Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bye Bye Mirth - NEW BLOG!

Thank you to everyone that read my ramblings on Mirth. It's been a good few years, but it's time for a change.

I'm leaving Mirth in Manchester behind and you'll now find me here:

I hope you come over there and keep reading about my little world. I PROMISE to blog more and I really hope you like City Hills.

Heaps of love and thanks,
Sally x

Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Hot HOT!

Oh My God. I'm ginger and this heat... flippin' heck.
After a week of being ill, it's been back to work and it's been so busy. Horrible.

I finished work at 11pm on Saturday after a 11 hr day and was back in at 8am on Sunday. But Anis was off and a promise of a bbq and beers in the back garden were enough to keep me clock watching all day.

I rushed home, showered, changed and me and Anis had a fabulous afternoon in the sunny garden with a bbq, book and beers.

The cat adoption lady came to check the house on Sunday and we passed! Bubbles is ours. I have to phone them tomorrow to plan picking her up. I just can't wait.

Anis and I are both off work tomorrow and Wednesday. We're off to Wales. Fingers crossed the sun keeps shining x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I knew it would happen. I said on my Facebook and Twitter 'I'm going to the animal sanctuary for some advice on a stray, don't be shocked if I come back with a cat!'

Well we got to Bleakholts Animal Sanctuary, which I have to say is a beautiful animal sanctuary. We got some advice on Squeak, then went for a look around. There were so many cats and it's like they put on a little show when you walk past them. One black cat was rubbing himself all over my hands through the bars and I was almost in tears. Anis was like, 'Sally, no.' I was going, 'I think he loves me though.'

Obviously we've been caring for Squeak lately and we both love cats. My mum and dad have my two cats as I lived near a main road and couldn't let them out. The intention was for me to have them back once I'd moved, but they are so settled and content with my mum and dad I don't think they'd want to leave and I don't think my mum and dad would want to give them up. The mutual love they have for each other is beautiful.

So Anis and I walked round the sanctuary and he wouldn't let me have a goat or a rabbit! I'd have one of everything if I could - then he was like, 'Let's do the responsible thing and speak to them about it.'

So we spoke to the lady at the cat centre and explained we really, really want to adopt a cat but we'd need one that doesn't mind being inside in the day as there's at least one day a week where we're both in work for 12 hours.

She said it was fine and a few of them were house cats and quite content with their own company.

Anis: I'd quite like a male cat.
Me: I don't mind if it's male or female.
Anis: A tabby one would be nice.
Me: I don't care what it looks like.

So he was looking for a butch tabby and I was looking for one that needed a home the most. The black one that loved me had been booked for someone else.
So the lady took us in to one of the cat pens and said - 'We have a gorgeous cat, who isn't as pretty as some, she's female, but she's so friendly.' And she went over to this gorgeous cat and picked her up. She's 8 years old and came in with her sisters, but was bullied by them a bit.
Anis was still looking around for a butch tabby! How could I stand there and say, 'No - she's not for me.'

I fell in love with her straight away (and the cat next to her and the one on the floor)! So it was agreed, we'd adopt her.
Her name is Bubbles. (How theatrical! I love it!)

We have to have a house check and then once we pass that, she gets chipped and has a visit to the vets and then we can bring her home. It could take up to two weeks.

I wish it was quicker but I love how they are thorough and don't let them go to anyone. It gives us time to get her things ready anyway.

And so, in the space of two weeks we'll have two babies to the family.
Bubbles and Squeak (See what we did!)

PS: The animal sanctuary said that it's harder to re-home cats that are black or white as people fall for the cute coloured ones (like Anis wanting a tabby). And if you do want a tabby cat, there's nothing wrong with that as they need nice homes too - it's just a shame the plain coloured cats get over-looked. My cats at my mum and dads are plain black and the most gorgeous cats you could ever meet.
Oh and rabbits need good homes. They are the most neglected animals. People just shove them in a cage that's too small for them neglect them, it's horrible.
Right, I'll get off my soapbox now. Just wanted to tell you about our new babies xx


So, there's this cat that is obviously someones pet as he has a collar, but all the neighbours seem to be caring for and we can't work out where he lives, if indeed he lives anywhere.

I've been back two weeks and he's been here every day. My mum and dad have donated lots of cat food and we've been buying him the best cat food you can buy.

His coat is matted, he's smelly but he's so lovable - desperate for cuddles and affection.

Why people have animals and stop looking after them properly is beyond me.

This cat came to us at 2am one night and slept in my arms, we couldn't go to bed. So I made a bed on the couch and cuddled him until he woke me at 4am as he wanted to leave.
He's slowly getting used to the house, he sleeps but he always leaves, I think he's used to being independent.
I looked under his collar and there was a ring of red skin. I didn't know what to do because if someone took a collar off my cat I'd be annoyed, but then they're can't care that much about him...

So yesterday Anis and I went to the animal sanctuary to ask for some advice. They told me to take his collar off straight away (which I've done) and I've got to take him to the vets as soon as I can to be checked. I don't have a carrier etc, so I'm going to get one on Friday and take him on my day off next week. He's just getting our trust and we don't want to scare him, but I want to make sure he's ok.

