterday and taking an interest in my writing, but she asked me the most unusual question:
'Do you find it a bind sitting down and writing a book??!!'


What a crazy, crazy question to ask someone who's desperate to quit her day job to write full time. It's like asking Jamie Oliver if he finds it a bind cooking!!


Treasure Story

My dad has blogged part two of his treasure story if you'd like to pop by and have a read.

He's very new to blogging, but doing a good job.

**Barrie, thanks for commenting on his site, he's still trying to work out how to comment back - but he appreciates your nice comments. **

Have a great Friday everyone. It's raining and miserable here in Manchester! Oh well, at least it's Friday!


Thursday, 20 September 2007


I'm so excited... today I booked my ticket for a Q&A with the fantastic Paul Abbott. Writer of Shameless, Clocking Off etc.
Anyone in the North West area - tickets are free for the event on Oct 9th. Check out the BBC Writers Room website for more details.

I went to the Police Museum today to meet my friend. It was lovely to see her as it's been ages. She showed me around the Museum, which I have to say is quite creepy, especially the cells - where I almost screamed at the sight of a life size man standing in one!
Anyway, she wants me to write a story for their Halloween night, which I'm excited about - and possibly in the future writing a murder mystery!
And I have an exciting project I'm due to plan with my best friend on Mon, so I'll fill you in as soon as we've planned it.
Steve Coogan is now on TV with the return of Saxondale. I love, love, love Mr Coogan.

Love to a Laptop

Things aren't good at all... my beautiful laptop is making strange 'I think I'm going to slip away any moment' noises.


Dear Laptop,
Please don't throw three beautiful years away just because I happened to mention I was desperate for an ibook.
Stay with me (until after Christmas at least).

When an ibook will be mine all mine....


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wet Wednesday!

Today has been cold and miserable.... ugh!

Last night was great, I went to watch Brendan O'Carroll's third play in the 'Mrs Brown' trilogy and it was great, even if I have seen it a million times.
We went to the pub next door with everyone after, it was nice to have a catch up and the lovely Paul at the pub made loads of food for us, which was lovely.
Mr Sally and I didn't get home until late and I couldn't get up for work this morning, I ended up leaving it until the last minute and then ran around the house like a loon trying to get ready.
I was late for work (by 5 mins) and very tired!

I've still been swimming tonight. I got the bus back home (Mr Sally was working the show.) The bus back to the Valley was crowded and late and dropped me off at the furthest bust stop!

Anyway, I'm rambling!

I'm going to a Police Museum tomorrow morning, my friend works there and wants me to write something for them... we'll see what happens!

That's all for now xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My Dad

My dad is the cutest man in the entire world, a very funny man and a great story teller.
I fixed him up with an email and a blog on the weekend - he's very new to this game but getting in to the swing of things - even if he did call me and say ' this blagger thing I'm signed to...'
'Do you mean blog, dad?!'

Anyway, he's started writing his tales on his blog and if anyone has a spare moment to have a read and maybe comment, he'd be grateful!

Ta x

As for me I'm just sat in Mr Sally's office and just about to watch a play, I'll blog more tomorrow.


Monday, 17 September 2007

Sunday/Monday Fun!

Mr Sally and I spent a lovely weekend in Prestatyn visiting my family. I say weekend, we drove down after the show Saturday night and spent the whole of Sunday there.

My dad has just turned a bedroom in to a study and it's amazing - what dreams are made of. He has a filing cabinet and everything!

I spent most of Sunday setting him up with an email address and a blog - it's great to have him on-line because he never texts!

My dad even let me drive his car, just before I set off he said 'just remember it's the only car we have!'

Ha, I only drove it up the road, but it was fun, not sure if my dad agreed though! He was slightly pale when I pulled up outside the house! **please note I have a driving licence and have been on the road for 2 years! I'm a very safe driver! **

My mum and dad have been looking after my cats for just under a year. I gave them to my auntie a couple of years ago because my situation changed and I ended up living next to a busy road, she could give them a better life than me. But just before Xmas one of them got killed by a neighbour and I was devastated, so my mum and dad said they'd take the other two in as they have a HUGE back garden. The reason they didn't take them in sooner was because they still had our old dog Ellie at the time, she's since passed away.

