Sunday, 30 December 2007

How May I Help You?

I can't believe how much bad luck I have with mobile phones. Since Mr Sally kindly got me a contract phone last Christmas we've had nothing but problems.
Just before Christmas I upgraded to a gorgeous Blackberry Pearl, where I get unlimited Internet access and emails come through to the phone as texts would. Except we couldn't get it to work.

To cut a long and very boring story short, the phone company forgot to activate the email facility, then when they did I couldn't set it up and nobody in the company could help me.
I'll get to the point - I've spent the entire day on the phone and online trying to sort it out. Well, Mr Sally has been on the phone to them and he actually ended up saying he was going to cancel the contract unless they sorted it in five minutes - and guess what? It was sorted in less than that!

I think it's finally working now! Phew.

I'm still trying to get better so that I can have a drink or three tomorrow, but I don't think it's going to happen. My throat is killing me.

Friday, 28 December 2007


The house is full of sick people.

My mum is just getting over an ear infection.
I feel worse than I've ever felt in my life. (I do like to be dramatic)!
My dad has spent the whole day in bed, he was up all night being sick.

'Do you want me to perch on the edge of the bed and read Bella magazine to you?' I asked.
He politely declined and went back to sleep.
He must be sick as I've had the chocolates all to myself today!

It's mine and Mr Sally's 4 year anniversary today. As if he hasn't already treated me enough, this morning he handed me a gift bag.
'I've not got you anything.' I said in complete panic.
Inside the bag was Ricky Gervais' Fame DVD, a love songs CD and a hug mug with 'Worlds Greatest Misus' on it.
Anyway, I ventured out of the house in to town and managed to get him a gorgeous card and Hot Fuzz on DVD. I was hoping to get him something else to go with it, but I started to get all hot and shaky, it was so busy.
I'll treat him when I'm better.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Boy Done Good

Ah, Mr Sally arrived home with a few bags of shopping for me. Bless him.
He got me a pack of 6 ipod socks, which we've split three each! He also got me two gorgeous jumpers from Dorothy Perkins, and they're lovely and the best bit - he got me two brand spanking new books, two books I've been planning on purchasing very soon.
The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason
The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison

The whole family seemed to have got themselves some bargains in their 4 hour shopping trip. I had a lovely afternoon to myself, I ate lots of chocolate, watched a couple of DVDs and had some quiet time - this is after I decided to hoover the entire house and then came over all hot and funny.

Hopefully I'll get a little browse around the sales tomorrow. I want to get Mr Sally Hot Fuzz on DVD!

Oh, some nice blog news. I've been a huge fan of the blog 'single mother on the verge' for ages and Penguin have now picked it up and are turning it in to a book. It's great news. It's a very well written blog and I really look forward to the book.

Sick Person's Guide to Shopping

I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday, but still really ill. I'm so ill that I'm home alone at my parents house whilst my mum, dad, brother and Mr Sally have gone in to town to have a look around the sales. I must be ill if I'm missing out on shopping. My mum wanted to stay home and look after me, but I made her go as I know she was looking forward to it.

I've invented the sick persons guide to shopping - I've basically given Mr Sally a little list of things to look out for whilst he's out and about - a sock for my ipod or any books he thinks I might like.
He's phoned me a few times -

'... have you read P.S I Love You?'
'Yes, I've got it.'
'Shopaholic and Baby?'
'Yep, got it.'
'Agh, right I'll call back later.'

Half an hour later.

'... are you a size 12 now?'
'Yes, why?'
'Just wondering, bye.'

I may end up with nothing, but it's still fun!
I'm busy trying to stop myself logging on to Amazon - oh I bet they're having a fab sale - there's no harm in looking, is there?

My eye just started watering, so I just grabbed the nearest tissue, which happens to be one that has olbas oil in it - ouch!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Merry Christmas!


It's been such chaos, but worth it.
I managed to get all of my last minute shopping and I went to see Take That on Sunday with my lovely friend Leah. I hadn't seen her for ages, so it was nice to catch up then act like 13 year old's screaming at Take That (I'll post photos soon).
The concert was brilliant and we had absolutely fantastic seats.
Mr Sally picked us up after and drove Leah home, then we had another hour journey back to my parents, so I was very tired.
Leah then stopped by on the way to her mum's on Xmas Eve (which is a tradition).

Xmas morning we were all up at 7:30 am. Even though I'm the youngest at 27, we still get very excited!
I got some lovely things:
Mr Sally got me an ipod (I got him the exact same one, except he engraved his and it holds more!)
He got me some Ugg boots and perfume and the best gift of all. Mr Sally and my mum and dad all joined together and got me a brand new laptop - and it's pink! I actually burst in to tears because I wasn't expecting it. It's beautiful and makes my old one look, well - old!

My brother got me a makeover day and photo package and a gorge bag for my laptop and a pink mouse and mouse mat!
My mum and dad also got me some perfume, DVDs, books etc.

So I've been completely spoilt.
But the rest of the house-hold got just as spoilt and it was lovely seeing everyone's excited faces when they opened their gifts. Especially my brother Gav, he was nearly sick when he opened his Xbox!
It makes all the stress of saving, planning and shopping so worthwhile.

Mr Sally and I were due back at the theatre today, but for various reasons are now not back until Jan, so we're still at my parents having a lovely time.

I'm full of a cold and feel really ill, but refuse to let it spoil festivities.
Hope everyone else has had a great time too.

Lots and Lots of Love xx

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Last Minute Chaos

Everyone in my family, including Mr Sally have declared that they have completely finished their Christmas shopping - everyone except me.
I forgot how rubbish the shops are here compared to Manchester and so my dad has suggested I travel to LLandudno, which is approx an hour away as there are more shops. Everyone thinks I'm mental for wanting to go shopping today as it will be soooo busy - but it's either today or Christmas Eve and I don't fancy shopping on Xmas Eve.
I've only got a few bits left to get, lets hope I find them!

Why don't I ever learn!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Pre-Crimbo Gift

Well last night Mr Sally presented me with my pre-Christmas gift.
Some of you may or may not know that my favourite band Take That are touring and are in Manchester until Sunday. The tour sold out and I couldn't get a ticket, but Mr Sally used every contact he could in the theatre and managed to get me and my best friend Leah a ticket for Sunday nights concert!! I'm sooo excited!
Leah has known since last week as Mr Sally asked her if she'd like a free ticket off him (he paid for hers too!)
I phoned her last night and she's just as excited as me.

The tickets are very close to the stage. Also he's got me a signed programme.
"Have I got back-stage passes?"
"Don't push it!"

Stuff Christmas shopping, I've got an outfit to plan! That is of course a joke. I still have loads of shopping to do and of course I can pick myself up a little something whilst I'm browsing for others!

One million brownie points for Mr Sally.

Other news: My mum declared she'd had the best birthday she's ever had. We treated her all morning and when she came home from work we'd decorated the dining room with balloons and a cake and flowers and candles. She was so touched, then we treated her to a curry. A good night was had by all :-)

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mum!!
She loved her gifts this morning and my dad (who seems to be getting more romantic as the years go on) got her a beautiful card and some lovely gifts too. It's party time tonight and I'm looking forward to it.

Just waiting for my brother Gav to finish work so we can go shopping, still got loads of gifts to buy!

I applied to the theatre I mentioned regarding their course and they wrote back straight away saying that there are a couple of places left, which they're going to hold until they've received my application, which I have now emailed over. Fingers crossed!

I'm planning on doing lots of writing today, I seem to have stupidly left my notepad at home - oh dear, I shall just have to pop out and buy a new one!! (I love buying notepads!)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Let Crimbo Begin!