His coat is getting a bit shiny now and I bought a cat comb yesterday. We leave food out when we're at work (I've never known a cat to eat as much) and the door open when we're in. He just walks in - he doesn't have much of a miaow, so we've named him Squeak.

I love him and will do my best to look after him.
** If you think this is your cat, please message me - I'd love to know who he belongs to and to chat about his welfare **


You may (or may not) have noticed that I've stopped saying 'Mr Sally' and have started saying his name - Anis!
I guess when I started this blog it was easier to say Mr Sally in case it went wrong and I thought it was sweet to call him that.
And I was right, we did go wrong a couple of years ago and we split up and it was probably the worst part of my life. Thankfully we got back together and since then, life has been wonderfully, lovely.
I know we're not going to split up again and I know we're in it for the long run. So a few weeks ago I made a decision to move back in with him, we've been living in my flat in Salford for over a year and now we're saving for a house to buy together, so of course it makes financial sense to move back and save money and I thought it would be difficult going back, but actually it's been fab. Anis has gone out of his way to make me feel settled and it's nice to have a garden and see green fields instead looking at a matress on the pavement! (Seriously!)

When I lived here before it never felt like my home because Anis was always working and I was far away from my friends and although I did make a little life for myself here, I always felt a bit lonely. But now it's different - we're working around each others rotas more so we get days off together and yesterday we went to our little town, together and even had a coffee in our local coffee shop - little things we never did that mean so much.

The neighbours seem to have missed me and our friends across the road have been over with hugs and are busy planning a night the four of us can go out. And they've just brought me over a lovely bunch of roses for missing my 30th.

I'm feeling settled and dare I say it, happy. It's been a tough couple of years and so it's lovely to finally be moving forwards, going in the right direction, together.

Update Central!

I've been so rubbish at blogging lately and I'm sorry. So much to tell and so little time. So today feels like a good time as I'm off work, full of a cold, feeling very sorry for myself.

London was AMAZING. We went to the Old Vic to see The Real Thing, which was funny and very slick, loved it. The we went to see Billy Elliot and it was as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. I cried buckets. We then went to see The Mouse Trap which has been running for 58 years - a good old fashioned murder mystery, it was fab and Anis guessed the murderer!

Anis and I had a brilliant time. We were staying right by the London Eye and did lots of walking, we caught up with friends, ate loads of rubbish, drank lots and laughed lots.

We then went to Wales for my 30th birthday, which was gorgeous. My family made it so special for me and my best friend Leah and her hubby Mani came over - so we went to the beach for kite flying and coffee's.

My mum and dad got me loads of lovely things and then handed me a box at the end. Inside the little box was a car key! They gave me a red Fiat Punto. I'm still in shock. It's such a wonderful gift and I'm collecting it off them hopefully next week. Can't wait.

So a wonderful birthday with my wonderful family and friends. Couldn't have asked for more.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Mini Break

I'm packing my bags.
I have a whole week booked off from work.
Mr Sally is whisking me off to one of my favourite places - London.
We're going Tuesday - Friday. We'll be catching up with friends and watching plays, musicals, shopping... everything.
Can't wait.

We feel like we've not seen much of each other lately as I've been juggling day job with the play and it's been hard to make time for him too.

So this will be a nice break for us. Another reason for the trip... I turn 30 on Saturday the 8th!
When we come back on Friday, we're travelling to my mum and dad's in Wales for my birthday weekend.
Can't wait.
This is where we're staying:

Exciting News

Remember a few months ago I wrote about writing a play with my friend Luke Walker?
I told you it was for a festival and I couldn't tell you the title or anything?

I'm proud to announce that MAKE BELIEVE, my new play which I co-wrote with Luke Walker has just been accepted in to this years 24:7 Theatre Festival. Over 100 scripts were entered and we are only one of ten chosen.

We're so excited and so proud.
Keep you posted on more news soon!

The End!

JUMBLE was a success. We sold out on our last night, front of house were squeezing seats in!
We've had a fantastic response from the audience and I'm looking to take it on a little tour later this year.

I'm shattered, but it was worth it.

The theatre were lovely to us and we had the best time. We all want to do it again. It's definitely not the end of JUMBLE.
Quite a few people have commented that they'd love to see it as a sitcom, I see what they mean, it has legs to do other things... we'll see.

I promise now my life is back to normal (ish) I'll blog more!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Opening Night

My play JUMBLE opened last night.
I have to say, out of all the plays I've written and produced this one has been the nicest to be involved in. It's down to having an amazing director (Mike Heath) and a very talented, hard working cast.

As we were getting ready to do our first show last night, I looked around and thought how lovely it was to not see a script hanging around backstage. Whenever I've done a play before, there's always been a script out for someone and a sense of not being completely ready in the air. This time we were more than ready and just so excited.

The lovely theatre was half full and the tickets are selling and selling with Saturday almost sold out. Phew.

We had a fabulous opening night audience, they were laughing from the start.

I'll keep you posted on the rest of the run and if you are in Manchester, come on down to the wonderful Studio Salford and join us for 2 hours of fun!

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