Anyway, they actually love being at my mum and dads. I love that I get to see them whenever we're over. Crazy Cat who is a baby has spent the last few visits ignoring me, he's in love with my brother! But this visit I got lots of cuddles, and my other cat Little Star spent most of my visit fast asleep!

It was a great weekend, it just went too fast.

Work was busy today as not many people in and then I went swimming with Mr Sally.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Monday!


Sunday, 16 September 2007


Just some photos of a trip out with my family - this is the place in Anglesey I grew up.. These photos were taken early this year.

They're on my dad's computer and I just wanted to copy them...

Me at the burial chamber which is down the road from where I lived.

Me inside the creepy burial chamber - check out the strange shaddow near the gate!

The haunted house I grew up in for 11 years at the top of the haunted lane!


Saturday, 15 September 2007


I've checked again and my website is running - I think you need something like abode flash player to view it properly!!

I went swimming with Mr Sally this afternoon - well I swam and he went on the scary gym machines.
I love my gym because I always seem to get the whole pool to myself and whenever Mr Sally joins me for a paddle after his crazy workout, we have fun. We sit in the Spa and have such a giggle and he's just introduced me to the Steam Room, which I thought I would hate, but actually like it.
I've only been a member for a week and feel loads better than I did!
It's a great way to think about my writing projects too... I'm even thinking of setting my next romance novel in a gym!



It seems there is a prob with my website! I'll have to try and fix it later, because I'm in an Internet Cafe at the moment.

I'm just in town doing some shopping, except town is MEGA busy and horribe, so I've come to the Internet Cafe!
Just waiting for Mr Sally to call me and I'll meet him at the gym. He's working today and tonight - The Vigina Monologues is on!
Once he's got the show out tonight we'll be driving to the sunny seaside town of Prestatyn to visit my mum and dad.
Hopefully we can go to the beach tomorrow if the weather's nice and I've got to get my dad fixed with an email address!

Oh, my passport arrived today! The photo which will stay with me for 10 years is horrible - I look miserable! Oh well, we can book our holiday now!! Ypeee!


Thursday, 13 September 2007


My new Talitha Lawton website is now ready!

Have a peek and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Back For More!

Even though I had a scary time at the Internet Cafe yesterday, I'm back today - but I'm sat near the managers office!
Mr Sally has a day off from work again today - which I hate, because it means I have to get the bus to work. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, there's only one bus at 7:30am. I don't start work until 10! (I could drive, but hate rush-hour traffic!)

Anyway, it's a quick blog because I have to do some finishing touches to the new Talitha Lawton website!

Being back in work has been OK, my desk has been moved and I'm now sat next to my lovely friend, so that's good - well except I don't stop talking!!

I've been going swimming every day after work, and I have to say that I look slightly toned - OK, so I was stood in a dark bedroom this morning trying not to wake Mr Sally, but I swear I looked toned!

All of my rewrites have been submitted to my agent and she's happy with them (phew), which means I can start on book number 2 - hip-hip!

Have a nice Wednesday!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Some of you may remember one of my posts ages ago, when I was touched up by a dirty old man called Jeff in the Internet Cafe!

Well, I'm in town mega early for work and so I thought I'd pop in to check emails and blog - but there's a really strange girl here and I'm slightly scared!

Her McDonald's breakfast is by her computer, but when I sat down (she's behind me) she got up and walked to the other side of the room, leaving her breakfast.
She then stood up for ten minutes, staring at nothing and not doing anything and left her breakfast behind.
Then she got her breakfast and moved to the other side of the room to eat it...
Then she got up and walked towards me (I thought she was going to say something to me or happy-slap me or something) but on the last minute she moved to the other side of the room to eat the rest of her breakfast...

Anyway, she's strange and so I'm not going to hang around! (She's probably Jeff's daughter or something!)
I'll blog more tonight!