I'm blogging from my dads little study in Wales. We've finally arrived. My mum's just cooked a great meal. Since I last saw my parents I have put on a little bit of weight - mainly because it's been too cold to drag myself to the gym and I like my food. My mum looked at me for a bit and said 'Sally are you pregnant?'
I've put it down to the dress/top I was wearing and my new round belly - which is full of food and chocolate, and definitely not babies!
Haha! We all laughed about it. Especially as Mr Sally went very pale and said 'Who's baby is it?'
Yes ha-ha everyone!
I have now changed my top to a more flattering number!
Ah, it's great to be home. It really is actually.

It's my mum's 55th birthday tomorrow and we plan to spoil her rotten. I'm busy planning a little party for her too.
I'll keep you posted.

Excuse me - I have a few sit-ups to do.
Only joking, I've got a whole bar of chocolate to get through!

Monday, 17 December 2007


I woke up this morning and thought 'Oh no, work.' Then I realised I'm on holiday! What a lovely feeling.

Last night I had such a fun time at the pub with Mr Sally's friends. A lovely bunch and the time flew. I honestly don't think I've laughed as much in ages.

Today has been a bit manic, shopping and two whole hours of ironing. Still at least it's done. Tomorrow we have a bit more shopping to do, some gifts to drop off at the theatre then a drive down to Wales!

Mr Sally is being very secretive about my presents. He's been ordering things and getting them delivered to my mum and dads. He's told me that I have to have one of my presents before Christmas.
'What if I don't want it before Christmas?' I asked.
'Sally, please shut up!'
I have been a bit naughty and keep asking questions, to the point where he's almost told me by accident.
He's now announced that he refuses to answer any Christmas present related queries and I'll just have to wait until the big day.
Spoil sport!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I just noticed this in the news and thought I'd share it with you all.

Woman's nine charges of bigamy
The honeymoon is over for a 26-year-old woman in the US who is accused of marrying at least 10 times without a divorce.
Eunice Lopez was charged with bigamy after US immigration authorities in Miami discovered she had married 10 men between 2002 and 2006 without divorcing any of them.
Prosecutors say she charged her husbands an unspecified amount to help them secure immigration status.
A records search found seven additional marriages under the bride's name and birth date, said The Miami Herald newspaper.
"I can tell you that none of the individuals she married had any type of residency," said Terry Chavez, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney.
Lopez arrived in South Florida from Cuba in 2002 and was a legal US resident.

What? She managed to marry 10 men in 4 years?!
I've been with Mr Sally for exactly 4 years without even a hint of a proposal - not that I want one of course! ;-)



Wowee - I have officially broken up from work until Boxing day! Woo-hoo!
It's been a very long week. I worked in the day at my day job and then straight to the theatre for my evening job - a whole week of 12 hour days, but it's over!
Friday night and Saturday night I was working at the local high school - doing FOH for my friends theatre school show. It was very chaotic, lots of little kiddies munching on E-numbers and running chaos, but I think the show went well and I actually enjoyed myself.
Quite a tragic story, but two lovely little girls, 12 year old twins (both members of my friends theatre school) lost their mum last week. They found her and tried desperately to save her life. My friend was busy Friday night trying to tweak the show as it was the funeral that day and didn't expect them to turn up, and in they walked. It was quite a moment. They said they wanted to do the show for their mother. I don't think there was a dry eye around. Doesn't it totally put silly things in to perspective?
Bless them. My friend did a collection on each show and raised hundreds for them, so I hope they manage to have some sort of a good Christmas.

Other news, erm - well I absolutely can't get funding for my course and there's no way I can manage to pay £2000.00 for the fees. Mr Sally and I have had a good chat. The mortgage has gone up and next year the theatre's looking very quiet so not much chance to work extra shifts for extra cash. I could take out a loan etc, but I just don't want to get in to any debt for it. So I've decided to give up my place on the course. As much as it kills me and as much as I really wanted to do it.
I'm never one to be negative, so looking on the bright side I've decided to take one day off work a week (I would have had to for the course anyway) and I've applied to do a similar course at a really great theatre. They wanted me to join in the Summer and because I had a holiday booked in the middle of the course, I decided to wait. So hopefully I can join in the new year. This course costs £50 per term, which is much more like it. It's every other Wed evening and I'll use the day time to have a writing day at home.
So that's the new plan and I'm feeling very positive :-)

As far as writing goes I haven't had time to breathe this past week and have been itching to get stuck in to something. We're off to my parents on Tue until Boxing Day, so I'm sure I'll get some quiet time to write in the evenings.

Tonight Mr Sally and I are off out to meet some friends at a pub for drinks etc. Should be nice. I've got presents wrapped, cards written, outfit planned. Just need to set aside an hour to pamper and get ready.

Hope everyone is having festive fun!

:I know I've been tagged a couple of times and I'll definitely have them done tomorrow sometime!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

It's Behind You!!

Just a quick one to keep you posted.

Since Saturday I have been caught up with Panto. I'm working FOH on Cinderella and working every shift going!
Mr Sally and I will finish work on Fri and will be heading down to Wales to spend time with my family, then we're back to work on Boxing Day for more of the same!

I'll blog more over the weekend once I've finally broken up from work.

Panto is full of glitter, screaming kids but mostly full of Christams spirit, so it's not too bad!

The tree is now up and I'm busy with Crimbo shopping... so it's all go!

Christmas glitter to you all!!

Thursday, 6 December 2007


I had a very productive hour in the library this morning. ALTER-EGO is coming along well (I failed the NANOWRIMO thing) but it did give me a good kick up the booty to start the book, so it served a purpose.

I'm still planning the ending I've been struggling with it a bit, just trying to figure out the twist and it's been bugging me for ages. But strangely I sat down in the library, took my notepad out and it hit me... woo-hoo - yes a great twist, perfect! It's going to work!

Anyway, I'm getting stuck in to it this evening with new found excitement!

Writers Room

Every Saturday the Guardian print a photo of a writers office and I love looking at the photos. It's just interesting seeing where other writers work.
I for one sit at the dining table, which looks out on to the garden and is right next to the kitchen. We do have a study, but it's too small and full of Mr Sally's things, anyway I prefer to be looking out on to the garden as I write.

Thought you'd be interested to see in to two famous writers rooms:

This room belongs to Sue Townsend.

This room belongs to Jacqueline Wilson.

Where do you write?


It's absolutely peeing it down this morning. I'm an hour early for work and so I've taken refuge in the library!
I'm going to get on with some writing before the reality of the day job looms!!

(And I've still not done any Christmas shopping)!


Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I'm Back!

Well put the flags out, I'm back!
The boring laptop story is that the adaptor broke and a new one had to be ordered and it's taken over a week to get a new one.
I've been breathing in to paper bags the whole time, I swear I got the shakes at one point! :-)

What else have I been doing with my spare time?
- Writing with a pen and paper!
-Watching lots of TV (there's hardly anything good on lately and so I've been sucked in to reality heaven/hell)!
-Ironing and cleaning (boring)!
-Bubble baths (why not)!
-Christmas planning
-Reading (lots)!
-Watching my brother in his fab new band (I even missed the X-Factor to go to the gig)!

It's been quite nice actually, but it's great to be back on-line too.

I attempted Christmas shopping after work, where it seems as usual I've left it too late and the item I was all excited about buying Mr Sally today is sold out in all shops! AGH! I will track one down if it's the last thing I do!
Also the car boot blew in the wind and rain tonight and just smacked me on the head. I have a bump on my forehead! Lovely, maybe I'll scatter some festive glitter around it and make it in to a nice Christmas feature!

Speaking of Panto, Mr Sally has been woring long hours this week with the fit-up of Panto. It opens on Saturday and I'll be working on it the entire day!
Hope everyone's getting all festive too.

Monday, 3 December 2007


Sorry for lack of posts. My laptop has died, so this is just a quick blog from the library!

I should be back on-line Tues/Wed.


Sunday, 25 November 2007

Never Again...

will I attempt any Christmas shopping on a Saturday afternoon!

Mr Sally and I decided to go in to town yesterday, he wanted to spend the birthday money he'd been given off my mum and dad and we thought it would be a good chance to browse the shops and start thinking of gifts for Crimbo.

Bad idea.

It was horrible. You couldn't move for people - in particular scally-wags! And some (well most) people are just so bloomin rude.
After an hour I wanted to go home, but Mr Sally couldn't decide what to buy himself which resulted in us bickering as we fought our way around the shops, thus ruining the romantic and fun afternoon planned!
We eventually made friends in Urban Outfitters and after all he he treated me to two writing magazines, Writers Forum and Writing Magazine. Writers Forum has a brilliant interview with Phillipa Ashley by the way.
Mr Sally ended up with a pair of jeans and a nice top and thankfully we got home before it started to pour down with rain.
Ah yes, the Christmas chaos has well and truly started!

Ahem, Santa!

How very cute is this writer's diary from Mslexia?
I don't actually need one as I have a beautiful Filofax, it's just it's so pretty!

Friday, 23 November 2007

I'm In (Definitely)!

I got the call, at 2pm today. I've been accepted on to the course! From January - November I will be attending Arden Theatre School and studying one day a week for a Post Grad Diploma on the Writing for Performance course.
I'm so thrilled and so excited.

There are so many great things about the course, but the main thing I'm excited about is that half way through we get to go to the BBC and pitch an idea to them! I know someone who's just about to graduate from the course and he's just got a BBC commission!

Forgive me, I'm rambling - but I'm just so thrilled!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Bubble Bath Bliss!

Ah, I've just come home from work to a home cooked Shepherds Pie, made lovingly by Mr Sally and it was truly lovely and then I treated myself to a bubble bath and my book. Ah, what a lovely way to wind down after work. I feel much better.

Oh dear England were utterly rubbish last night (I didn't watch it, I just heard Mr Sally swear at the TV a few times)!
It's a shame they're not through, because as much as I hate football, I do quite like patriotic spirit that comes with these huge matches, oh well!

I know this is going to sound really rubbish, but my friend at work gave me a little box of colourful sandwich bags with stickers, they're obviously for kids, but they bring so much fun to taking food in to work!! What colour bag for tomorrow? Decisions, decisions!

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Remember when you were little and that feeling you got when you had to go back to school after the weekend? That's how I felt this morning! The alarm came on and I thought no, no, no.
I tried to make a deal with Mr Sally, if he paid me £20 a day I'd stay at home and keep him company on his week off and make him lots of food and coffee, he said no!
Then I saw a little spot had appeared on my forehead and I tried to pass it off as chicken pox, but Mr Sally reminded me I got chicken pox when I was little. Damn.
So I got ready and stomped off to the bus stop!
I can't change my job, because it's the best job to have if you need time off for writing things or if I'm busy with a play. Plus we get the whole summer off paid!
It's just that I've been there over three years now and I'm feeling a little stir-crazy.

On a high note, the highlight for me was arranging the office Secret Santa and everyone seems in the Christmas spirit!
I managed to pick my good friend Jo, and I swear it wasn't a fix!! :-)
OK, maybe a teeny fix!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I'm In (I think)!

Erm, well it's been a strange start to my week. I sent sample scripts on Sunday to the drama school for the writing for performance course I mentioned (not writing and performance course I called it in my last post)!

Anyway, the lady that runs the course called me after 10:00am yesterday and said she'd read my script and would I be available for an interview that day. Erm, of course!
I had such a fun time. They let me sit in on a writing session that was taking place, which I loved. Then I had a chat/interview and they were so nice. When I asked when I'd find out if I'd been accepted or not. The lady said 'Probably Friday because we're still interviewing all week.' Then the man said 'Although I have to say you're exactly the kind of person we'd like on the course.'
Then the lady said 'Yes, we'd love to have you on the course.'
So I think it's a sign I'm in! Although I'll wait until Fri as nothing is official yet!

In the evening Mr Sally (who has the week off work) had a brilliant idea to go and visit my parents, so we drove down, had a take-away and a good catch up. Spent a lovely morning with them, then we drove to Stafford where Mr Sally drove a Ferrari around a race track. I bought him a driving experience for Christmas last year. Although it was very cold and I had to try and take photos of him speeding past with my numb hands, it was a good day.

Back to work tomorrow, where I will take no more days off because I have Christmas to pay for and (hopefully) course fees to pay in Jan!
Oh, and congrats also to my brother Gav. He had a job interview yesterday and got the job!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

To Do List

Mr Sally had to work late at the theatre last night, so I didn't sleep well. I hate being home alone at night time and we realised this morning that I went to bed with the patio door unlocked. Mr Sally left it unlocked before he went to work and because I never used that door yesterday I didn't realise it was unlocked.
Anyway, as he woke me up at 3:00am when he came home, I'm very tired today - but I've got a lot to do.
Here's the list of things I have planned today:

- Send 10 pages of script, writing CV and cover letter to the writing course I'm applying for.
- Get to at least 10,000 words with ALTER-EGO. I'm way behind with NaNoWriMo
- Sort out the paperwork I have scattered all over the study.
- Set aside some time to read my latest Catherine Alliott book.
- Start making a Christmas list for everyone, I need to get organised.
- Read yesterdays newspapers.

** Have a bubble bath! **

Saturday, 17 November 2007


Well, I've obviously had one of those weeks this week and I'm pleased it's finally the weekend.
I've done lots of thinking this week and I've decided to go back to uni or college!

I've been sitting in my day job feeling more frustrated by every second there and I just feel like I'm wasting so much time when I could be doing something pro-active.
Unfortunately until I make some pennies out of this writing malarkey, I have to have a day job - but figure why can't at least one day a week be for me!

I've been looking at different courses and I've found a brilliant course at a local drama school. It's a writing and performance course, one day a week for one year and it sounds perfect. I'll study writing for theatre, radio and short film.
I phoned the school and it seems I'm just in time to apply for the Jan intake. There are 2 places left and the interviews are next week.

I'm going to fight for my place and if I am lucky enough to be accepted, then I'll have to work out how to pay the £2000.00 course fees - eek!

So if anyone knows of any grants for part time mature students, please let me know!


Wednesday, 14 November 2007


My little car failed its MOT today. It just needs new headlights - even so it's going to cost around £350 in total... RUBBISH! I think I'm just having one of those weeks.

Mr Sally has just treated me to a Chinese - oh well, swings and roundabouts!!

Hope you're all having a better week than me!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

From Bad to OK

Well yesterday I was a bit gloomy, which isn't like me at all. It started at 6:30am when I was getting ready for work and realised that as I threw 2 pairs of boots in the bin on the weekend because they were very old etc, it meant I actually had nothing of warmth for my feet on the most freezing day we've had in a while.
Then I was gloomy because I'm still in my rubbish day job, I had no idea if I had an agent and everything just exploded slightly.
The day was resolved with some good laughs with my friends from work, then I went to a shoe shop and treated myself to a pair of boots and a new top from H&M. I even got changed in to them before I met my friend Paul for our writing session.
I felt much better!
Paul and I as usual gossiped and had a good giggle for 2 hours and then for the last hour planned the characters and plot for our new play, we're very excited.

I finished writing with Paul at 8pm and Mr Sally wasn't finishing work until 10:30pm, so I sat in quiet pub with a larger and lime and did some more writing.
Oh, then I sat in the car for the last half hour and FROZE TO DEATH. Mr Sally came to the car and said 'Why didn't you just put the heater on?'
So I froze for no reason!

Anyway, today I phoned my agency and it seems I'm still being represented by them. I had a nice chat to the man who's looking after me and he seems nice, so we'll see!

Anyone watch 'I'm A Celeb?' I'm sooo hooked!


Sunday, 11 November 2007

Rememberence Sunday

Today is the day we remember everyone who fought in the war and lost their lives.
Mr Sally had the football on today and we had a minute silence to remember and the camera panned around the silent, reflective crowd and landed on a boy of about 8 years old, just stuffing his face with a hotdog.