Sunday, 9 September 2007


I've just emailed over my revisions of Geek to Unique. Along with a synopsis for the novel and a synopsis for the series. Phew!

I hate, hate writing a synopsis - so I hope it's OK.

We'll see!

Mr Sally has just opened a bottle of beer for me and now I have to get myself ready to go back to the day job tomorrow - boo-hoo!


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Julie Cohen

Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak.

Wow-wee! I finished this book yesterday and it was BRILLIANT!
I loved the setting and as someone who's worked on many 'psychic' shows, I've always been fascinated with them. I've sat through many trying to work out if these people were telling the truth or just very good liars!
I loved the character of Rosie and absolutely fell in love with Harry!

The first chapter honestly grips you in and I swear you're hooked from then on. What I did not expect was the twists and turns in the last few chapters - it was brilliant.

I loved this book from start to finish and I'd highly recommend it.

Passport Problems

Mr Sally and I were just about to book our holiday to Cuba, when I just thought to ask the holiday rep whether I'd be fine to travel in October if my passport is due to expire in December. She said 'NO - no way!'
So we ran to the Post Office for forms and now I have to pay over £70 to get a new passport, which should take 2 weeks to get to me!
I can't believe I didn't check sooner - imagine if I hadn't checked at all though?!

Anyway, we are going away in October to a lovely place in Cuba. It's a little island off the main bit of Cuba. Very peaceful and very quiet. That's all we want, a bit of peace and a chance to chill out and read!

I'm so excited!!

I was so tired after the gym last night, but as I got in to bed Mr Sally said 'Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights is on.'
'Put it on.' I screamed.
He flicked the channel over and went to sleep and I spent the next two hours watching the film. It was really good!

Now I really have to work on my beach body!


Friday, 7 September 2007

Fun Friday!

Mr Sally has the day off work today and he's taking me in to Manchester so we can try and book a holiday!! I'm so excited!
Then we'll probably pop along to the gym (I love being his gym buddy) and I'll be working on my bikini body!

Okay, so I have just under a month to work on my bikini body and for my stupid hair to grow!
Maybe we should go next year!


Thursday, 6 September 2007

And breathe...

Well last night I told you I was going to join the gym - by the time I got there it was too late to join, the admin person had gone home!
I managed to have a really lovely evening though. I went to the theatre with Mr Sally - he was working, I was just waiting to see Brendan and his lovely family. Brendan's daughter has just had a baby and I got lots of cuddles and became very broody. Word must have got out that I was in baby heaven, when Mr Sally's voice boomed over the tanoy, "Lawton, step away from the baby - and no, you can't have one for Christmas!" Spoilsport!

I'd been invited to watch a play up the road from the theatre, it was in the upstairs of a bar. The play was 'Shakers Re-stirred' by John Godber. He's my favourite playwright and I performed in the play when I was at college, I love it.
I ended up bumping in to a friend once I'd got there and the play was great. One girl actually blew me away with her acting, she was full of character. I've kept her CV because I'd definitely love to use her in one of my plays.

I then went back to the theatre to meet Mr Sally and we went to the pub with Brendan and his lovely family. We had a lovely evening.
I was in the toilets trying to sort my stupid hair out after last weeks hair cut from Hell! There was a girl there on her mobile begging her friend to come and meet her. It turns out she was on blind date from Hell and couldn't think of another way to get out of it!
"Don't think I'm being a Bitch." She said to me once she'd hung up.
"I don't at all, " I laughed. "Is he honestly that bad?"
"He's lovely, but there's just nothing there." She smiled.
I wished her luck!
An hour later she was at the bar buying two more drinks, trying to call her friend again. I felt so sorry for her.
I managed to get a look at her date. He looked quite cute in a VERY geeky way - and fine, he had no hair! But I felt sorry for him. He probably thought he was on a really great date and all the time she was plotting to get away.
That's the thing with blind dates, I don't know anyone who's actually been on a great one!