That's gratitude for you!

Stupid Idea!

Who's stupid idea was it for me to think I could write a 50,000 book in a month? Oh, yes - it was mine!
Well, I've been working hard today and the word count is coming along, but not quick enough.
NaNoWriMo is such a great idea, but instead of just getting the words down, I find myself going back to revise what I've written and deleting chunks.

I've completed the third chapter now and I'm really excited and very happy with the way ALTER-EGO is shaping up.
Hopefully I'll start to get on to a bit of a roll with it now... we'll see!

Hope everyone has had a fun-filled weekend.


The Last Book?

I've just been messing about on Amazon and I'm really pleased to have noticed that another Melissa Nathan book is out in March.
Melissa Nathan is possibly one of my favourite authors, she sadly passed away of cancer in 2006.

They've re-named Pride, Prejudice & Jasmin Field to:

Acting Up.
I'll be getting this the day it comes out and I'll savour every last word.

TV Tears

I just have to blog a little post about last nights X-Factor.

How AMAZING was Rhydian?

I love, love, love him. And I just have to add that whilst I enjoyed every second of last nights show, I cried my eyes out when Andy got voted out. I couldn't bear seeing his gorgeous puppy dog eyes crying. And then when he said 'I just hope I haven't let my family down.' Well that was me finished. Mr Sally just shook his head at me in despair!

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Something quite serious is happening to me.

I think my hand is turning in to the CLAW hand.

OK, the un-dramatic version is that I've been getting pains in my right hand for a while now. It just aches whenever I write. I've just realised that it's because when I'm on the Net I sit with my right hand over my mouse until I type anything.

Excuse me whilst I go and make my little hand a mini sling!

Talking of resting, remember I hurt my ribs? Well, they are feeling much better although they still hurt a little bit. However, I'm still milking it, which is why I'm sat on the couch with my laptop whilst Mr Sally is doing a whole weeks worth of ironing! And a very good job he's doing of it too - I must encourage him to iron more often.

**Closing eyes shut and praying he never reads this post! **

Thursday, 8 November 2007


Thanks Mr Phill Barron for tagging me. I think I was tagged yonks ago by someone else and never got around to doing anything about it, so here goes:
Five things I’m proud of which other people think are lame …

I love musicals:
OK, so a lot of people do like them - except most don't have everything from Annie to Wicked on their MP3 player.
I did have a dream of doing musical theatre for a living, except I realised quite quickly that I needed to be able to sing and probably get my leg on a ballet bar.
I have almost every musical on CD and even own a few musical DVDs. I just flippin' well love a good power ballad - you can't beat it!

I don't like going out:
I'm not talking about being an agoraphobic! I mean when all of my friends want to go out after work and get drunk or spend their Friday's and Saturday's out in town until the early hours, I'd much rather be at home with a cup of tea and a book.
The thought of having a hang-over makes me shudder (what a waste of a day)!
Don't get me wrong, I like to go out for a few drinks now and again and I do enjoy myself, but given the choice I'd much rather be at home.
Even when I do stand-up gigs, I find myself looking at my watch and thinking '11pm, wow it's way past my bed time!'

I like writing letters:
As in proper letters on paper, where you have to put it in an envelope and post. Emails and texts are great, but I miss getting letters in the post.
I used to have pen-pals all over the world when I was younger and I still write to one of them! All of my other friends who have moved to various city's since we've grown up get letters from me and they write back.
In fact, I think my best friend Leah has kept every single letter I've ever sent her since I moved from living across the road from her when I was 13. That's a lot of letters!

I care more about animals than people:
Well, animals and children. I do care about people, I just care about animals and children more. I suppose it's because neither children or animals have asked to be brought in to the world or to be given a home and they're so dependent on people.
If I read in the news that a person was killed walking his/her dog, my immediate thought is 'WHAT ABOUT THE DOG?'

I believe in and I'm very scared of ghosts:
I grew up in a haunted house. We lived there for 13 years and it was horrible. An old lady used to sit by my bed and stroke my hair until I went to sleep when I was two years of age and a lot of scary things have happened since then in that house. The area we lived in was extremely haunted. My cousin who lived across the road used to play with a little girl who told him she died outside his house on a horse and cart accident.
You'd think I'd be used to scary things... oh no! If I'm in on my own I hate it. I'm scared of the dark and I'm scared of turning the lights out at night when Mr Sally is in work. If I'm in on my own I sleep with the quilt wrapped around my head with just a space for my mouth to breathe (which is how I used to sleep growing up in the haunted house).
My worst nightmare is opening my eyes and seeing a figure at the bottom of the bed. This happened to me when I lived in the haunted house. I woke up and a man (not my dad or brother) was stood by my bedroom window, looking out. If I woke up to this as an adult, I'd need therapy!
My mum always says it's the living we should worry about, but I disagree. If you find a living stranger or a ghost in your room, you're going to poop yourself!

Anyway, thanks for tagging me Phill. I feel like I've got a lot off my chest!

I'm not sure who has or hasn't been tagged. So if you're reading this and fancy making your own top five list - please do!

Plotting and Arguing

Last night I met up with my lovely friend Paul and we had a bit of a brainstorm/writing session.
The last play we wrote together 'Centre Stage... to the left a little' was very well received and it's been over a year since we've written anything else together as we've both been busy with other projects.
I like to write on my own and although I have tried to write bits with other 'writer' friends before, it's never been enjoyable - but somehow Paul and I just click. I suppose it has a lot to do with a good 10 year friendship, we have the same sense of humour and we can be completely honest with each other. We've decided to cast people we've worked with before as I hate actors with ego's and believe me, we've worked with a fair few!
I'll keep you posted about the play, we're still in the planning stages at the moment.

ALTER-EGO is coming along, well actually I just read the bits I wrote the other night and it's utter rubbish, so I'll be making some changes to it tonight!

Other news, I managed to have an argument in the middle of Primark over £2! I'm ashamed!
For those that don't know, Primark is a brilliant clothes shop which sells everything sooo cheap.
Basically a beautiful top was on a reduced rail for £2, so I took it to the till. The man on the till said it was coming up at £4 and so I showed him the big bright red £2 on the ticket (by the way I would have happily paid more than £4 for this top if it hadn't been on the reduced rail.)
So the man on the till made someone go and check the rest of the tops... she strolled SLOWLY to find the tops, came back after ten million hours and said that yes they have been marked at £2, but the manager said if the till says £4, then she had to charge £4.
I said 'No if the ticket says £2 you have to sell it me at £2.'
She looked at me, then at the man at the till and they both looked at me like I had some sort of a mental problem!
Then another manger turned up and I went through the story all over again with a big 'I'm an angry customer' frown on my face... blah, blah, blah. She also looked at me like I had a mental problem.
I left the top, then walked to work thinking that yes, maybe I do have some sort of a mental problem... what sane woman would argue and make her voice go all high pitched over two pounds?


Monday, 5 November 2007

Bonfire Night

Hope everyone is having a nice bonfire night. I'm watching them through the window, in the warmth with my pj's on! Mr Sally has a night off for once and I think we missed all of the public firework displays as they were all on over the weekend. Never mind, they get boring after a bit and I'd much prefer to be in the warmth.

Well, I'm plodding away with ALTER-EGO. It's coming along and I still have the excitement bubbling in my stomach, which is a good sign!

Did anyone watch A ROOM WITH A VIEW last night? Wow, it was brilliant. Very beautifully written and very well acted. Perfect Sunday night viewing.


Sunday, 4 November 2007

Meet and Greet

I'd like you to meet hero and heroine of my new book ALTER-EGO.

Beautiful, beautiful Matt Damon aka Huw

The fresh faced Catherine Zeta Jones aka Clarissa 'Liss'

They're going to make a lovely couple, I can just feel it!


More Books

Whilst I'm talking about books, I should mention the books I read on holiday. I'll talk about them in the order I read them.

Cuban Heels by Emily Barr
Maggie moves to Brighton after splitting up with her long-term boyfriend, and, unable to find a job, starts work as a lapdancer. Failing to make any new friends, she writes letters compulsively, and the highlight of her day is the sound of the morning post being delivered. Maggie gradually becomes obsessed with the married couple, Jessica and David, living next door. Jessica has given up work after having a baby, and is finding life as a full-time mother very difficult. Just as she persuades David that she should return to work, he is asked to take a sabbatical from his management-consultant job. He's always longed to travel, and convinces Jessica that they should spend six months in Cuba, learning Spanish. Maggie, deciding she too wants to travel, follows them to Havana, where the horrors of her past - in particular her young sister's violent death - begin to haunt her. And as Maggie starts to break down, she tries to take over Jessica's life...

My friend recommended this book to me. She said it was one of her favourites and also my boss raved about it and as I was going to Cuba I thought why not!
I'm so glad I did. Not only is this book extremely well written it's not at all what I though it was going to be. It's very un-nerving in places and does make you think.
I do completely recommend it and understand why my friend classes it as one of her favourites, I would happily say it's one of mine too. A very powerful read.

Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley
This is a classic romantic story of star-crossed lovers who just can't seem to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A very young Beth and Jack met, fell passionately in love and had a whirlwind engagement several years ago in Corsica. But when they got back to the reality of their everyday lives in the UK, Jack mysteriously ended their relationship and Beth was left alone and heartbroken. What a cad. Or was he? When Beth, all grown-up and newly engaged - again - ends up working for Jack by a bizarre twist of fate, they start to unravel a string of misunderstandings that drove them apart. But it's too late to try again - or is it?

Being a huge fan of Phillipa's first book DECENT EXPOSURE I was extremely excited to read WYWH and it didn't let me down. Phillipa manages to make her characters completely believable, I especially loved the characters of Beth's father and sister. She also has a way of making her leading men completely irresistible and I fell in love with Jack the minute we met him.
Although it was my first day on holiday with a lot of things to see and do, I couldn't stop reading it and read it within a day. I'm huge fan of Phillipa's writing and would recommend it to anyone. In fact I've just lent it to my friend!

You Had Me at Halo by Amanda Ashby
Holly Evans has just seen her body laid to rest. Now she would like to move onto the afterlife. But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first, starting with the matter of how she died. Her heavenly shrink isn’t buying that she didn’t kill herself and says she must return to earth to straighten things out. The thing is, she needs to borrow the body of computer geek Vince Murphy to do it. Oh, and although Vince was supposed to have vacated the premise, he apparently never got the memo.
Now, Holly has forty-eight hours to resolve her issues while sharing arms, legs, and…other things … with a guy she barely noticed while she was alive. But the real surprise is what life has to offer when you have only two days to live it.

As books go, this has to be one of the most imaginative books I've read in a long time. Very clever, very funny with a heroine you'd love to have as a friend.
Again, I read this book in a day and it kept me guessing right through. With most books you can usually guess the ending, but with this one there was no way I could guess what would happen to the lovely Holly at the end and was so pleased it was a happy one.
This is a great debut from Amanda, she writes with such warmth and with great humour - I'm really looking forward to her next offering.

Confessions of an Air Hostess by Marisa Mackle
Bestselling Irish writer Marisa Mackle comes to "Little Black Dress" with a hilarious, romantic and page-turning book about the air hostess to end all air hostesses...Poor Annie. Dumped by her boyfriend via text this morning while en route to the airport, she can think of better things to do than stand on a plane demonstrating emergency procedure and pointing out low-level lighting to hundreds of uninterested passengers. But what's a cabin-crew gal to do when her love life hits turbulence? Annie bravely resolves to keep smiling through her fake tan - while there's still a plane to catch, there's still pastures new to discover. And one of these days she's sure to really meet Mr Right. Isn't she? A great love story and a fantastic, loveable heroine combine to make this a romantic novel that's simply not to be missed.

Now I fully respect writers and never like to review anything badly - I always try and be positive but I really couldn't get in to this book. I don't know why, but I think it might have been my fault. I'd read three books so quickly and think I needed a break. So I made the decision to stop reading it. I love Little Black Dress and I don't want to put anyone off this book. I honestly think I was just booked-out by this point. So I will be picking it up again soon and will be giving it another go. I'm sure I'll love it and I'll keep you posted. It's had some great reviews on Amazon, so I honestly think it was me!

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella
Becky's life is blooming! She's working at London's newest fashion store The Look, house-hunting with husband Luke (her secret wish is a Shoe Room)... and she's pregnant! She couldn't be more overjoyed - especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. Everything has got to be perfect for her baby: from the designer nursery... to the latest, coolest pram... to the celebrity, must-have obstetrician. But when the celebrity obstetrician turns out to be her husband Luke's glamorous, intellectual ex-girlfriend, Becky's perfect world starts to crumble. She's shopping for two... but are there three in her marriage?

Now, this wasn't on my holiday list to read. I'm a huge fan of the Shopaholic series, it's just this one came out in hardback and as all of my collection is in paperback, I stopped myself buying it when it first came out. (Which was very difficult to do, but I'm quite anal!) I honestly wish paperbacks came out sooner, I hate hardbacks. Anyway, the airport do special paperbacks and this was on the table, so I bought it.
It's very rare that you love every single book in a series, but Sophie Kinsella manages it somehow. The first in the series was the reason I fell in love with chick-lit. Becky and Luke are a fantastic couple and I absolutely love, love, love following their ups and downs!
I don't think I need to recommend this book as I'm sure everyone loves the Shopaholic series!

Basically a great selection of books, which only added to the fun I had on my holiday.

Catherine Alliott

Catherine Alliott, by far is my favourite writer. Her characters are well rounded, her writing is extremely engaging and I just love her!

I finished reading A CROWDED MARRIAGE last night and I loved it.

Here's the synopsis:

This is the gorgeous new novel from bestselling novelist, Catherine Alliott. There are already three people in Imogen Cameron's marriage - herself, her husband, Alex, and their son, Rufus - and that's just the way she likes it. But then the Camerons are forced to accept an offer from Eleanor Latimer of a rent-free cottage on her estate. Ordinarily, such an offer is not to be sniffed at but as Eleanor happens to be Alex's beautiful, rich and frankly flirtatious ex, Imogen is very sniffy indeed. And with good reason. Once installed in Shepherd's Cottage, Imogen's life is suddenly full to bursting with surly locals, psychotic chickens, mountains of manure, visits from the infuriatingly bossy vet, and of course Eleanor; who seems to be permanently at Alex's side. As far as Imogen's concerned, two's a marriage, three's a family and this! Well, this is just silly, someone's going to have to go. The question is who?

The plot in this book twists and turns and definitely keeps you guessing right until the end. I actually tried to read a bit more whilst the adverts for the X-Factor were on and the plot just turned and I screamed 'No Way!' and then I could barely watch the X-Factor because there was no way I was going to put it down!

Catherine Alliott also writes with great humour. I do often laugh at books on the bus, but they are always usually inward laughs, with this book though, I did laugh out loud several times! She's extremely good with one-liners!

I'd highly recommend this book or indeed any of Alliott's books.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Rock On Bro!

Just want to wish my lovely brother Gav a good gig tonight in Manchester.

I was supposed to be going to support him and take photos, it's his first gig in Manchester, but my ribs are still hurting and there's no way I can drive in to town.

I couldn't even drive to the shops today.

I spoke to Gav this morning and he understands, I'm just really gutted I wont be there to support him, I'll be at his next one.

Meanwhile, Mr Sally has been in work since 8am this morning and seems to be having a very bad day at work.

I, on the other hand had a very nice morning. After I got woken up by Mr Sally leaving for work around 7am, I made a cup of tea and read my Catherine Alliott book in bed for an hour (which, by the way is a great book).