So today I got up early and went to town with Mr Sally. I took my laptop and my gym kit (yes, I'm a bag lady!) I joined the gym. And for joining I got £30 off their beauty treatments. I told Mr Sally I might get a spray tan before we go away. "If you turn orange I'm not taking you." He said.
It's fine for him, he's naturally brown!

I went swimming for an hour this afternoon and Mr Sally went to the gym (he was on his lunch break.) He then joined me in the pool for a bit, then we went in to the Spa for a while... what a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

I was going to go to the library with my laptop, but the sun was sooo hot, I decided to get the bus home so that I could work with the patio door open.

Good news, Amazon have delivered my books! Woo-hoo! I'm excited to read them. I don't know if I can save them for a month for my holiday...

Right I've rambled on a bit!
Hope you've all had a sunny day too.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

In one hours time...

I'm leaving my house and *deep breath* I'm joining a gym.

Let's say no more on the subject.


You know I mentioned that I was due back in work today? I didn't go in!
Aside from the fact I just couldn't do it to myself - I am on a rewrite deadline with my book and feel it's slightly more important at the moment. (I'm blogging on my lunch break!)
I've told work that I'll start back on Monday!

Basically I changed my job 3 years ago. I had an amazing well-paid job as an account executive and I quit to work on my writing. Everyone thought I was mental, but it was the right thing to do.
I got a p/t job working for a theatre marketing company and it's great because we work term time only (which is why I've had the whole summer off) and because it's not a 'career' job, they don't complain if you need time off to do other stuff.

But here's the thing. I've been there 3 years now. Three years of phoning, phoning, phoning people - the job never changes! And I'm slightly bored.
The company and management are lovely though and the office is full of writers, actors etc. I've got some great friends there and because we all do similar things it can still be quite an inspiring place to be.

By the summer term though, I was feeling restless and just wanted a change. In the summer hols I produced my play and got an agent and basically lived the dream for those few weeks and now I'm just not ready to go back to reality.
I sent my friend a text last night telling her I felt like I was going back to school, but at least then I had new stationery to show off.
She sent me a text back saying she'd buy me a new pen if I went back!

So, I'm back to reality on Monday - with a big fat bump!


Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sir Kyffin Williams

When I was 7 years old a man walked in to my school and greeted my head teacher with extreme warmth. It was clear they were both good friends.

We knew this man by name, a famous Welsh artist called Kyffin Williams, he'd come in to the school to paint a few pupils.
My head teacher had chosen a few children (I was not one of these) but he asked if anyone in the class had a dark coloured satchel he could borrow to use in one of his paintings. I immediately threw my hand in the air and ran to grab my bottle-green coloured bag.
This is when he spotted me and he asked my teacher quietly if he could paint me.
Of course I knew nothing about this.
I was at the black board with the rest of the class when my head teacher turned around and told me to go to the library.
'What have I done wrong?' Was the first thing I thought. Everyone knew the library was haunted.
I took a deep breath and made my way in to the library, of course there was no ghost to greet me, just the lovely kind face of Kyffin Williams.
He asked me to sit in a chair and he spent the next hour painting my portrait. I didn't move an inch and I was scared to breathe in case it ruined his painting!

He thanked me for sitting for him and I said my bye's and ran out of the library to find my friends.

My portrait got sold to a couple from Wales and Kyffin decided to use my portrait on cards in a local gift shop. (We didn't get any money for them by the way!) He kindly gave my family 10 of the cards - 5 of them signed and 5 of them unsigned.

I'm also in a book of portraits by Kyffin Williams, where he says I sat well and he tried his best to capture my mischievous smile!

It's just a year since Sir Kyffin William's passed away - he will always be remembered as one of the best artists in Wales and I'm extremely honoured he chose to paint me.

Manchester Blog Story

Manchester Blog Story goes live today!
In a series titled 'What Would You Do?' as part of Manchester's Literature Festival.

I'm pleased the wonderful writer Elizabeth Baines is behind the writing, I've just read the first episode and it's brilliant.
Readers get the chance to vote on developments of the story and Elizabeth will turn the most voted in to the next episode.