I've written the second chapter of ALTER-EGO, it's coming along and I'm really enjoying it.

I've done three loads of washing and now I'm going to read a bit more of 'A Crowded Marriage' before I have to make some tea and tune in to the X-Factor.

Hope everyone else is having a nice Saturday.

**Have a great gig Gav**


As Seen On TV

Since 12pm today uktvGOLD have been having a Victoria Wood afternoon. From dinnerladies to As Seen On TV I've been watching them all and I've had a great afternoon.

Victoria Wood is one of my favourite writers.

I love her sketches and wish there were more sketch shows like these on TV. Yes, there are plenty of sketch shows, but nothing to her standard (in my humble opinion)!

As you can probably see I'm a fan of Ms Wood and wish, wish, wish there was more of her on TV.

Want... Want... Want

Mr Sally got me a great phone last year for Christmas. It's got Internet access and word etc, so you can type and trasfere over to your computer.

He kindly paid for a years contract, and now the contract is almost up which means I can upgrade.

I was just saying to my dad on the phone last night that I thought I'd probably get a smaller phone next time, one less complicated, but -

I went on the website last night and saw this.
The Blackberry Curve
I really want it!!

Friday, 2 November 2007

The Child Within

Every Friday evening my friend presents on a local radio station. I've not got round to tuning in to her yet, and so today I told her I would. Except I don't just want to sit and listen, I want to call in and embarrass her!
It's not like it's her first show, she's been doing it a while now. Plus, she's one of those people who really can't take a joke, which I think is funny.

I'm trying desperately to pick up the station, it's ScallyFM or something and I can't seem to get it... I'll try on the Internet.

My other friend is tuning in from the bar she's working in and she wants me to be Welsh! We'll see.
I'll update later!

*** UPDATE***
It seems I can't pick up ScallyFM. I've tried it on the Internet and it's not working. We have a digital radio in the kitchen, but I can't seem to pick it up still.
I'll get Mr Sally to tune it in for me this weekend and I'll try and listen in next week!

It seems my friend is safe for a week!

The Start

I started writing Alter-Ego tonight! The first chapter is down and I'm so excited. I was scared to start as I wasn't sure how to start it, so I had a cup of tea and just jumped straight in and I'm happy and very excited!!

Now it's late and Mr Sally will be home from work soon, so I'm going to put my pj's on and make him a snack.

I'll post more tomorrow!


Wednesday, 31 October 2007

National Novel Writing Month

Tomorrow sees the start of NNWM

"National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30."

I've just signed up - it should be fun, if anything it's a big kick up the bum to switch off the Internet and knuckle down!

My username is: mirthinmanc

Anyone else signed up??

Three Hour Day

As I mentioned in a previous post, I fell down some steps on holiday and really hurt my ribs. It's been over a week now and although feeling better, it still hurts.
I tried to carry the bags of shopping in to the kitchen yesterday and it hurt like mad. So I made the wise decision to see the Doctor.

The waiting room this morning was horrible, people coughing without covering their mouths and a slobby woman was sat with her slobby child on a four-seater sofa and took up almost all of it, when a woman walked in with a bag and tubes connected to her mouth - helping her breathe, she went to sit next to the slobby family - who just glared at her until she moved and sat on a wooden chair. 'What a wonderful community we live in.' I mumbled to Mr Sally. Honestly, now I realise why the receptionists are so rude when you phone them, I would be too if I spent my whole day with these people!
Anyway, I'm ranting!

So the news is that I have cartilage damage, nothing broken! I need to rest it and the Doc said it would take ages to get better (great!)

I phoned my boss and said I'd be able to get in to work for 1pm (we live a bit out of town and I was ages at the Doctors) I said I'd come in for the last three hours if she thought it was worth it, she said it was! So I've been in work for three hours today and it really wasn't worth it!!

I informed Mr Sally that I needed lots of rest which meant I wouldn't be able to do the ironing, the cleaning and definitely no hoovering...
'Nothing new there then,' he added with a cheeky smile.

So rude!

I will milk this for all it's worth!!!!!

Happy Halloween - hope you're all having a fun night xx

Monday, 29 October 2007

Different Kind of Note

On the plane to Cuba I watched Dreamgirls - it's such a fantastic film, I'd recommend it to anyone.
Anyway, after a horrible day of being rained on, back to the day job, getting the bus home in the dark - blah, blah, blah - I was ready for a quick blog and maybe a bath (I fell down some steps on holiday and I've hurt my ribs, so although feeling much better, I was still looking forward to a good soak) and sitting with my book -
I just downloaded one song I love from the film Dreamgirls - it's called 'Listen' and is sung by Beyonce and now I feel totally inspired to write.
Music always inspires me. When I listen to songs, I create possible scenes in my head, sometimes for my books or sometimes for TV - like a mini film, I've always done it.
Does anyone else do this with music? Or am I just completely barking mad?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Oh My God...

... I've just realised that in just under 8 weeks it's Christmas!!!

** deep breaths - deep breaths **

Please excuse me whilst I make some lists...


Mr Sally and I have just got back from spending the weekend in Prestatyn with my mum and dad. The food in Cuba wasn't great and so I was so ready for some of my mum's cooking and boy did she cook! Over the weekend I've had two Full English breakfasts, a roast dinner, cake, chocolate and a take-away Chinese curry! I'm well and truly stuffed!

The weekend was great - we celebrated Mr Sally's birthday and he got some lovely things. Last night was X-Factor night, which I so missed on holiday. I love Hope and Nikky (so far - I'll probably change my mind next week!)

The clocks went back an hour today - I don't know why we do it, it's stupid. Yes, an extra hour in bed is lovely, but being pitch black at 5pm is RUBBISH!


Saturday, 27 October 2007


I didn't do any writing on holiday, absolutely none. I bought a beautiful note pad from Paperchase and didn't use it once.
It's like a little light went out and I just switched off - I read lots and lots of books - got lost in other peoples worlds and absorbed everything that was going on (isn't it fun people watching on holiday)!
Now back, I'm ready to get back in to it. Every evening next week once I'm home from work I'm going to be writing and I can't wait! I've still got my next book 'Alter-Ego' burning inside and I think it's finally ready to come out.

Hope everyone else is having fun with their writing.


In Limbo

I've had my agent for 2 months (if that) and I was really happy. Then on my hols I got an email to say she was leaving the company and I've sort of been left in limbo.
I've received a letter off the agency explaining that they are working out our future and we'll hear from them soon...

It's such a rubbish feeling - I'm just hoping they'll keep me on. After three years of searching for an agent and finally getting one, I don't think I can bear starting all over... but then if I have to then so be it.
I'm just sad to say bye to my agent as I really liked her.


I'm Back!!!

I'm back from Cuba... It was fantastic, definitely the most beautiful place I've ever been to.

I read lots of great books!

The sea was beautiful and clear.

I went 1000ft in the air in a hanglider thing!!

I tried a Cuban cigar and didn't like it at all!

I drank coconut juice in the sea!

I realised what a poser Mr Sally actually is!

Mr Sally celebrated his birthday in style - we had a party with some friends. We went to a lobster shack then had champagne and cake (although he had to go on stage to receive them!!)

Mr Sally and I had a lovely time. We met some fantastic people, made friends for life and have lovely memories we'll never forget... however, it is nice to be back home.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Off On Holiday!

I'm off to Cuba for 2 weeks. I'll blog all about it when I get back!
I'll be sure to have a cocktail or three for you!!!!


Paul Abbott Q&A

Oh wow, last nights Q&A with the fantastic writer Paul Abbott was brilliant - actually it was more than brilliant, it was inspiring and I didn't want it to end.

Paul answered questions on writing for the screen, told us the importance of re-writes - he did 37 re-writes of the latest series of Shameless, he only stopped because the production company said no more!
Paul complained about writers being encouraged to write for Doctors, Holby or Casualty. Saying a writers voice is limited and the BBC should be encouraging writers to use their voice and not moulding them to write for soaps etc. (He said all this whilst sat next to a very important BBC person, which was quite funny!)

I can't say I learnt anything from Paul Abbott - but I was brilliantly inspired and came away believing anything is possible, you just need to put the work in.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Sorry for lack of posts.

I went to Prestatyn Saturday night after the show to visit my family. Had a lovely day on Sunday, was sad to leave.
Just trying to get everything sorted before I go on holiday on Thursday!!!!!

I'm in the library, having just finished work. I'm killing time before I pop along to the Paul Abbott Q&A. I'm soooo excited.
This man is a fantastic writer and I've always, always wanted to go to a Q&A or a workshop with him. I'll try and post tonight.


Saturday, 6 October 2007

Fiction NOT Fact

I've just realised very quickly that as much as I truly LOVE writing fiction, when it comes to writing factual stuff, I can't do it.
Well, it's not that I can't do it, it's just that it doesn't interest me.

Remember I mentioned I was writing something for the Police Museum for my friend? I'm struggling. If I was allowed to create fictional stories and characters, I'd be having a ball - but I've got to look up real stories of real criminals that were put in the actual cells at the museum and re-tell them, which means lots of RESEARCH!

Anyway, I've agreed to do it, so there's no way I'll let her down but I've got to get it all done by next week and I'm slightly nervous.

You know that feeling when you had homework for school and it's the weekend, so you decide to leave it until Sunday, then Sunday comes along and...

No, I shall crack on with my research now!


Anyone Got a Paper Bag?

I just found this on 'heat news' website...

Kerry Katona, famous for her failed marriage, drug taking claims etc has a novel coming out this month.

You can't blame people for grabbing opportunities and publishers know it will sell - but still, it makes me want to stick pins in my eyes!
Here's what the 'heat news' website had to say about it:
"Somehow, when she's not been getting married, getting burgled and getting pregnant, Kerry Katona has found time to write a book, Yes, an actual novel. Like what Charles Dickens and Jackie Collins do. Tough Love is described as "gritty and real" and centres around a busty blonde called Leanne Crompton (no relation to our classy Style Ed Eleanore...) who has a complicated northern family. So, er, not at all autobiographical then? The book comes out on October 25th and she already has two more lined up. Blimey, she pops out books faster than she pops out babies - and that's saying something. Still, we're kind of impressed, as we didn't realise she could even spell her own surname, let alone write 300 pages of grisly fiction."

Friday, 5 October 2007

Quick Catch-Up

Sorry for the delay in posts this week. I'm actually at the theatre now, in Mr Sally's office. I've been working Front Of House on the Ross Noble show. He's a fab comedian and the theatre has been sooooo busy!
I've been on a theatre bar all week, which is why I'm sat in Mr Sally's office waiting for the show to finish.

I'm very tired, but need the extra money for my holiday!!

I'll catch up properly tomorrow!


Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I was sat in work today feeling bored and was half listening in to a conversation two of my friends were having, when an idea for my next book just hit me slap bang in the face.
The idea hit me and one second after that the title hit me.
It was such a strange, yet exciting feeling.

It's a chick-lit style book and this is the title:


Hm, I need to check if it's been used etc, but I can't tell you how excited I am.

I'm still busy with my other book for my teen series Snogs, Blogs & Best Mates - but I do want to write for adults too.
I'd love to be in the position to write and publish two books a year, one adult and one teen.
The first book I wrote Miss Independent was an adult book and my teen book was my second.
Miss Independent was a big learning curve and I re-wrote it well over seven times. It's now called Coffee and Confessions, and although my agent likes it, we decided to work on Snogs, Blogs first.

Anyway, I'm soooo excited by the idea of this book.
I went swimming after work and thought more about the plot etc. I'm going to let the idea form properly first and I'm definitely going to write a lot of it whilst on holiday.

This is definitely the one... I just know it!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Holiday Reads

These little babies have been selected to join me on my jollies next week!

When I get back from holiday, I will be purchasing...

I was hoping to get these to take away, but as Sally Lawton usual I've left it too late to order and get in time! So they'll be top of my list when I get back.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Romance & Passion with Kate Harrison

Today I went to the romance and passion event with the fantastic author Kate Harrison.
Not having clue how to get to Worsley, I set off an hour and a half early and relied on good old SatNav!
I got there an hour early, so after parking up I had a little walk around. The place is beautiful.

As I walked in to the old Court House and took my seat a wind band were playing love songs, it really was gorgeous.
The room filled up pretty quickly, I was interested to see a few men in the audience, I thought they may have been dragged along by their partners, but a couple of the men asked questions after the talk!
Although I seemed to be the youngest there, it was a mixed bag of ages, which is nice.
Kate was absolutely lovely. (OK, so I meant to take photos of her - but I was too interested in what she was saying to remember to take a photo and at the end I was about to ask her for one after she signed my book, but an elderly lady started talking to her, so I left it).
Kate started by telling us of her love of reading growing up and how she never dreamt she could ever possibly be an author herself.
The next section was about her becoming an author. How a bad break-up with her boyfriend and the arrival of 'chick lit' made her realise that if other ordinary people with ordinary jobs could do it, why couldn't she.
She talked us through her feelings of the rejection process and how she never gave up, she just kept writing.
There was one valid point in this section Kate made about the rejection process we all face. She said that rejection forms two types of writers - the determined ones, who carry on writing and never give up, until one day they find their way in. Or there are the ones who go slightly bitter and twisted, who believe they'll never get there and they're just wasting their time. **I'm paraphrasing!**
Kate attended a writing weekend and entered her first novel Old School Ties in to the novel writing competition. After hearing non-stop that 'chick lit' was dead, she didn't think it stood a chance, so when she won first prize - she was naturally stunned!
Kate got herself a publisher and an agent on the very same day!
She talked about the highs and lows of writing. Doing book signings with nobody showing up, trying to meet deadlines and holding down a full time job at the same time - although now she's managed to leave her day job and can happily call herself a small business woman!
Kate read sections from Brown Owls Guide to Life and Self -Preservation Society.
She also told us how she's been allowed to create a new identity for herself (although she wouldn't tell us any more) she'll be writing under a pseudonym and writing younger books for girls in their 20's - Sex and the City style books.
She also hopes to write for children one day.
Kate said one of the best things about being a writer was the support from other writers, how surprised she is that writers are nice, a nice change from working within the bitchy world of TV.
She ended the afternoon by saying when she reads a book, she reads for entertainment. That no matter how much love stories get frowned upon, it's true that every single person in the world seeks love and people will always want a love story.
I couldn't agree more.
There seem to be so many people who are scared of reading for pleasure. I know people who are ashamed to be seen with pink 'chick lit' books. It makes me laugh.
However many people say 'chick lit' is dead, it never bothers me. There will always be women's fiction... women read - fact!
Kate signed my book after, which I felt slightly silly about asking! She was absolutely lovely - we talked about the novel-racers for a little bit and a bit about my book.
All in all it was a great event and Kate Harrison is a lovely person, and a wonderful writer. She truly deserves her success.
Looking forward to her next book!


Well my lovely dad has posted the final part to his treasure tales, and what an ending. I've just cried my eyes out for the past half an hour.

I love the fact my dad has a blog. Although I know many stories about him, it's still nice to learn other things and in such detail.
The other reason I love him having a blog is because it's sparked the writer within... I'm encouraging him to try writing something fictional now.

Anyway, pop along and read the last but very powerful and moving post.

PS: Sorry he's not commented back to those of you who have left comments. He loves reading the comments, he's going to try and comment on other people's posts soon - he's still learning!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Autumn Reads

I love this time of year so much. When the sun is out but the air is crisp - I love it.
Mr Sally is in work all day and until 4am Sunday (he has to do a get-out at the theatre).