Read the first part now... you'll be hooked!


Prize Winner!!


I've just found out that I've won a prize on Sara Hantz Blog Party!
Sara is celebrating publication of her first novel 'The Second Virginity of Suzy Green.'

I entered a competition on Wendy Toliver's blog - I told a very embarrassing story about my school uniform and it won!
I've won a gorgeous Marcel Schurman Collection notepad set!

Thanks so much Sara and Wendy.

Monday, 3 September 2007

What On Earth...

Not only do I have to wake up this morning knowing it's a day closer to going back to the day job on Wednesday (I don't want to go - I don't want to go...)
I'm hanging out the washing, thinking how it's starting to feel like autumn, when a little Robin lands on my fence and starts twittering at me (I think he was saying something along the lines of -ha, summer is SO over!)
I then pop to the shops... which where I live consists of a Woolworths, a Boots and few charity shops. I'm just in Cancer Research having a look at the books when I see a HUGE big display of Christmas cards!!!!

The Robin was right...
Summer is SO over!



I'm so excited because this week sees the return of the fantastic comedian/playwright/author and director Brendan O'Carroll to the Opera House.
I'm lucky enough to have got to know Brendan and his lovely family really well over the past 3-4 years they've been coming to the theatre.

In my life I have never met anyone so lovely and so inspiring.

Over the years Brendan has given me lots of advice and encouragement about my writing - his story is by far one of the most inspiring stories I've known.

Brendan worked in a pub and ran a stand-up night. He started doing stand-up and loved it. Word soon got around how funny he was until there was standing room only at his gigs.
An interview on the Late Late Show - which went on for 35 minutes threw Brendan in to stardom.

Brendan told me of his book deal with his first book 'The Mammy.' He said he rejected his first offer because although he was desperate to be published, he knew it was worth more. He held out and held out, until finally he received an offer (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say how much), let's just say it was for a life changing amount.

Brendan also tours with his fantastic plays of Mrs Brown. I swear I've never watched anything funnier. He plays the part of Mrs Brown himself and is truly fantastic.

Mr Sally is at the theatre now, getting the stage ready for opening night tomorrow. I can't wait to see him and all his family.
I've read all of his books, which he kindly gave me and they're wonderful. Beautifully written.

If you get chance to see or read anything by him, I'd 100% recommend it!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Echo Freer

Back in the day before my agent became my agent and she suggested I did some more research for my book and also suggested I read lots more teenage titles, she recommended I read anything by Echo Freer.
The next day I went to Waterstones and picked up a book called 'Magenta Orange - Trials of a Teenage Temptress.' I have to say it was the funniest book I'd read in a while. I then read 'Diamond Geezers' which was just as good.

The day I signed with my agent, on the way home I decided I deserved a little treat and headed straight for Waterstones. I bought the second book in the Magenta Orange series - 'Magenta in the Pink.'

Well this one was just as funny. Magenta tries to get a part in the school production of Grease and manages to ruin the whole thing. She dumps Daniel along the way and the ending, I have to say was quite magical - in a very humorous kind of way!

I love Echo Freer and I'll be purchasing another Magenta book very soon!

Silly Sunday

Last night I waved bye to Take That the musical. It's been a fun 2 weeks and the girls I dressed were lovely, such a giggle. So I was sad to say bye.

Mr Sally had to stay at the theatre for the 'get-out.' He came home at 10am this morning and is one tired man.
I left him to sleep whislt I got on with the washing (where I managed to flood the kitchen floor again!) The stupid soap net got stuck in the door and obviously didn't close properly! AGH!

I then drove to ASDA and left an hour and a half later, £80 lighter. Although I did treat myself to Catherine Alliott's latest - A Crowded Marriage.

Catherine Alliott has to be one of my favourite authors. I love her books.

I started Julie Cohen's Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak yesterday. I'm almost half way through and totally gripped. I love it!
The rest of my afternoon is going to be spent re-working bits of my book.

Have a fun-filled Sunday!


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