I've had a nice afternoon. I had a bit of a drive around the hills and then stopped off at the shops. I took some books to a charity shop. I've decided to get rid of some books that have been on my TBR pile for over 6 years. I need to make some space because my book buying does get out of hand and I think if I haven't read them in 6 years, I'm not likely to read them at all! I hate parting with books, but it had to be done.
I'm busy compiling my holiday read list - which is far more important than my holiday outfit list!
I took 6 books on holiday last year, Mr Sally went a bit mad because my case was slightly over the allowed weight - but what's a girl to do!
I ended up reading 5 of them and I would have read the last one only we made some friends on our last week and hung out in the pool with them quite a lot and when I did pick up book number 6 to read, the pages actually fell out! So I don't think it was meant to be!

One thing I LOVED last holiday was the room where you picked up the beach towels from that was full of books. As it was my first sunny holiday, I didn't realise these were books people had read and then handed in for others to take away and read.
'Free books?' I practically screamed at Mr Sally.
He convinced me that I'd brought enough to read and didn't need any more.
Still... FREE BOOKS!
I think the point is to give them back, but...

I'm off to Kate Harrison's afternoon of Romance tomorrow. I'm soooo looking forward to it. If anyone is looking for a good book, then Kate's best-seller, 'Brown Owls Guide to Life' is BRILLIANT. I'm only half way through, and I love it. I'm trying to finish it by tomorrow.

Anyone else reading anything good at the moment?


My brother Gav is 2 years older than me and has always been the quiet, shy one. I was the one performing in shows growing up and Gav had no interest of being in the spotlight. He'd happily sit in the audience and support me, but had no interest of doing anything theatrical himself.

He asked for a guitar for his birthday and everyone assumed it would just be something he'd play with a few times and then it would be left to collect dust, but...

I watched him teach himself from scratch how to play and over the past 10 years it's been the one constant in his life.
He's swapped guitars and bands loads, he's been close to signing deals and he's never given up.

The first time I saw him play on stage I was so shocked and so proud at the same time - for once he was in the spotlight and I was in the audience and he shined.
He's a fantastic musician (I'm not just saying that because I'm his sister!)

He's recently reformed with his old band Fudged and tonight is their first gig.
So I just want to say GOOD LUCK GAV!!!! Have a great gig.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Weekend Excitement!

Yey, it's officially the weekend!!

This morning I had to go to the Doctors for a booster jab for my hols. I'm such a baby, I had to take Mr Sally with me. It didn't hurt, but my arm is really sore now!
My Doctor is so lovely, I could have talked to him all morning about holidays and things - I can totally understand why some people make up problems just to visit their Doctor.
** please note I am not one of these people, just appreciate having a nice Doc!**

Work was OK, I treated myself to a chippy lunch! (well I thought I deserved it after my morning!)

Mr Sally and I picked up our tickets at the travel agents and had a wonder around the shops for holiday things... well him flip-flops - me, books!

Logging off in a min to enjoy a quiet night, Mr Sally is off work for once! I'm going to read my book.
Tomorrow I'm going to get stuck in to my WIP!

My dad has uploaded part eight to his tales. The story will continue on Sat and the final part will be posted on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

70's Treasure

For anyone following my dad's treasure tales, he's just put the next part up... even if you've no time to read the latest bit - you have to log on to check out the funky photo of my dad in the 70's!!!


The Plan That Was...

Tonight's big plan was to come home, eat, read blogs and surf net for an hour then have a nice hot bath and then curl up with my book, but...

I discovered a download site and have been listening to samples and purchasing songs for my MP3 Player!
I've never downloaded a song in my life (Mr Sally always transferred them from my CDs for me!) And now I'm like a woman possessed!

Now if only I could find my MP3 Player so I can transfer them from my computer...

**Mr Sally if you're reading this, it'll be in one of my handbags somewhere, just not sure which one!**

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a busy few days...

Monday: After work I met up with my lovely friend Paul. We went out for a beer and a catch up then I went to his flat where his partner had made us Spag Bol. I met their new puppy Millie, she's the sweetest thing in the world!
Paul and I then planned our next writing projects - and it's very exciting. We're going to take our sketch characters and invent a village for them all. We're going to write and film 2 min episodes and make them in to a PodCast.
Now although all this is my idea, I have no idea how to make PodCasts, lots of planning to do! I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday: I met my friend Claire after work. We went to a cafe-bar and spent a couple of hours catching up, talking mostly about men and then planned my writing for the Police Museum she runs. I'm going to be writing some stories for their Halloween night, should be fun!

Today: Well, after work Mr Sally and I went to the gym. Just as we were leaving I said, 'What shall we have for tea?"
Which is when he announced he was working the show at the theatre - this information I did know, he told me his time-table last night, so I have absolutely no idea why I thought he'd be driving us home!
So with wet hair, I walked to the bus stop in the FREEZING cold, waited 20mins for a bus and then once at my stop walked 10mins home, and it was COLD!

But, there's no better feeling than coming in from the cold and putting on your pyjamas and sitting in the warmth with a hot cup of tea!

Here's one thing I've discovered tonight... I absolutely can not sit through an episode of DIY SOS without crying my eyes out!!

My lovely dad has gone through a writing frenzy and uploaded Parts 4, 5 and 6 to his tales on his blog.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week and keeping warm!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Lawton Tales...

My lovely dad has now put part three of his story on to his blog!

I have told him he needs to comment on people's posts and reply to comments, which he's going to attempt soon (he's very new to blogs and even emails).

From my point of view his writing is lovely. Growing up he's always been a brilliant story teller, he can hold people's attention when he's telling stories and some of his childhood stories are really, really funny.
There's one particular story about him swapping rugby classes to cookery when he was in school, which can still make Mr Sally roll on the floor with tears down his eyes at the line 'what's in the basket Lawton?'

Anyway, my dad joined the blogging world a week ago, and since his first post - I saw a little light switch on in his eyes.
He emailed me to say 'this writing malarkey is addictive.'

It sure is Dad!
Just like his daughter, I think my dad has the writing 'bug!'


Word Count

I've just written the first chapter of Daddy's Little Girl, and although enjoyable - I found it tough.
The book is the second in the series and so as well as having to start from where the second ended, each book is narrated by a different girl each time.

Snogs, Blogs & Best Mates is a series about four best friends living in Cumbria and they run a 'Best Mates' Club!

The first book Geek to Unique was narrated by Lucy - who's pretty and popular and it was quite easy, but Daddy's Little Girl is narrated by Jessica - she's quite serious and very academic. Two totally different girls.

Although I know the girls extremely well by now, I just found it strange switching voices! I'll get used to it and although the first chapter is rough at the moment, I'm still happy with it.
I managed to write 735 words this afternoon - so far, so good!

Kate Harrison

The fantastic author Kate Harrison is doing a reading in a library near me next weekend. I'll be popping along because I think she's great. I've just started reading 'The Brown Owl's Guide to Life.' So far... sooo good!

Right, well I'm popping the kettle on for a brew and then I'm going to start the opening chapter of 'Daddy's Little Girl.'

I'm so excited to start it! I'll let you know how I get on later.

Happy fun Sunday everyone!


Saturday, 22 September 2007

Website (Part 2)

After the probs with my last website attempt, I have now spent the entire day building a new one!
Please check it out and let me know what you think... I especially love the photo book!!

I'm tired now, just popping to the chippy for a chip barm (well why not? It is Saturday and I haven't eaten yet!)



After rushing to renew my passport - Mr Sally and I finally booked our holiday to Cuba yesterday!
We leave for two weeks on Oct 11th and I'm soooo excited!!

We're going to a little island off Cuba, where there are only 2 hotels and the beach is supposed to be the most beautiful!

I'm now busy trying to get everything sorted - like planning the books to take. If anyone knows of a good holiday read, please let me know.
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